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deus_exfor loop sed subst later, it still breaks, but in the different place in the,fun.00:12
joacimtyping bash is too hard i guess00:13
deus_exlinking bash to sh is not hard, but I refuse to do it :)00:14
deus_exwhat's the fun in that00:15
joacimi mean. when people write bash scripts, typing bash isnt hard00:15
joacimthat sh is linked to bash on most systems is no excuse00:16
druid_droidI think I have 100dpi, with my resolution/inch00:24
deus_ex'xdpyinfo | grep resolution' will tell you00:28
druid_droiddeus_ex: thanks, by default gives me 9600:32
druid_droidbut says I have 10000:32
druid_droidso I setup fonts with 100 and X, but ...00:35 says that  I have 13.3' monitor at 1920x1080.which isn't true :)00:35
druid_droidyes you have to choose correct inhches00:35
deus_ex23', 96dpi.sounds about right00:36
druid_droidso dpi is not the couse of my wrong fonts ?00:37
deus_exI never bothered to change dpi.00:37
deus_exfreetype configuration is key to nice fonts.and using nice fonts, of course.00:38
deus_exAdobe Source Pro ftw00:39
druid_droidI have installed fontconfig-iu, also selected option to use free00:39
druid_droidthen I created /etc/fonts/local.conf00:40
druid_droidwith stuff from arch wiki,00:40
deus_exdon;t do that, put your user stuff in .config/fontconfig/fonts.conf00:41
deus_exmuch easier to revert/tweak stuff00:42
deus_exleave the system config alone00:42
druid_droiddoing that in00:43
onoderaI hate fonts00:46
onoderaanyways if you want better font rendering check out
onoderafontconfig/freetype/cairo with infinality patches, which add subpixel rgb rendering and more00:47
druid_droidyes I have installed that, only that,00:48
joacimdpi isnt configured through edid info?00:48
druid_droidI think I remember before I installed all fonts that one was ok in X,00:48
onoderaI've never changed dpi, but I'm pretty sure you change it with xrander, and I know xft also has some option for it that can be set in xresourses00:49
druid_droidjoacim: by default the system gives 96dpi not sure if it comes from edid00:49
deus_exnah, I just enabled few more options in vanilla freetype00:49
druid_droidyes, I change with xrandr in .xinitrc :) but I think I let something in .Xresources00:49
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deus_exisn't passing -dpi $foo to startx the way to do it?00:53
deus_exas i said, never bothered with it00:53
deus_exis there some magic to make xfce4-terminal remember the session?opened tabs/directories?00:55
deus_exapart from 'don't reboot/poweroff.ever.'00:55
jaegeronodera: got a screenshot showing some decent -iu config?00:56
deus_exI just enabled subpixel rendering/hinting in freetype, and use Source Pro fonts, with some fonts.conf tweaking.It looks decent.To me, anyway :)01:02
deus_exOnly problem is Firefox, small fonts look...weird...01:04
deus_exit started whn they switched to gtk301:05
deus_ex(official binaries)01:05
deus_exI sometimes wish that Crux has a binary repo with packages for FF and Qt5.01:08
deus_exeverything else I can manage on this ancient machine.01:09
deus_exWorkster: you are king amongst men, my friend.01:10
Worksterrevdep after installing let me know if they are broken, i rebuilt them recently with new gcc 5.4.001:10
pedjawill do01:10
jaegernot bad01:17
onoderasome more01:19
druid_droidhave you changed hinting/aliases/dpi's or just select a font ?01:20
jaegernice. I'll have to give it a try at some pointy01:21
onoderanah all default settings, I coppied all OSX fonts to .fonts though01:21
pedjaonodera: nice.which infinity preset?iirc, it has Windows/Ubuntu/OSX?01:23
jaegermaybe I'll try that after I get my docker VM sorted01:24
pedja'infinity, and beyond!'01:26
onoderapedja: it now has combi/free/ms01:26
onoderaI just use combi, I've tried all three and don't see much of a difference, if any at all01:27
pedjalooks pretty good.any problems with small fonts in Firefox?fuzzy/not crisp, something like that?01:28
Worksterdoesn't cairo which is bundled with firefox play a part here?01:29
Worksteras system cairo breaks ff01:29
onoderadoes this count as small?01:29
onoderait's a bit blurry, but it depends on the monitor I suppose01:30
pedjaI am using official binaries.when they switched to gtk3, my problems with fonts started01:30
onoderaWorkster: No idea, all I know is that installing fontconfig/freetype-iu does affect firefox fonts01:30
pedjaonodera: yes, it does count as small :) they never look this good here01:31
onoderaanyways I'm off to bed, byebye01:31
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pedjaWorkster: I installed wine and qt5, revdep doesn't complain.nice job, and thanks again.01:38
druid_droidthat blurry talk about that I'm tryng to solve,01:39
druid_droidin terminal I only user terminus, (no blurry)01:40
druid_droidand in X with arch fontconfig the best font at the moment is ttf-liberation01:40
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Worksterno problem pedja01:56
Worksterpedja, that wine is a verison behind, i need to push the new one but my pc is off atm01:58
Worksterit'll still work though01:58
druid_droidI think I solved, or at least blur have decreased :)02:14
druid_droidand st now accepts terminus with size=1102:14
druid_droidnow I can sleep :)02:15
druid_droidthanks crux'rs, see you tomorrow02:15
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tilmanfrinnst: prepare for gtk 4 fun05:47
Worksterare they shitting us, can't they just use /yusr/share/gtk-{4,4.2,4.4,4.6} -_-06:07
tilmanseems like we should ignore it until "4.0" (the stable one) is out ;)06:08
WorksterGtk 4.0 will not be the final stable API of what we would call 'Gtk 4'06:08
Worksterexcept that06:08
Worksterheck not all things use gtk3 yet06:09
tilmani meant... "gtk 4" then!06:09
Worksteri'd ignore gtk4 for as long as possible06:09
Worksteroh right in 2 years time for gtk4 stable06:09
Worksterjust spin up docker containers for each gtk version and compile *shrugs*06:10
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Worksteri read it again it confused me at 4.0 unstable 4 final release07:06
Workstershould just stick to odd numbers as unstable07:06
Workster5.x all unstable 6.x final release. then use 7.x for unstable again.07:07
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ahmad^who is in charge of crux website? it won't open here?08:42
ahmad^that was the traceroute08:45
ahmad^plz help :(08:46
abenzahmad^: it works fine here08:59
abenzif you are looking to download crux, you can grab an updated ISO here:
ahmad^I downloaded it. I can't access the Docs09:04
abenztry access a cached copy09:04
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onoderais fredrik in this channel? the firefox maintainer?12:55
joacimyou want frinnst13:07
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onoderaty joacim13:22
onoderafrinnst: hi, there is a new nss, 3.2413:23
frinnstim having some issue with ck4up so i've missed a couple of updates recently13:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: fossil: initial import13:35
frinnstand they post to the mozilla announce lists for about ~5% of the releases13:38
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frinnstseems it will break pretty much everything..14:34
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pedjaWorkster: wrt wine: take your time, I was 10 versions behind before, 1 version behind is nothing :)15:09
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piecesofquietcan someone please remind me how to properly set/generate locale so that i can get unicode characters in my terminal?16:37
piecesofquietreinstalled crux today and i've forgotten how...16:37
][_R_][locale-gen IIRC16:39
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piecesofquieti've done that, i just remember having to manually set it somewhere so that it was actually used16:41
piecesofquietmaybe i haven't generated the other ones yet16:41
jaegerpiecesofquiet: it's in the handbook but you want localedef16:42
jaegerthen export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 or whatever you want to use16:43
piecesofquietthat last part is what i'm looking for16:43
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druid_droidback to my font fight, I never think that was so hard just to have "not blurr" text in linux16:46
*** piecesofquiet has left #crux ("sort of works, time for sleep though")16:47
druid_droids/linux/gnu\linux X/g16:47
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: tzdata: update to 2016e18:01
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] libpcre: update to 8.3918:20
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tsaopit has been raining for at least 40 minutes19:07
tsaoplooks like tomorrow I'll have a lot of cleanup to do19:07
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pedjajaeger: new nvidia LTS release is out (367.27 ).Just a FYI :)19:59
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jaegerI've already gotten emails about it from people who can't wait for ck4up, heh20:01
jaegerdo you guys just refresh the nvidia unix pages constantly?20:01
pedjanow when I have an excuse to reboot Xorg, I just might play with freetype/fontconfig/cairo with Infinality patches20:01
pedjajaeger: yeah, prety much20:01
tsaoppedja: I'm using the patchset and I'm very satisfied20:02
jaegerI don't get that, but ok20:02
tsaopalso fontconfig is very versatile, but a pain to setup with all that xml syntax20:02
pedjajaeger: I get something similar to this ( in Xorg log, so I just hang out on Nvidia forums20:04
pedjaI don't remember seeing those messages with the older drivers, just like the OP.20:05
jaegerdo you have a different monitor to try like that person did?20:06
pedjaSadly, no20:06
pedjaI have a different monitor than he, though.20:07
pedjaDell is old, but works fine, afaict.20:08
pedjatsaop: I have a working fonts.conf, but it took a while to figure out20:10
pedjaI have a vintage mouse, it seems.I payed mine ~30 euros, it 's 100$ on Amazon now.20:12
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elderKHey peeps.20:31
elderKSomething's gone screwy on my system.20:31
elderKYou'll remember a day ago I asked if anyone had any issues building VLC.20:31
elderKWell, it seems that my system's forgotten what's what.20:31
elderKI just did this command:20:31
elderKprt-get listinst | xargs prt-get update20:31
elderKAnd boom, the whole world is rebuilding/reinstalling.20:32
elderKNote that I did note specify -fr.20:32
elderKHowever, if I say:20:32
elderKprt-get quickdiff20:32
elderKNo packages are marked as needing update?20:32
elderKThis is very strange.20:32
elderKWhat started as VLC being unable to build is now happening with Firefox.20:32
elderKI even wondered if you guys had released a new major version! )20:32
elderKAny ideas/20:32
elderKIs there a way to regenerate the package database or something?20:32
jaegerprt-get update and prt-get sysup aren't the same thing20:42
jaegerif you run prt-get update <something> it will rebuild that package20:43
jaegerso you are in effect telling your system to do a full rebuild20:43
jaegerMaybe it shouldn't behave that way but it doers20:43
elderKI thought in order to effectively reinstall something, you had to specify -fr?20:44
elderKprt-get -fr update foo20:44
jaegerwith that said, what errors do you get with your vlc/firefox builds?20:44
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elderKSomething to do with sw_scale for VLC20:44
elderKAnd Firefox was about automake/autoconf.20:44
elderKI figure I will just let world rebuild20:45
jaegerfirefox has a new dep, check that list20:45
elderKAnd man, I'm certain that as I mentioned before, in the past, you *had* to specify -fr to rebuild something with update.20:45
jaegeras for VLC, no idea without specifics20:45
elderKThe weird thing is that the version of VLC I can'tbuild, I have installed.20:46
elderKSo that's very very strange.20:46
jaegerAs I understand it prt-get update will rebuild the package if a built package doesn't already exist20:46
jaegerbut either way it will try to pkgadd -u the package20:46
jaegerMaybe that behavior got broken or changed with an update somewhere along the line20:46
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elderKOkay, so given that prt-get quickdiff show snothing20:48
elderKIt seems like my xargs prt-get update is doing nothing but burning time20:48
elderKIt's interesting however that prt-get says "PAckages installed:"20:48
elderKAnd lists them all.20:48
elderKTrying VLC now20:50
elderKISsue with avcodec20:51
elderKimplicit decl of avcodec_alloc_frame and a ton of other issues20:51
elderKNo PIX_FMT_PAL8, etc.20:51
elderKACTION tries revdep20:53
elderKApparently the libavcodec we have installed isn't supported by VLC.21:00
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elderKvirtualbox also fails to build with the latest GCC.21:03
elderK5.4 thatis.21:03
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elderKjaeger: Downgraded ffmpeg, VLC builds now :)21:10
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jaegersorry, got pulled into work stuff for a bit... glad you found the answer, at least21:13
elderKThank you for your help :)21:14
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