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druid_droidhi Crux'ers13:17
druid_droidhow do I install a port from a specific collection ?13:18
druid_droidwith prt-get, if possible :)13:19
onoderadruid_droid: you can add the collection to your ports13:19
onoderaor you can downlaod the individual port using httpup or wget or whatever you want13:19
druid_droidonodera I was looking at port in couse and Maintainer is you :)13:20
druid_droidI'm installing from 6c3713:20
onoderaoh really? what port?13:20
druid_droidnodejs from 6c37 collection13:21
onoderathe nodejs port is a bit out of date iirc13:21
druid_droidI have added collection to prt-get.conf, but I don't have set prefer higher version13:21
onoderaanyways: `httpup sync nodejs`13:21
onoderashould work to sync the individual port13:21
druid_droidinstalling from inside folder with fakeroot pkgmk -d13:22
onoderayeah from what I know prtget doesn't work with ports than aren't in a pre specified prtdir13:23
onoderaso you got to use pkgmk13:23
druid_droidI love so much crux :D13:24
onoderaor you got to add 6c37 to your prtdirs, or the individual port if that's possible, I've never tried13:24
druid_droidI have added, but like I said, I don't have prefer higher version, so I can see when my ports are obsulete13:24
onoderagive me a second and I'll update nodejs to a more recent version13:25
druid_droidI'm improving my ports, who knows one day I deserve to be listed on portdb13:25
druid_droidyha sure ;)13:25
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frinnstdruid_droid: use mpup14:54
frinnstits a meta repository and you just add specific ports to the config file such as "httpup sync nodejs"14:55
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druid_droidwow frinnst, at the moment I'm overloaded with package managers :D15:29
joacimfucking summer holidays16:07
joacimi can hear these kids from a block away16:07
joacimwhy must they shout everything16:07
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deus_exhas anyone tried to build any of the Yocto/Poky images on Crux system?19:31
deus_exCrux *is* unsupported as a distro by them , but only things that are missing are diffstat and makeinfo, which are easy enough to install19:33
deus_exor you could cheat, like I did :) ('touch conf/sanity.conf')19:36
deus_exdeleting 1.645.907 files takes a while...19:39
frinnstnever heard of it20:33
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