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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia: updated to version 367.2705:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-32: updated to version 367.2705:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ffmpeg-compat: initial commit07:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: vlc: dependency change: ffmpeg -> ffmpeg-compat07:27
Worksterpedja, wine is up07:28
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pedjaWorkster: thanks :).Installed, runnig revdep now.12:54
pedjabtw, is there a way to make revdep ignore libreofice and jdk?12:55
pedjaah, yes, '-i $port'.12:58
pedjait pays to read the actual man page12:59
pedjaaltough, revdep.conf with the IGNORE_PORTS would be nice.13:04
pedjaI know, 'patches welcome' :)13:04
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deus_exdamn, this infinality patches are magic :) Firefox never looked this good.20:05
tilmandeus_ex: these two?
deus_exthree.cairo, fontconfig and freetype20:10
deus_exfrom 6c37 repo20:11
tilmaniu, great abbreviation20:11
tilmandeus_ex: thanks :)20:11
deus_exnp :)20:11
frinnstpedja: screenshot?20:24
frinnsti never had much luck with those patches. upstream looks best imo20:24
pedjamoment, please.any particular site?20:25
frinnstalso, we dont use the system cairo library for firefox :)20:25
frinnstsomething with lots of text?20:25
pedjaWikipedia it is20:25
frinnstdid you do any other custom configuration after replacing those ports?20:28
frinnsti'll give it a go20:28
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frinnstthats how it looks without any patches for me20:29
pedjapretty close to what it looked for me, too, after Firefox switched to gtk3 it got worse.20:31
pedjagreat wallpaper, btw :)20:32
frinnsthave it working now20:37
frinnstnot sure i like it. its pretty and all, but the shapes just feel "off"20:38
pedjachoose a different preset20:39
frinnsttrying combi now20:40
frinnstwhat do you use?20:41
pedjacombi, and default, 'ultimate3' style20:41
pedjacheck out freetype dir in the source, infinality-settings.sh20:42
pedjaAlso, check out Adobe's Source Sans Pro fonts, they have better hinting, iirc.20:45
pedjahm, stellarium fails at the linking stage, bunch of 'undefined reference' from nvidia's glcore lib.wth.20:52
crash_frinnst: you like futurama? :P20:55
pedjawho doesn't20:56
frinnstI name all my machines after futurama characters :)20:56
crash_nice :)20:57
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pedjait looks like nvidia fucked up.
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jaegerguess I'm missing some fonts -
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frinnstits japanese jaeger :)23:28
jaegerpretty sure I have no japanese fonts installed yet :)23:29
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