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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: docker: cleaned up, added docker.conf04:13
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nwegood morning guys!06:09
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nwehow are you abenz ?06:45
abenzfine nwe and you?06:46
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mender27Hello ;)09:11
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nweabenz: Im fine thanks :) fix some stuff on the work and you?09:32
abenznwe: what a coincidence! Me too fixing some stuff for work09:33
abenzcustomer didn't appreciate my efforts though and told me I should've "tested" more..etc09:33
abenzI was upset when he said that09:34
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abenzbut oh well. Life09:34
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nweabenz: are you doing something fun??09:36
abenzwell, you know how it is, you join a field because you enjoy it. but eventually...09:37
abenzan IT person troubleshooting all day will want to do stuff other than use computers by end of day (at least me)09:37
abenza mechanic who likes cars, if fixing cars all day, certainly won't be enjoying it after a while09:38
abenzspeaking of IT.. I need to see some green and breath some blue09:38
abenzsee u later!09:38
Romsterabenz, i do IT and i am here on a computer :D09:38
Romsterat home after work09:38
Romsterno idea what my docker is doing now. it's sitting on starting a container09:39
Romstermust be doing some cleaning up or something09:39
Romstersince the update09:40
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RomsterError response from daemon: rpc error: code = 2 desc = "oci runtime error: could not synchronise with container process: could not create session key: function not implemented"09:52
RomsterError: failed to start containers: contrib09:52
Romsteruh oh -_-09:52
Romsternot sure if that is it...09:55
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RomsterCONFIG_KEYS: missing10:09
RomsterACTION goes to rebuild kernel10:09
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Romsterwasn't a new install so i didn't thing to check that.10:12
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z3braRomster, you use containers to build ports?10:19
Romsterand the new docker update has a new kernel option requirement CONFIG_KEYS10:21
Romsterall working now10:21
z3braso you recompile all deps for each port?10:22
z3brato ensure the "depends on" line is correct?10:23
Romsterdepends on the test i am doing but some tests yes.10:24
z3braseems nice!10:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: alsa-plugins: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.110:45
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mender27Hey, that's interesting. Romster: does it work well with Docker and CRUX?12:47
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Romster it does but i do need to sysup that image.12:56
RomsterACTION does that now12:59
frinnstI should get docker up and running13:04
frinnsthave an extra box to play with13:04
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jaegerRomster: it's set to a sane default rather than commented out. And there is a pre-install.13:56
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frinnstoh, docker is supported on windows?14:36
frinnsthow.. strange14:36
jaegerI'm guessing it's like OS X where it runs a linux VM in virtualbox and docker in the VM14:39
frinnstprior to server 2016 it seems to just use virtualbox14:39
jaegerAh, does it use hyper-v in server 2016?14:39
frinnstno, seems like it actually runs as a container14:40
frinnstbut seems limited to windows guests14:40
jaegersupposedly they've also got a native on for OS X in the works14:40
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jaegerfrinnst: I ended up dockerizing a minecraft server on my NUC, heh15:08
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SaveTheRobotsspeaking of virtualbox/docker/etc... the vagrant port is quite old and doesn't support the latest version of virtualbox.. does anyone feel like updating it ? :p15:40
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: make: update to 4.215:41
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: vim: update to 7.4.185915:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gvim: update to 7.4.185915:41
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jaegerit's an orphaned port currently15:57
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SaveTheRobotsahh, ok16:03
mender27Yeah, it seems Docker is all over the place and so much recent hype on it :).16:03
SaveTheRobotsi was using LXC before docker was cool </hipster>16:04
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mender27shame on me, I suppose, because I don't even know how to properly set up a virtual machine. Should've learned jails on FreeBSD, I guess...16:04
SaveTheRobotsmender27: freebsd jails are awesome, especially when combined with zfs and iocage (jails helper app)16:05
mender27Yup, I read about iocage. Lots of people use it nowadays :).16:06
mender27Do you still remember warden?16:06
SaveTheRobotshmm nope, never heard of it before, is it similar to iocage?16:07
mender27I think it was iocage's predecessor.16:09
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SaveTheRobotsahh nah, i used to manage jails the old fashioned way (e.g. a lot of swearing and punching the nearby wall :p)16:11
mender27Haha, can imagine.16:12
SaveTheRobotsthese kids dont know how good they've got it today with docker/vagrant/etc16:12
mender27I know, right?16:12
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mender27Expectations towards desktop environments are always escalating.16:13
mender27I think I need to go soon. Do some work, then return home.16:14
SaveTheRobotsrightly so, X11 is a bit long in the tooth now, wayland for president \o/16:14
SaveTheRobotsok, take care :)16:14
SaveTheRobotsACTION goes back to tackling replicated+persistent data shared across CoreOS nodes :\16:15
mender27o/ :)16:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 45.1.117:07
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rmullDoes software like keepass add any reasonable advantage over just keeping a gpg-encrypted text file?18:17
frinnstnice frontend with versioning? easier to use by multiple people18:37
frinnstI use password-store at home and we use keepass at work18:37
frinnstalso, its just one portable  file18:38
rmullkeepas is currently the community favorite?18:44
rmullor keepassx I guess18:45
joacimi use keepass for porn18:47
joacimtrying to migrate to password store for passwords tho. if my mac dies, i'd have to get a new mac just so i can get the passwords out of its keychain18:48
frinnstthere are a bunch of scripts to migrate stuff18:51
joacimI couldnt find one specifically for keychain to password store when i looked18:57
joacimtho i didnt look very hard18:57
SaveTheRobotsrmull: keepass is also easily cross-platform19:01
SaveTheRobotspassword-store has versioning if you use it with git integration?19:01
SaveTheRobotsalthough i've never tried that19:01
frinnstyeah it does19:45
frinnstbut requires a repo. keepass vaults are just one file19:45
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