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rmullAnyone watch that show Mr. Robot? Surprising number of reasonably-used hacker culture references02:06
jaegerI watched it... started out interesting but I started to dislike it towards the end of season 1. Haven't really thought about why02:07
rmullLess about the hax and more about the usual drama I think02:09
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joacimfelt the same. started out well03:22
rmullI'm getting a 404 from contrib/libreoffice03:29
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mender27Alright, I fixed my ethernet r8169 driver problem by compiling a new kernel with sources from
mender2720 min of manual config, 30 min of compilation and it works. Much better than the previous kernel in every regard.04:57
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dlcusamender27, congratulations!05:50
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nwegood morning!06:13
nwehow are you guys??06:13
frinnstwas supposed to start my vacation today06:23
frinnstbut I have to fill in until thursday06:23
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Romsterhungry :)07:52
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mender27Hello ;)08:25
mender27anyone reading and commenting on Distrowatch?08:26
xeirrrwhat's up with that?08:26
mender27For some reason I cannot comment anymore. The comment dialog is missing for me :(.08:26
xeirrrI never comment there, just see the news summary in the past week in random.08:29
frinnstI use their rss feed for software updates08:29
mender27Could anyone check whether it's possible to comment for them?08:29
frinnstwell people have commented on the latest story today so08:31
mender27I know, right? :(08:32
frinnstdo you use some adblocker or something? maybe it has filtered it out?08:32
mender27I do, yes. However, everything was fine until a month ago.08:33
frinnstif you use ublock it will update the filters automagically08:34
mender27I use adblock plus and Chromium08:34
mender27Ah,my bad08:35
mender27quite obviously it was a problem with Chromium.08:35
mender27I'll switch browsers, one sec08:36
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mender27Back. Now I can see the comment dialog window ;).08:42
mender27Just to throw in my 5 cents, I really like CRUX. For the interested, my review/blog post at is out!08:56
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tilmanrmull: oh yeah, i got hooked within the first 5-10 minutes iirc09:21
frinnstsilicon valley > *09:25
tilmanhaven't seen it09:26
frinnstW T F09:26
frinnstdo it now09:27
frinnsttake a sickday or something09:27
frinnstgo home and watch it09:27
tilmannoone told it was a must-see :(09:29
frinnstit is09:29
frinnstI didnt like it at first. but when i was bored i watched the first season again09:29
frinnstfucking epic09:29
tilmani hope i'm not getting trolled09:30
frinnstyou are not sir09:30
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frinnst glorious09:46
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mender27You guys watching Silicon Valley?10:13
mender27It looks hilarious.10:14
tilmanACTION is just watching babylon 5 again10:21
tilman*shit* i remembered the CGI to be much better10:21
xeirrrIs that a movie or tv series or documentary or something else?10:21
tilmanxeirrr: tv series10:21
tilman(both)  :p10:21
mender27tilman: good call, regardless. I just saw seasons 1-3 down at a garage sale for around 5 euro each.10:22
xeirrrokay :)10:22
mender27The CGIs are never what we remember them to be :P. #nostalgia10:23
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tilmanye :(10:25
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mender27Be back later10:26
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SaveTheRobotsis there any way of going through my installed packages and removing those that were installed as deps of no longer installed packages?11:08
SaveTheRobotspkgfoster seems to check but doesn't actually remove any11:08
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: curl: update to 7.49.111:39
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.4311:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: geeqie: update to 1.311:40
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onoderaSaveTheRobots: it should12:11
SaveTheRobotsonodera: yup, it does, i was being an idiot, thanks anyway :p12:19
joacimpkgfoster removes packages in core on my systems12:55
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frinnstit will try to remove everything that is not a dependency13:07
joacimwould be smart to exclude core13:08
frinnst List of packages to keep are stored in ~/.keepers. Packages from the core collection are never considered for13:08
frinnst       deletion.13:08
frinnstsounds like a bug or something13:08
joacimyeah might just be something wrong with my system13:08
joacimbut thats ok =)13:09
frinnstit knows it runs on .no hardware?13:09
frinnstand tries to self-destruct13:09
joacimit is old, never reinstalled, but it works =)13:09
joacimno i bought the hardware from dustin13:09
joacimwasnt shipped from a norwegian warehouse, so i think it shoudl be ok13:10
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mender27frinnst: you don't mean ~/.keepers as in the /home/user directory, right?15:10
mender27Is that even safe, then? I mean, a list of ignored packages in the user directory?15:12
mender27I am sorry if I'm being unintentionally ignorant right now :).15:13
onoderamender27: if you run the program as root it wil get saved to /root/15:19
onoderaanyways how is that unsafe?15:19
mender27Well, there is a difference between putting things into /root and into /home/user. I don't feel comfortable with root-privileged files in /home/user :P.15:20
onoderaanyways what whould be the harm15:22
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onoderapkgfoster only removes packages if specifically press Y, AND enter your password15:22
mender27I think that's fine, though I would still not install anything major into a user directory, unless it's stuff I'm specifically working on :).15:25
mender27I also try to stay away from the root account when possible. That's why I expanded my user's $PATH with additional directories containing system binaries. Running them anyhow requires su/sudo, because they introduce changes on system level.15:27
mender27Small tangent, do you remember the repository with updated crux .iso images? I cannot find it and I need to do a rather complete system upgrade :/.15:28
mender27I would rather do a binary upgrade from liveCD, rather than compile everything in core, opt and xorg15:29
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onodera mender2715:32
mender27onodera: thanks a bunch :).15:32
mender27Is this your website by the way? :)15:32
onodera>Broken link? I can be found on the freenode IRC network in the #crux channel using the nickname jaeger.15:33
onoderaso no ;)15:33
mender27all hail jaeger, the boss! :D15:36
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mender27I just found an interesting piece of writing on init management using Ruby. If anyone cares to take a look:
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wildefyrjaeger is a god amongst men15:41
mender27Wine for the man, for he speaks wisdom! *toast*15:42
rmullAnyone do any light video editing on crux? What software should I be using?15:43
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jaegerI wouldn't go that far but thanks for the votes of confidence, heh15:43
wildefyrlightworks maybe?15:43
jaegerrmull: good question, I'd be interested in that answer as well. I've considered making ports for some editor but haven't done it yet15:43
wildefyrits the only actual "professional" editor that runs on linux15:44
mender27Fedora usually promotes GNU/Linux software for various stuff, including photo editing so I would check the Fedora Mag.15:45
rmullwildefyr: Is lightworks open source? It looks like a commercial product15:46
rmullMaybe I'll try openshot to start15:47
wildefyrnot sure15:47
jaegerthey announced an open source version in 2010 but it never surfaced, I think15:47
jaegermaybe openshot, pitivi, or even blender15:48
onoderablender does video editing I'm pretty sure yeah, I maintain an up to date port of blender and its deps15:48
rmullI already have that installed so I guess I'll give that a shot15:48
onoderathere are probably better alternatives though, if you just want video editing15:49
mender27onodera, blender-bin or the sources?15:50
mender27I'm asking, because I know it can be pretty big :). I too used to use Blender for Skyrim and Oblivion modding.15:50
onoderablender doesn't take that long to compile though15:50
onoderalike 5 minutes for me, maybe even shorter15:51
mender27Wow, nice! ;)15:54
mender27Alright, have to go. Will talk to you later! :)15:55
rmullBlender seems like it'll work just fine for my needs. It has a video editing mode.15:55
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wildefyrdoes it?16:01
wildefyrdidnt know16:01
wildefyrand here I was probably going to expand my ffmpeg shell scripts to do cutting16:01
wildefyr,splitting and joining16:02
druid_droidif I'm configuring mutt to receive email from outside for the first time and mbox doen't exist.16:11
druid_droidhe don't open so don't receive, so just don't work ?16:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mutt: move man-pages16:14
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libxfixes: update to 5.0.216:19
druid_droidI solve by making a copy from /var/spool ... to ~/.mailexternal/inbox16:20
z3brayou should consider the maildir format16:50
druid_droidz3bra: yes I will change again my configuration :(17:13
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druid_droidz3bra: do you know if I can just change type of mbox_type and let everything as it was for mbok type ? (spool, postponed etc)18:10
z3brayou won't be able to use both18:13
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onoderawow this is pretty cool18:51
rmullonodera: Did you try it?18:52
onoderanah, prologic just starred it on github hehe18:53
onoderaI'll try it the next time I need something that has a PKGBUILD but not a Pkgfile18:53
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mender27Hello lads and ladies. Interesting case, after an upgrade with the updated .iso image, my network is not recoverable and all my Realtek firmware fails to load.20:23
mender27Bad case of 'you need to compile your kernel again' flu? :P20:24
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mender27So, any ideas why suddenly my Realtek firmware went down the drain? :(20:45
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teK_frinnst: done22:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: xlockmore: 5.46 -> 5.4722:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libreoffice: 5.1.2 -> 5.1.322:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libmpdclient: clean configure flags23:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mpc: move man pages23:18

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