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mender27Hello everyone!19:17
mender27I am a intermediate FreeBSD user, itching to try CRUX Linux. Any pointers? :)19:17
abenzhi there mender2719:19
abenzthe handbook is quite handy19:19
abenzand if you're stuck anywhere ask :)19:19
mender27I value all sorts of documentation, since FreeBSD also has a great Handbook.19:19
mender27I was just wondering how is the community in general, because the main website does not seem to be very lively.19:20
onoderamender27: If I am being real honest, documentation is not one of CRUXs strong points in my opinion19:20
abenznot very active yes, but very helpful bunch..19:21
mender27onodera: is it outdated or what?19:21
abenzno, its not as comprehensive19:21
onoderahowever the comunity is quite active imo, also very friendly and helpful. I like a smaller more "tight knit" community like the one CRUX has more and something massive like arch linux for example.19:21
abenzyes, kinda like the bazaar vs the shop19:22
abenzok that didn't make any sense but you get the idea :)19:22
mender27I left Arch partially because of systemd. I prefer a trimmed down, clean system :).19:22
abenzwe have so much in common!19:23
mender27I mean, FreeBSD you probably know so...19:23
onoderaI'm pretty sure CRUX is the initial inspiration behind arch, in a lot of ways it's very similar19:23
onodera(for example Pkgfiles are like simpler PKGBUILDs)19:23
mender27onodera: wiki-wise it's suggested to be such :).19:23
onoderait's also quite similar to FreeBSD, as in it has ports, BSD style init, a "versioned" toolchain but rolling release packages19:24
mender27I tried Gentoo already, but had some massive problems with forced USE flags and third-party wireless drivers.19:24
mender27onodera: that's why I'm considering CRUX from the GNU/Linux-verse :).19:25
mender27as I understand, the kernel sources come in vanilla form, right?19:25
onoderaThe only "downside" (although I don't consider it one) is the lack of useflags, from what I remeber freebsd also has an option to disable/enable certain compile time options, but CRUX doesn't. If you want different compile time flags you got to modify the Pkgfile.19:26
onoderaalthough most packages have very sane defaults19:26
abenzI think crux is as close to "upstream" as I've ever seen..19:27
onoderamender27: the kernel is not really handled by crux or the pakcage manager, you are encouraged to get your own kernel sources from, apply any patches you want, and compile/install19:27
mender27abenz: that's actually good, I like it. onodera: apply patches as in? Track the kernel oneself?19:29
abenzmender27: I use vanilla kernel19:29
abenzno patches applied, literally untar and cp .config and compile19:29
mender27abenz: similar to Gentoo it seems. Except that Gentoo probably does get some patches. I prefer vanilla stuff since it's much easier to troubleshoot. One of the reasons I used Arch Linux for so long!19:30
onoderamender27: for example I use the -zen patchset, just download them, drop them in your kernel source root, run patch -p1 < $patch19:31
onoderaoh and one tip, I used to compile my kernel en then manually move the files to /boot and update lilo19:31
onoderahowever, there is a make install command that does all of that for you19:32
abenzonodera: I do make modules_install && make firmware_install19:33
abenzcp and the vmlinuz19:34
abenzwhat command are you talking about ?19:34
abenz"make install" ??19:34
mender27I think 'make install' does that19:36
mender27I would often forget to that under Gentoo -.-"19:36
onoderaabenz: make install does the cp and vmlinus for you19:38
onoderaand it runs lilo as well19:38
abenzI see19:38
abenzreal men use cp though19:38
onoderanot sure how well it plays with some other boot manager though, like grub for example19:38
abenzonodera: I use lilo too19:38
onoderasame, it's perfect for me19:39
onoderait boots crux and nothing else19:39
abenzso it'll come in handy.. I'm just surprised it caters for exotics?19:40
abenzonodera: likewise :)19:40
mender27Lilo is actually the easiest to set up for dual-boot with FreeBSD. The problem is that it's not maintained anymore, right?19:40
onoderamender27: yeah I'm pretty sure the dev stopped supporting it somewhere early 201619:41
mender27GRUB2 fails to properly recognize / on UFS2 for some reason. Maybe people with ZFS have more luck.19:41
onoderahowever, if it works why fix it?19:41
onoderaalso there is elilo, which is supported I think19:41
mender27onodera: I think elilo was also dropped, but need to check that.19:42
mender27erm, lastly - I want to put CRUX onto a MacBook. Any known issues?19:42
mender27 elilo officially dropped.19:43
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mender27Alright, let's see how it boots.19:48
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mender27This slightly confused me. The core, opt and xorg packages are source-based or binaries? I am just running the 'setup' script :).20:15
teK_source. Everything20:15
onoderamender27: on install it pulls in precompiled binaries20:15
teK_except libreoffice, that old monster :p20:15
jaegerThe ISO contains binary packages20:15
onoderahowever if you really want to I'm sure you could compile them yourself20:16
mender27Ah, alright. Good then. Wouldn't want to suddenly compile GCC...20:16
onoderayou probably need to though :p20:16
onoderathe 3.2 is is quite a few months old now, I think there is a new gcc when you run a ports -u20:16
mender27So essentially, during install CRUX offers something similar as OpenBSD. They too include X11, though with CWM.20:17
mender27onodera: might be. I'll check that when times come.20:17
mender27First, installation :P.20:18
abenzquilt is not available in ports?20:20
teK_% portdbc search quilt20:22
teK_quilt                        pitillo        rsync -aqz quilt20:22
jaegerThere's an updated ISO available if you want to save some compiling time, you can find it at if you're so inclined.20:22
mender27Nah, I want to get through the initial upgrade process properly first :).20:25
mender27I'm just setting up my fstab20:25
abenzteK_: cheers20:25
teK_install portdbc, dont use the website ;)20:25
mender27EFI should be listed with 'pass' 0 in /etc/fstab or differently?20:26
jaegerpass and dump 020:26
mender27I'm trying to follow the Arch Linux wiki for that, though I see they're giving a lot of custom settings.20:27
jaegerunless you want to check it, which you could with the right tools installed20:27
mender27and 'defaults' for options is fine?20:27
mender27Alright, let's see how it goes then :P.20:27
mender27rc.conf now. I sort of already did this on FreeBSD so I know the drill.20:28
onoderateK_: what is that portdbc?20:31
onoderawhoa, how did I now know of this before20:31
mender27would anyone find a new openttd pkgbuild useful?20:32
mender27I found 2 ports, though both outdated.20:32
teK_notify the maintainers20:35
mender27I'll do that as soon as I finish up the installation and get some sort of reasonable interface running20:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia: updated to version 361.45.1120:38
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-32: updated to version 361.45.1120:38
mender27Thank you for the kind blessings, mister cruxbot :)20:41
jaegerFor those of you who really want nvidia on 4.6, there it is20:42
onoderathanks jaeger20:44
mender27thank you plenty @jaeger ;). Love the rc.d init scripts by the by.20:45
mender27Cannot imagine anything simpler and as useable.20:45
mender27Not to mean to spam with my progress, but...kernel compilation time. It's going to be huge!20:48
onoderamake sure to -j$cores for that speeds boost :p20:50
onoderajaeger: so I never really understand, is nvidia-sl newer despite having a lower version number than nvidia21:06
jaegerIt's only newer when it has a higher version, pretty much21:07
jaegernvidia almost never releases new versions of both branches at the same time21:07
onoderaalright, thanks21:08
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mender27what does the nvidia-sl driver do?21:17
mender27I finished with the kernel .config. So far, so good. I just hope the system boots afterwards, otherwise I'm sort of in trouble...21:17
jaeger-sl is the "short-lived" branch of the driver21:20
jaegersometimes it's newer and has new features that aren't in the long-lived branch yet21:21
jaegerCurrently it's behind the long-lived branch21:21
mender27So it's a bit like a -dev branch?21:23
onoderayeah but mozilla is weird21:27
onoderaso it seems like they alternate between the two, like at the moment the non-sl branch is newer21:27
mender27weird indeed. How is the work on nvidia kms going? Any news on that? :)21:30
mender27Alright, unfortunately I have to go to sleep. Almost quarter to midnight here.21:31
mender27Cheers and see you tomorrow lads and ladies :).21:31
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teK_no ladies I guess :P21:34
jaegerI suddenly feel like checking out quassel for no particular reason21:54
teK_you know the word quassel? :)21:55
teK_it's german and a perfect name for a chat-related tool21:55
jaegerit's something like babble, right?21:56
jaegerin verb form, I mean21:56
jaegerdoh, qt4 is missing a dep21:57
teK_I love finding this in the middle of compilation21:58
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teK_ok this code is just crazy22:36
teK_I know why it took me this much time I proposed the download only patch for it22:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: go: adopted, updated to version 1.6.223:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: containerd: initial import, version 0.2.123:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: runc: initial import, version 0.1.123:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: docker: adopted, updated to version 1.11.1, runc and containerd added as dependencies23:07
onoderajaeger: you maintain the go port right?23:18
onoderais ca-certificates-al still needed?23:18
jaegeryes, no23:19
onoderaok, thanks lol23:19
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