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jaegerbrian|lfs: off and on00:20
brian|lfshmmm wow no qt5 webkit00:22
brian|lfsdon't recall needing it before for plasma00:23
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brian|lfsI'm having no work with building a qt5-webkit package02:04
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brian|lfshello all02:41
xeirrrbrian|lfs, sup?02:43
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brian|lfsnot much pulled my hair for hours gave u p lol03:03
brian|lfsqt-5.5.6 is a mess03:04
brian|lfsplasma is insisting on qt5-webkit03:04
brian|lfsso installing kde4 gave up lol03:04
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xeirrrbrian|lfs, hmm I can image installing plasma or kde4 isn't a good experience.03:22
xeirrrsince crux is a light weighted distro, i think you should use some light weighted desktop environment or windows managers. plasma and kde4 are neither of them.03:25
brian|lfsgetting weird error with v4l-utils03:25
brian|lfswhat do you think03:27
xeirrrcannot link to v4l2. there should a way to disable that in Pkgfile03:32
brian|lfsso extract and see what configure options03:33
brian|lfsin the make file03:33
brian|lfsthanks that did the trick03:38
brian|lfscouldn't figure out what program v412 comes from03:38
brian|lfsI knew what the error was just was thinking of the problem at the wrong angle03:38
brian|lfsI love how they didn't list how to disable it I just took a guess based on what it showed to disable other thigns03:41
brian|lfsQuestion xeirrr whats the easiest way to remove all packages installed in a particualr repo04:03
Workstermodify romster/pkg-clean to do that task, or cd /usr/ports/foo ; for p in *; do pkgrm $p; done04:09
jaegeror 'cd /usr/ports/collection; prt-get remove *'04:11
brian|lfsI forgot wildcards worked thanks04:12
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brian|lfswow so close to reformatting again04:33
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Workstershould never need to reformat on pkgrm pkgadd tasks04:55
Worksterand for any untracked files you can find those with romster/pkg-not04:55
brian|lfsoh not an issue with removing pakcages05:09
brian|lfsits just can't get a gui of somesort to install I can see05:09
brian|lfsI was good until qt 5.5.6 came up and some plasma updates05:09
brian|lfswhats a good window manger I can install that isn't bloated that I can zoom with composite these days05:10
brian|lfsno one told me its a woot off05:28
brian|lfswow XP pro05:38
brian|lfsI mean windows 7 pro05:38
brian|lfshey you got my work beat 64 bit05:38
brian|lfswe have mostly 32 bit still05:39
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FNTM-U3hello /11:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.20.222:16
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brian|lfshello all is there any slackware media that comes with a newer kernel22:49
brian|lfsthen the 3.1822:49
onoderayou might have better luck in the slackware irc challen brian|lfs22:52
brian|lfsya I know22:52
abenzso hows qt5, brian|lfs22:54
brian|lfsa hedache22:55
brian|lfsit compiled with patches and all but was having issues with plasma22:55
brian|lfsthen I tried doing kde4 other issues but funny thing is I had a working system until the other day22:55
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