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jaegerAnyone used kmscon?00:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: chromaprint: fix footprint permissions02:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libnice: 0.1.8 -> 0.1.13 removed dep gstreamer-compat03:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: farstream: 0.2.7 -> 0.2.803:40
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libxml2-32: 2.9.3 -> 2.9.405:33
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libxml2-python-32: 2.9.3 -> 2.9.405:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.10 -> 1.9.1107:59
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mender27Hello again :).10:14
mender27I followed onodera's advice and started the kernel config with a .config file from Arch Linux. So far so good!10:15
nogagplz_yeah that is usually a safe way to start10:16
nogagplz_or for the ultra lazy :P10:16
mender27Somewhat unfortunately, Arch has a lot of the things enabled as modules, so compilation is still running.10:16
mender27And I was stupid enough not to do -j2 -.-"10:16
nogagplz_just control+c it and rerun make with the -j2 or more10:20
nogagplz_shouldn't hurt10:20
mender27I went with -j3. Let's burn some MHz's!10:25
mender27It's a core i3, so even -j4 should be fine, though I don't want to overdo it.10:26
frinnst  localmodconfig  - Update current config disabling modules not loaded10:27
frinnstlots of useful make options for the kernel. try "make help"10:27
mender27Thanks, I'll try that :).10:31
mender27The reason why I went with the Arch Linux .config was that the 4.1.13 kernel from crux-updated.iso was somehow missing the i915 module.10:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: rtorrent: update urls11:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libtorrent: update urls11:14
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mender27How is everyone doing? :)11:47
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mender27Alright, I'm also leaving. /bye12:00
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mender27Alright, I'm back. Unfortunately, the Arch Linux kernel .config was no good, because it relied too much on the initramfs setup. I started from scratch with the kernel package from
mender27I noticed that many commands are not accessible by a non-root user, even with 'sudo'. How is that possible? I mean usermod, lspci, etc.14:33
darfomy ports repo has disappeared from
darfoprobably because I had to move the site14:36
mender27Alright, I found a solution to my 'command not found' problem. Missing stuff in the user's .bashrc. My bad :P.14:36
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darfoI sent an e-mail to contrib-admin at crux dot nu requesting an update14:37
darfoIs there someone else  I need to inform?14:38
darfojaeger ^^14:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: updated to version 1.11.015:12
jaegerdarfo: contrib-admin doesn't go to me as far as I know but I can check it. what's the change?15:13
darfodifferent url15:14
darfolet me look it up15:14
jaegerI gathered that :) tell me the details, hehe15:14
darforepo df root url is now
jaegerIt was previously the umanitoba url?15:16
jaegerok, updated the list, it'll refresh on the next run of the cacher15:18
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xeirrrdarfo, although qt devs seem put effort on qt5, but i have to mention your qt4 is out of date, 4.8.7 has been released for a while.15:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 51.0.2704.6318:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gnutls: updated to 3.4.1218:33
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mender27Hello everyone, I have some problems setting my wifi. Can we go through it step by step?18:51
frinnstcat6 ftw :)19:03
onoderamender27: tell me19:03
onoderaalthough I'm far from a wifi expert, I got wifi and crux to work on my laptop19:03
mender27I managed to do a full-scale shenanigan with wpa_supplicant running in one terminal tab and wpa_cli + dhcpcd creating the connection in another. The current problem is that I am getting a crc RXD_W3_CIPHER_ERROR.19:06
mender27'ifconfig' for that interface shows some weird IP and doesn't connect.19:07
onoderahmm sorry never heard of that error before :(19:10
mender27I also have not. The driver works fine on Arch Linux, which uses DKMS. I'm trying to do it the non-DKMS way since it's available and as far as I know, we don't use DKMS :P.19:11
jaeger169.something address?19:11
mender27I can even give you the full address since it's not real.19:12
jaegerno need, that's what you get when dhcp couldn't get a valid lease19:12
mender27ah, I see.19:12
jaegeryou have a rt2x00 nic?19:13
mender27yup, Mediatek 7630e.19:13
mender27It's based on rt2800, I think.19:13
mender27Since it mentions 'crc', I'm digging into the kernel .config to see what I missed.19:14
jaegeryeah, I've no idea on that one and don't have any of those to test... but if you can't get it to associate with your AP, then dhcp won't get a lease, then you get the 169 address19:14
jaegerSo if you solve whatever the top-level problem is with the driver the rest will likely fall in line19:15
mender27That's what I'm hoping for. The crc error seems to be a hint that the problem is authenticating the connection.19:17
mender27I found the sources for this driver and I located the name of the error, where it's being defined.19:20
mender27The biggest problem is that I don't know on which kernel modules and features this driver depends19:24
mender27I wish the project maintainer would write a more informative README. I guess I'll submit that once I'm done with troubleshooting.19:43
mender27@jaeger: how did you know it's a rt2x00 NIC?19:47
jaegersearched for that string in the source19:48
mender27I see. It's a bit funny, because the problem was already present in the original RaLink devices ;]. Not properly addressed since then.19:50
mender27I'm compiling a new kernel with some additional crypto features. We'll see how it works.19:52
mender27@jaeger: do you roughly remember kernel features connected to debugfs and networking?19:57
mender27That's the only mention I could find in the sources :/19:57
jaegernot off the top of my head, no19:57
mender27Alright, we'll see what the next compile gives19:58
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darfoxeirrr: thanks, I'll update it if it will co-exist with qcad.20:11
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mender27Recompiled the kernel. Same problem as before :/.20:15
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mender27Wifi works on a usb wireless interface so the wpa_supplicant configs are fine.20:23
jaegerI was just about to ask if replacing the wireless nic is an option20:23
mender27Yeah, yeah, it is an option, no problem. I have two different Realtek-based dongles. I just wanted the internal adapter to work, because it has a working Linux driver.20:24
abenzaim for ath9k-htc based20:24
abenzthose are completely open (no FW blobs)20:24
mender27Where 'working' seems to be rather relative >.>. I already contacted the maintainer about the problem. abenz: I know. I really value atheros adapters.20:25
onoderaI actually got a laptop wifi card from a friends old laptop and replace the linux incompatible one in my laptop20:25
onoderasuprisingly it just worked20:25
onoderawhuch I didn't expect at all20:25
abenzmender27: not worthy of value anymore though, ath10k is a joke20:25
mender27The problem is that getting inside this ultrabook is almost a no go.20:25
abenzmanagement changed, the OSS friendly guys are gone20:25
mender27and when buying from a local retailer, knowing what adapter is inside the dongle is tricky :P.20:25
mender27abenz: that's sort of sad to hear. Thankfully, FreeBSD has its own independent drivers ;).20:26
mender27Not always on par with those from GNU/Linux, but when available they work well and do not depend on producers obviously :).20:27
mender27I guess forking the code would be a good option for GNU/Linux to be less vendor-reliant.20:29
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onodera>systemd developer asks tmux (and other programs) to add systemd specific code20:38
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mender27Crummy Realtek drivers :/.20:39
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abenzthe highest upvoted comment still gives me hope in humanity21:21
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frinnstoh god I hate hpe.com23:24
frinnstWe are sorry but your search produced 0 results.23:24
frinnstPlease try the following:23:24
frinnstfucking clicked on a fucking download link23:25
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krajiis python built with uc-4?23:28
frinnstpython is built with --enable-shared --with-threads --enable-ipv623:29
frinnstso if its enabled by default, yes. otherwise no23:29
krajiyeah i'm seeing it23:30
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krajiit does not use uc423:37
krajiwhy not?23:37
krajiit seems that it is far more popular23:43
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abenzif its popular it should be enabled by default no? ;)23:49

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