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mender27Hello everyone. I was just upgrading the ports tree and the checkout got stuck on zsync/Pkgfile. Is that normal?05:10
mender27Also, I have to say I already like CRUX. It's great!05:11
mender27Also, is there a dedicated service for dhcpcd? Every time I reboot, I have to run dhcpcd manually, because the rc.d/net script alone somehow doesn't up the network :(.05:16
jaegernot usual for ports -u to hang, no05:31
jaegerdid you modify the net script? the default setup should run dhcpcd without specifying any interface05:31
mender27I did not, that's the thing. I have to check it again, though. I just did an upgrade from the crux-updated .iso and now the network doesn't work at all05:35
jaegerany errors in the syslog or from dmesg?05:36
mender27dmesg complains about the firmware for r8169 not being loaded, but the interface gets set to up anyway.05:39
mender27Do I need to recompile the kernel for every upgrade?05:39
jaegerr8169 should work without it even though there's the warning, yeah05:39
jaegerno, the previous kernel should work fine05:40
mender27darn it :(05:40
mender27I tried all of the obvious: ip link set <interface> up, dhcpcd <interface> and ifconfig <interface> up05:40
mender27I have to travel to work, but will write back in around 0.5-1h05:41
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mender27sorry, it took me a bit longer than expected.07:27
mender27Alright, I think I had my LAN misconfigured at home, because at work DHCP sorted everything out automagically07:31
mender27Something was wrong in /etc/resolv.conf apparently. Somehow whenever I have problems it's that :P.07:32
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mender27Hmm, how can I use the basic CRUX tools to download a package from a repository other than core,opt and xorg? I am interested in getting the xfce desktop07:53
mender27Ah, I think I found it...stupid me, sorry07:54
onoderamender27: add the repo file /etc/ports :)07:59
onoderaand run a ports -u afterwards07:59
mender27How do I add the repo file? :D08:01
mender27With rsync?08:02
onoderamender27: on you can download the repo files08:03
onoderajust download them however you like and move the file into /etc/ports08:03
mender27Alright, let's see how this works :D. I just downloaded elinks so that I can actually browse the web :P.08:04
onoderaI just learned about opt/portdbc and I think it has the capability to download these repo files as well08:06
onoderaI've never used it before so I can't vouch for that though :p08:06
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mender27I'll see how it works08:07
mender27I mean, in principle it's just a bit of pinning and editing configs, though the Handbooks seems to be missing that, no? :(08:07
mender27Oh wow, portdbc seems incredible...It will make my life a lot easier :)08:09
onoderaI'm pretty sure it mentions it somewhere08:09
onoderathough, yeah it's kinda buried08:10
mender27I found the mention of enabling blocked repos like compat-32 and contrib, though I mean things outside of that ;).08:12
onoderaoh I think you are right lol08:12
mender27I guess I will submit some updates to the docs if I can get the thing to work :P.08:15
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mender27abenz: do you know how to add user repos for tracking and downloading ports from?08:18's possible to use GitHub to set CRUX repos, right?08:25
mender27Other than that, I think CRUX is extremely fun to use :).08:29
onoderamender27: yes it is08:30
onoderaif you have git installed08:30
mender27I will install it and I already have an account for hosting my Python projects :).08:31
mender27Nice! This looks great!08:31
mender27Do you prefer git over rsync?08:32
mender27I think per test I will write a git repo file and a pkgfile for my Mediatek 7630e drivers :).08:33
onoderaeh I don't know08:35
onoderasome of the repos I use are git only, and I like consistency hehe08:35
mender27I see, I see...that's nice also.08:36
mender27Somehow installing ports takes less time than on Gentoo.08:38
mender27Nice terminal colors by the way. Custom Vim colorscheme? ;>08:39
mender27Hmm....there is a footprint mismatch in gstreamer. I should probably report this, right? :)08:48
onoderawhat's the footprint error08:50
onoderathere is an option in pkgmk.conf to ingore NEW foorpint errors, which are sometimes a result of you having an optional dependency installed08:51
mender27I see...08:51
mender27Well, everything comes from /opt and is part of the base install08:51
mender27gst-plugins-base 1.8 requires gstreamer 1.8 and fails to build due to problems in gstreamer apparently.08:52
tilmanif you use 'prt-get depinst' for the ports in opt, there should be no MISSING footprint errors08:52
tilmanif you installed like this and there are files MISSING, you can report them08:53
mender27I'll check it, one moment.08:53
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mender27prt-get does not report any problems08:55
mender27however, 'ports -d' also does not report gstreamer, though it failed to install08:56
tilman'ports -d' only cares about ports that are installed08:57
tilmanit doesn't know if you never tried to install it, or if you did08:57
tilmanif just compares installed version vs. available version08:57
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tilmanbtw, 'prt-get diff' is a better alternative to 'ports -d' usually08:58
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mender27well, 'prt-get diff' also does not report gstreamer ;P.. However, I think it works as intended, because it's gst-plugins-base that failed to install09:03
tilmando you expect the system to remember every installation attempt?09:04
mender27Well of course not. I just thought that if the pkg is broken, the system might somehow report that.09:04
tilmanjust because it failed to build once (which a specific system config) it doesn't mean the port is broken IMO09:05
mender27Alright, you've got a point :).09:05
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mender27Thank you all for helping me out with my problems. It's a great pleasure ;).09:09
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mender27I have to go unfortunately. See you around later!09:15
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john_cephalopodaThere's a CRUX review from 2004 linked on DistroWatch. Crux 2.0 running on a Pentium III 933 :D09:46
john_cephalopodaOh, and another one from 2003 where they use a laptop with 6GB HDD and a desktop computer with two 20GB HDDs...09:48
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john_cephalopodaIt's so hard to imagine how one could work with so little HDD space :D09:50
john_cephalopodaMy laptop has 77GB on the /home partition09:51
john_cephalopoda*77GB non-free09:51
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john_cephalopodaAnd my phone has 8GB of memory :D09:54
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frinnstACTION is cleaning out a customer production website11:43
frinnstit uses the root account for mysql11:43
frinnstACTION cries11:43
tilmanrunning things as root reduces EPERM/'permission denied' problemsquite a bit11:44
frinnstyep. its the developers mentality11:44
tilmanif anything, it's the _stupid_ developer's mentality11:45
tilmanACTION is almost offended11:45
frinnstALL DEVELOPERS11:45
tilman"it's a frinnst thing" ;)11:46
frinnstpretty accurate :)11:47
joacimi spent so much time trying to help people setup their systems only to see them end up running that stuff as root11:47
joacimi gave up in the end.11:48
frinnstlots of "it folks" when running ubuntu just types sudo infront. whatever command they intend to run11:48
onoderasudo echo "hello world"11:50
tilmanfrinnst: i thought the "i'll send you a laptop" bit was the punchline. then i realized there are more images11:51
joacimi thoguht there were just one picture too12:05
tilmanwonder how you would react to something like this12:06
tilmanmaybe "i know you're kidding mate" so as to not embarass them :)12:06
onoderayou just know that guy and his coworked were laughing so hard12:07
tilmanpretty sure they died laughing ;)12:08
frinnstthe site im currently migrated is hosted on amazon with 6 cores and 12gb ram. It takes 4 seconds to load the main page12:08
tilmanmust be some crappy web 3.0 technology12:09
frinnstis amazon shit or might it be because devel monkeys has done the sysadmin stuff?12:09
onoderathat's erm, considered really bad right?12:09
frinnstIm hosting a copy of it on a devel server here at work. 1 core and 1gb ram12:09
frinnstmain page loads in 1 second12:09
frinnstits a regular wordpress site12:10
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frinnstgranted, the wordpress db is not hosted on amazon. the web developer had the bright idea to host it someplace else12:10
tilmandid PHP happen when a sysadmin monkey decided to write a programming language?12:10
frinnstso all sql request are transferred unencrypted over the interwebs12:11
frinnstabout 40ms latency for all requests12:11
frinnsthaha no, it happened because a MONKEY decided to write a programming language :D12:11
frinnstbut I should not be mean to developers. web developers arent really developers, right?12:12
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joacimdo you have to be bitter?12:23
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frinnstI sure am12:35
joacimi could do your job then12:37
joacimI'm starting to snap and bite at customers :(12:37
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