IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-06-04

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: dstat: cleanup02:13
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joacim-did someone make an alternative to the portdb?02:38
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joacimremember someone working on something like that, just wondering if that project is still hosted somewhere02:40
jaegerIt was It was I believe, has been gone for a while02:44
joacimwas thinking some kind of version sorting would be useful, since there are so many repositories that have ports for the same software.02:53
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joacimwanted to see if that portdb replacement had such a feature =)02:53
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jaegerI don't recall that it did03:24
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xeirrrRomster, hello. libquicktime is broken because ffmpeg3. I tried libquicktime-ffmpeg3.patch from gentoo, it works. So that's it. Also I think --mandir=/usr/man is unnecessary :) enjoy your weekends12:46
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emmett11hello guys?13:18
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frinnstany #crux germans that havent drowned yet?16:17
joacimthe germans have been quiet lately16:28
joacimi think theyre all dead16:28
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tilmani'm fine, thanks for worrying ;)17:00
frinnsti've seen some images. looks kinda crazy18:45
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frinnst06-Jun-2016 08:00:00 CEST (est.)Estimated Time of Arrival AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (AMS)19:51
frinnstACTION got the tracking number for our new nimble san19:51
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