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jaegerfrinnst: maybe this one would be more interesting, got it as dark as I could:
jaegerstill looks a lot brighter in the picture, heh01:39
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druid_droidhello crux'ers, my /usr/lib/libmcrypt is empty, I'm having problems with mcrypt not sure if this is the couse10:33
druid_droidphpinfo don't show any supported cyphers, mybe bad install/config of mcrypt ?10:34
wildefyraaaaa help10:34
wildefyrcompiling  gcc on an intel atom10:34
druid_droidhi wildefyr :)10:35
wildefyrhey druid_droid10:35
wildefyrjaeger, I'm disappointed in your choice of keyboards10:36
wildefyrpoker 3 for lyfe10:36
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rmullI have an atom, but it's not that slow... 8 cores10:52
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druid_droid:( can't solve php problem,11:17
druid_droidwill try with a litle bit more coffe11:18
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pitillodruid_droid: php-mcrypt is built right?11:39
druid_droidyes, and php --ini shows that loads mcrypt ini11:41
druid_droidalso, it shows on phpinfo() but no cyphers11:41
druid_droidpitillo: and I update php.ini with /usr/lib/libmcrypt directory11:44
pitilloweb server restarted?11:44
druid_droidbut that directory is empty, not sure if normal11:44
druid_droidyes, webserver and php-fpm11:44
druid_droidI see update to php-mcrypt,11:47
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druid_droidI was using a costum port with the current version, lets see11:48
pitillodo you have libmcrypt installed?11:48
druid_droidsorry, my version of mcrypt match php version, so will not use contrib11:48
druid_droidI just finish prt-get update -fr libmcrypt to be sure11:49
pitilloummmm may be changing php.ini with /usr/lib directly instead of /usr/lib/libmcrypt ?11:50
druid_droidwill try11:51
druid_droidis your /usr/lib/libmcrypt empty ?11:52
druid_droidchanging to /usr/lib don't solve11:52
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pitilloumm can you share your php.ini? the dir should be /usr/lib/libmcrypt (that was right)11:53
druid_droidyes, allmost all my crux stuff is;
druid_droid have my costum mcrypt build11:56
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druid_droidI saw somewhere that the installing (php/extensions) order matter,12:05
druid_droidshould I rebuild everything ?12:05
druid_droidI will do it anyway since I have no idea on how to solve this12:06
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wildefyrmight switch back to firefox once 48.0 gets released12:12
wildefyrFINALLY multithreaded processes12:12
pitillodruid_droid: it's strange, libmcrypt adds lot of ciphers to the lib and they should be shown if the lib is loaded by php (phpinfo shows mcrypt support but no cipher....) can you verify libmcrypt build log to see if it's adding all ciphers to the lib?12:23
druid_droidlog from pkgmk ? I think it deleted if success build12:25
druid_droidmy /usr/lib/libmcrypt is empty12:25
druid_droidpkginfo -l libmcrypt don't show nothing added to /usr/lib/libmcrypt12:26
pitillothey are added to the lib if I'm right12:29
druid_droidwhen you say lib you mean like "built in" or added to folder ?12:29
druid_droidI have tryed to build like is explained on php page, with --disable-posix-threads12:30
druid_droidI have everything selected on Kernel cryptographic stuff12:43
jaegerwildefyr: I don't like the 60% keyboards as much, personally12:50
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wildefyryeah anything that wants to use the function keys is annoying13:34
pitillodruid_droid: built in in the lib (you can see the cyphers in libmcrypt build log)13:38
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abenzfrinnst: firefox fails  to update, complains about autoconf although I have it installed:
abenzprior to firefox gcc was updated..20:16
jaegerdid you install the new autoconfig-2.13 upon which it depends?20:28
jaegerer, autoconf, not autoconfig20:28
abenzjaeger: I did prt-get update -fr autoconf20:35
abenzVersion:      2.6920:35
jaegercheck the deps on firefox20:35
jaegerit has a new one20:35
abenzI see20:36
abenzthe second time a compile fails due to new deps, I always forget!20:36
jaegerHopefully it's only a temporary one20:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qemu-agent: update md5sum22:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: [notify] ntp: 4.2.8p5 -> 4.2.8p8 fixes several security issues22:35
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