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jaegeremmett_: say what you want to say, people are all across time zones on IRC05:41
emmett_Owh ok05:43
emmett_I cant setup wicd on crux05:44
emmett_Neither networkmanager05:44
emmett_So right now i connect to wifi using script on crux wiki05:44
jaegerWhat part goes wrong? What error messages do you get?05:44
jaegerI don't use wicd or networkmanager myself but maybe someone will know05:45
emmett_On wicd, its open but cant connect to any network05:45
emmett_I already start wicd daemon script05:46
emmett_But still cant connect to any wifi05:46
emmett_On networkmanager, i start nmtui but cant connect either05:48
jaegerIs there any useful output in the wicd log about it?05:48
jaegeror networkmanager log05:48
emmett_Where can i find the log?05:48
jaegerprobably in /var/log - if it doesn't log to its own dedicated file, it might log to /var/log/messages05:49
emmett_Log says error about ip or dns05:51
emmett_I dont know about dns or ip05:51
emmett_How to setting it05:51
jaegerdhcp should handle getting an IP for you if you're using it05:52
emmett_I havent install dhcp05:53
emmett_But already install dhcpcd05:53
emmett_Do dhcpcd work?05:53
emmett_Or i need dhcp05:53
jaegeryes. that's the client, 'dhcp' is the name of the server software but also the protocol05:53
emmett_Ok wait i install dhcp n try again05:54
jaegeryou should only need dhcpcd, not dhcp05:54
emmett_But theres also have dhcp package on port05:57
emmett_Ok how do i setup wicd and dhcpcd?05:58
jaegerI don't know how to use wicd, sorry... try their home page, maybe, see if the documentation helps05:58
jaegerusually dhcpcd is called by /etc/rc.d/net but if you use wicd I'm not sure if wicd will run dhcpcd or if you have to do it youself05:59
jaegerI guess you could test that by running wicd and then checking if wicd started the dhcpcd process05:59
jaegerwhen you run wicd does your wireless at least associate to the AP?05:59
emmett_What do u mean associate to the ap?06:00
emmett_U mean my laptop connect to any wifi?06:00
jaegerYes. Before you can get an IP addess your wireless interface has to associate with the access point06:01
jaegerSo if wicd can do that part, at least, but doesn't start dhcpcd, you can start dhcpcd afterwards and see if it works06:01
emmett_Its not connect06:01
emmett_Just connecting a few sec n nothing happen06:02
jaegerhrmm, no idea then. MAybe just use the script method until you can find out why wicd or NM don't work, I guess06:02
emmett_Yup..right now im using scrip method to connect to wifi06:03
emmett_But only to password potected wpa wifi06:03
emmett_Cant use that script for open network06:03
emmett_How can i connect to open network using script06:04
jaegermodify the script not to use wpa_supplicant06:04
jaegeruse iwconfig instead06:05
emmett_Ok will try that06:06
emmett_Thanks jaeger06:07
emmett_U always help me here :)06:07
jaegerSorry I can't help more in this case but hopefully you'll get it working :)06:07
emmett_Yep 😃06:08
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crash_weird got weird kernel errors on my laptop with crux but not any other distro. RCU scheduler cpu stalled all the time and machine keeps locking up.09:34
frinnsti guess you use a different kernel with crux than the other distros?09:43
frinnstwhat version are you using?09:44
frinnstanyways its not distro related but linux related09:48
frinnstyou should find lots of info with duckduckgo09:48
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crash_yeah i used 4.1.18 i think it was on crux, and i can't do startx and the machine locks up completly. so somethings is not right hehe. maybe i should try to upgrade to 4.4 or something and see if it goes away.10:08
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frinnstsounds like a plan11:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: grub2: updated to version 2.02-beta319:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: grub2-efi: updated to version 2.02-beta319:33
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