IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2016-06-07

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libquicktime: patch for ffmpeg version 303:01
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pitillodeus_ex: if I remember right, rmull_ was playing with it and may be he get far with it (no more news about it)06:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dar: update to 2.5.508:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: samhain: update to 4.1.408:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.15508:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: dash: update to 0.5.908:09
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.12608:09
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: eudev: update to 3.208:09
rauz_hi guys is there a port for the kde frameworks 5 ?08:57
frinnstnot that I know of :/09:33
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pedjapitillo: I can't build either master or krogoth(release) branch, they both fail at the same package(gobject-introspection)12:16
pedjaI'll look how to modify it not to build/install systemd, too :)12:17
pedjait's the default, for some reason...12:18
pedjasystemd on a embedded device?not a good idea.12:19
pedjaor anywhere, for that matter12:21
pedjafrinnst: it's a framework for building custom distribution for embedded devices, amongst other things.Very flexible.12:22
frinnstah, that thing from yesterday12:23
pedjasorry for the late reply, I was watching Preascher :)12:23
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pedjagrub has no man pages, because they prefer info, I guess.that's..annoying12:41
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pitillopedja: I haven't experience with yocto... I've played long time ago with bitbake and finished with crux-arm tools... used for cross only for core ports, but that's more than enought13:22
pedjapitillo: remind me, what's the URL for crux-arm?13:24
pitillopedja: crux-arm.nu13:25
pedjaOh, yes.Thanks :)13:25
pitillowe have a toolchain, pkgutils-cross and crossrootfs (core ports)13:25
pitillowith those repos it should be enought to cross build ports without many dependencies13:26
pitilloprobably it could be used with other toolchains...13:27
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pedjaI am looking there for ideas how to setup crossbuild toolchain, so I could build EFI for arm/aarch64, to experiment with.13:38
pedjai am looking forward to seeing what Firefox-47.0 breaks...13:39
pedjayay, unsigned addons still work.13:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.4.1314:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 51.0.2704.8414:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: u-boot-tools: updated to 2016.0514:46
rmullpedja: Check out the crux-arm project14:50
rmulloh sorry, I see you've already been pointed there14:50
pedjarmull: yup :)14:50
pedjait looks interesting.14:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: autoconf-2.13: Initial commit. New firefox dep.15:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] firefox: updated to 47.0. New dep: automake-2.1315:44
frinnstprobably fixes a bunch of security issues too but they are not yet public15:45
rauz_jaeger: thx15:45
onodera2 firefox maintainer, why does firefox suddenly depend on autoconf-2.1315:49
onoderaI already ported it because seamonkey depends on it, but I thought they fixed firefox and made it work with newer autoconfs15:50
frinnst17:26 <@frinnst> bah; firefox 47 requires autoconf-2.13. I was hoping the mozilla folks would pre-generate the tarball but alas15:50
frinnstmozilla are lazy/dont care15:51
onoderahmmm I can't eait for netsurf to become more usable15:52
frinnstso never then :-)15:54
onoderahehe probably15:54
onoderamaybe servo will me good15:54
frinnstlets hope16:01
onoderaI just compiled go 1.7beta1, works like a charm :)16:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: chrony: update to 2.416:38
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gcc: update to 5.4.016:40
onoderaoh shit16:41
onoderaI'll wait for Romster to upload a gcc package on crux.ster ;)16:42
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frinnstgcc builds rather quickly17:32
nogagplzsince when? :P17:32
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frinnstwell all is relative obviously but there are a lot more heavier packages out there :)17:35
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onoderaMy cpu or something is broken17:58
onoderabig packages like gcc and firefox always segfault when compiling17:59
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pitilloonodera: enought ram and/or swap18:02
onoderayeha I have 16gb ram, no swap partition though18:02
onoderathe thing is, my laptop with 8gb ram running crux with the exact same fstab and all (so no swap eather) compiles these packages just fine18:03
pitilloyes, that should be enought18:03
frinnstno swap partition though <- bad idea18:04
tsaopis a swap partition really necessary with 16 gb of ram?18:04
onoderawhy? I haven't had a swap for like two years no and never run into problems18:04
frinnstyou should have something18:05
frinnstuse a swapfile or whatever if you dont want to repartition18:05
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frinnsti have 10gb swap with 16gb ram - 956bytes currently used :-)18:06
onoderawhat are the downsides of not having a swap?18:06
frinnstoom obviously18:06
frinnstbut iirc there are also performance variables to consider18:06
frinnsti read a paper a few years ago on the subject. dont remember the details but what i took from it was to enable swap18:07
onoderahmm I'll add a swap partion next reinstall then18:07
nogagplzwhy not just make a swap file instead now18:08
tsaopfound this:
frinnstnext reinstall? how often do you reinstall? :)18:08
onoderafrinnst: too often ahaha, probably when 3.3 comes out18:11
onoderak I'll go for a swapfile for now18:11
frinnstbut why?18:11
tsaopwhy not simply upgrade18:11
tsaopor just brutally edit the URLs ib├╣ the repository files in /etc and then upgrading18:12
frinnstthat works too generally18:13
onoderaI like the "clean feeling" it gives me18:13
onoderahmm how big should I make my swapfile18:13
frinnsta couple of gigs should do it18:14
nogagplzprobably closer to the size of your ram if you use hibernation18:16
nogagplzalthough I guess if you don't use swap til now, who cares about hibernation :P18:16
onoderaI always suspend18:17
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jaegeronodera: have you run memtest?18:57
frinnstomg I just drove behind a nissan micra convertible20:01
frinnstit was just as glorious you would imagine20:02
onoderajaeger: nah, but I probably should :)20:11
jaegerdefinitely. I would also check heat sensors20:13
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jaegerFinally got time to re-solder the 9 failed LEDs in my ducky keyboard... 8 of the 9 are working again :D20:30
jaegerSomehow I messed up 1 of them but I'm not too annoyed by that considering how rarely I do any soldering20:30
joacimi tore off a pad on my keyboard while soldering20:32
joacimwas only for ground tho20:32
joacimand there are 5 pads just for ground20:32
joacimmy soldering didnt work tho20:33
joacimwhen replacing that usb port. too small, and the top of my soldering iron is too thick20:33
jaegerThis will look a bit funny because I replaced blue LEDs with white LEDs... but it amused me to do so20:33
joacimcould just look around for someone that has a hot air station tho20:33
jaegerworth a try20:33
joacimi hear those leds die often20:35
jaegerThis generation of ducky shine had a bad run of them, that's for sure. Easy to find others reporting it online20:37
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jaegerheh, the LED on the down arrow key failed while I was working on them (not one of the previous 9)20:46
jaegergood thing I've got it open20:46
jaegerI suspect I reversed polarity on the 6 LED because it works after doing it again20:46
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jaegerhard to get a decent picture of lit LEDs but they all work again:
jaegerI already went back to the black WASD keys, just put the red ones on to see how they looked22:09
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onoderawhat keyboard is that jaeger22:14
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frinnstducky shine 222:27
frinnstI only have leds on wasd and the Fn keys22:28
frinnstbut the thick pbt keys doesnt let any light through so its quite possible one or two leds are dead for me too :)22:28
jaegerducky shine 3 900822:30
frinnstah, sorry :>22:30
jaegerreplaced 6 9 q a v u backspace home end down22:31
frinnstdid you get two spacebars? i've seen pics of shine keyboards with that spacebar and a more discrete one too22:34
jaegeryeah, it came with both. I kinda prefer this one over the one with the ducky logo22:35
jaegerIt looked kinda weird to have stuff on the front but not the top compared to the rest22:35
frinnstah, true22:35
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jaegerIt's hard to tell from the pic but the white LEDs look a lot better than the blue ones. If I get REALLY bored someday I'll replace them all. Got plenty more LEDs. :P22:45
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joacimwant to change the leds on my filco too now23:14
joacimblue bright leds isnt quite my thing23:14
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jaegerI know the feeling. I have a code keyboard with white LEDs too and love it23:27
frinnstthe white leds on my old logitech illuminated were awesome23:30
jaegerI've still got one of those around, too :) Great keyboard23:30
frinnstI avoided leds on my mechanical because i always found the images i saw not as good23:30
jaegerI like the LEDs. I don't feel they're in any way required but if I'm going to spend for a mechanical I'm getting what I like :D23:31
frinnsttoo much backlighting from the keys or something. but maybe thats just because i never seen a good picture?23:31
jaegerI have no idea how to take a good pic of it. That one I linked seems super-saturated compared to actually looking at it23:32
jaegerI also keep it on the second-to-lowest brightness23:32
frinnstid love to see one in person23:32
jaegertrying with the other phone, maybe it can do better23:33
jaegerok, from the samsung phone:
jaegerand the code for comparison:
frinnstcode seems to look a lot better imo23:38
jaegerIt does; I really like it23:38
frinnstmight be the blue leds that turns me off it though. "home" and "end" looks nice :)23:39
frinnstjust like very bright printing instead of that glow23:39
jaegerI have to admit that the idea of replacing the rest of the blue ones with white is appealing to me... it's just that it would take so long23:41
jaeger2 solder points twice per key, 94 keys left23:41
frinnstI cleaned the keys of my two keyboards last week. took forever to remove and reseat the caps :D23:41
frinnstbut worth it, feels like new again23:42
jaegerI do that now and then to clean, yeah. Not too bad with a decent keycap puller23:42
Worksterrauz_, $ cat /etc/ports/kf5.git23:54

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