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Worksterfail M$01:21
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jaeger <-- finally taking a little time to configure i3 a bit01:31
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frinnstnice jaeger! how are you liking it?09:12
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pedjawhat is that conky-like thingie in the bottom right corner?11:45
pedjai never understood the appeal of tiling wm's.then again, i never used one for longer period of time.11:50
pedjaxfce is perfect for me.11:52
frinnstthe only thing i'd like tiled are terminals12:02
frinnsti've tried i3 and a bunch of other tilers but i always return to fluxbox :)12:02
pedjahave you tried terminator?12:04
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ubuuulooks pretty cuperbunk12:10
pedjaimagine that on 3 monitors.instant 1337 h4x0r creds :)12:12
ubuuu3 pfft. You gotta have atleast 612:14
ubuuuor 812:14
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pedjalike that guy from Tek Syndicate12:19
pedjahe has some crazy setup12:20
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ubuuupedja: 3*4k gaming surround was crazy12:23
pedja4k gaming...a kid bought 2 gtx1080 to play The world of Tanks, just because...12:26
pedjasometimes, hardware is wasted on some people...12:26
ubuuu;_; and i have nothing12:30
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pedjait is funny, they put 2000 euros in hardware, and still get their asses kicked :)12:31
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frinnstpedja: nope, thanks for the tip12:38
frinnsti'll check it out12:38
pedjafrinnst: you'll have to enable python in vte, if you want to build it.12:41
pedjait always gets me :)12:41
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frinnsthmm, does it work with $random-terminal though?12:45
frinnstdvtm seems nice too12:47
pedjathere is termite, too, if you like your terminal modal like vim :)12:47
pedjabut it needs a fork of vte, vte-ng.12:48
pedjavte developers refuse to expose some API functions, because 'gnome-terminal has no use for it'12:50
pedjaso he got tired, and forked12:50
pedjaxfce4-terminal would be perfect, if it had something like save session.12:52
pedjait saves the number of tabs opened, but not the actual directories.annoying.12:54
pedjagnome-terminal had something similar, but the option got removed few releases back, because Gnome.12:55
frinnstyeah not suprising12:56
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ubuuubtw has any tried installing crux on a mbr13:00
pedja'nah, not confusing enough.try harder' <---one of the comments on the new GTK versioning scheme.13:02
pedjaubuuu: Crux is pretty standard Linux, so...13:03
pedjambp=MacBookPro, right?13:04
pedjalook at for tips.13:06
pedjabut, afaict, dependening on the model, it goes from mostly works to mostly broken.13:10
pedjaas is often the case with the Linux on a laptop13:10
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ubuuualready look at that13:10
ubuuubut missing documenation for my model13:10
pedjawhich is?13:11
pedjawell, there is always 'just go for it, and try'13:12
ubuuu9,2 or 2012 medio13:12
pedjaArch wiki has an article on dual-boot setup13:15
ubuuuwell its pretty easy to dualboot13:18
ubuuumore the temps and fans13:21
ubuuulcd controls13:21
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jaegerfrinnst: I've used i3 for years and I like it quite a bit... just never really customized it much13:50
jaegerpedja: I use i3 and MATE both pretty often. I'm not always in a minimalist mood13:56
jaegerpedja: the bottom stuff is i3blocks13:57
pedjalooks interesting.14:13
pedjaspeaking of DE, when will sepen open 3.2 branch for xfce?it always confuses me for a second when I update ports :)14:14
jaegerI've got some on github but they don't have a lot of time put into them14:17
pedjaI think I have a few patches/updates for xfce somewhere.14:20
pedjaI'll open tasks on flyspray if I find them.14:21
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joacimjaeger: I use i3 on my laptop. it is pretty nice14:41
blueskyis it lightweight?14:42
joacimmakes the experience of using that laptop much better due to its horrible trackpad and trackpoint14:42
joacimbluesky: i3? it is just a window manager, so i guess =)14:42
jaegerpretty lightweight, yeah14:42
joacimfirefox isnt great about keyboard control tho. that or i just dont know the keyboard shortcuts14:45
ubuuupretty sure it is just like every other browser14:47
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joacimit is nothing like safari, which is pretty good about keyboard shortcuts14:49
ubuuueverything about osx have keyboard shortcuts14:49
joacimthere's vimperator i guess, bu the only application i like VI bindings in is VI and its derivatives =)14:49
frinnstACTION uses arrow keys in vim14:50
frinnstcome on, laugh away! im used to it14:50
joacimI do too =)14:50
joacimI'm going to laugh anyways14:50
ubuuuwait i do so too? i always forget the other shortcuts in vim14:51
joacimhjkl or something14:51
jaegerI use both, oddly. Arrow keys 90% of the time but every now and then for no good reason I switch14:52
jaegerthough mostly I use search to navigate, unless what I want is close to the cursor already :)14:53
jaegerheh, nice14:54
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frinnstreminds me when i try to show a windows-coworker something. but its a looot more awkward because i will mix and match swedish and english terms14:55
frinnstso it sounds utterly retarded when said out loud14:55
frinnst"dash asterisk mellanslag <something" or whatever14:56
joacimnorwegians need a lot of personal space, so we call it mellomrom14:58
ubuuumellemrum in danish14:59
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joacimSOI is cheap, but also really annoying15:04
joacimhave to specify a lot of mundane crap i take for granted15:04
ubuuucya later15:04
joacimlater =)15:04
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joacimthat and they dont seem to understand that returned products have to be cleaned and their data completely shreded15:05
pedja arrow keys in vim insert mode ftw.15:07
joacimi always use append mode15:10
joacimis that wrong of me?15:10
joacima is closer to home than i. have to move my hands more to hit i15:11 is fucking software, not a releigion.use it as you see fit.15:11
joacimI dont know. People always yell at me for using my computer wrong15:12
pedja'wrong'? tell them to go forth and procreate :)15:14
joacimthey're idiots, so they're probably already doing that15:14
joacimi know people with kids. they get no sleep, no free time sinc they have to drive them everywhere, they ahve to own a car, spend half their income on their kids15:15
joacimyet they talk about how great it is to have kids15:15
joacimpeople are crazy15:15
pedjano argument there.15:16
jaegerkids can be great, I've got a couple of nephews that are really fun :) but I can send them home or give them back :)15:17
pedjabut, what do you expect them to say, joacim?that they made a mistake?15:18
joacimmy brother does that =)15:19
joacimyeah my nieces are great, but i can send them home when i've had enough =)15:19
pedjamy niece and nephew are grown-ups now (I am old).15:21
joacimi think my oldest niese is 11? wont be too long i guess15:22
joacimi sometimes mix up norwegian and english spelling :(15:23
pedjasince serbian has no spelling per se, i don't have that particular excuse.15:24
pedjashit just got real in #Brexit, it seems.15:28
blueskyI just joined #Brexit to see15:33
blueskynice one pedja15:33
joacimwhat is it?15:33
pedjaI totally forgot that Twitter hashtag is used as channel symbol on IRC.15:34
pedjabluesky: sorry about that :)15:35
blueskyno worries15:37
pedjaex co-worker asked me if he should buy an SSD or spinning rust.'First is faster, second can store more pr0n.Choose wisely.'15:41
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joacimI should get some new spinning rust for my server16:09
pedjabuying SSD is easy these days: choose capacity, get Samsung or Intel.but spinning rust?16:15
joacimlots of porn16:16
pedjaToshiba, Hitachi, WD or Seagate?16:16
joacimWD right now, but considering HGST16:17
jaegerWD red or seagate NAS for storage stuff, in my opinion16:17
pedjawhat is the diff btw WD Red and WD RE?16:18
frinnsttoshiba is pretty cheap though16:18
frinnstpedja: rpm16:18
frinnstpro is 720016:18
frinnstoh sorry, misread16:18
frinnstwell rpm is correct still :)16:18
joacimMy current spinning rust is fast enough for my LAN tho16:18
frinnstI have 3x3TB toshiba in my desktop. cheap and has run solid for a year or so16:19
frinnstTOSHIBA DT01ACA3 ABB016:20
pedjayes, that's the one.~100 euros here16:22
frinnstI still have 4 WD green from 2011 chugging away in raid1016:24
pedjathat Toshiba is on my TO_BUY_EVENTUALLY list16:24
frinnstits sad HD prices are still higher today than 5 years ago16:25
frinnstatleast in sweden16:25
joacimpeople talk about cheap ram again16:25
joacim"never been as cheap as it is now"16:25
pedjawhat is VAT in .se?16:25
joacimtheyre down to what they were back before the hynix fire16:25
DaViruz25% for most things16:25
DaViruzfood is less, and books less still16:26
pedjait was 8% here, for IT stuff, until few years ago.then they got greedy16:26
pedjait' s 20-22% now, iirc16:27
joacimi'm happy to give 40% of my income to the state, and pay 25% VAT =)16:27
DaViruzplus the part your emplyoer has to pay to the state16:27
frinnstwe also pay a "fine" to the music industry for storage. though not sure it applies to internal harddrives though16:28
frinnstit does for stuff like external drives and mp3 players16:28
joacimthat fine sounds like it is totally ok to pirate music in sweden now16:28
DaViruzthe "tape tax"16:28
frinnstyou would think, but its for "legally copied" stuff16:28
frinnstbecause if you make a copy to keep in your car for example you are "cheating" the music industry out of a sale16:29
joacimthat's fucked up16:29
frinnstno kidding16:29
DaViruzi don't do tax fraud for economic reasons, but for moral reasons.16:29
joacimhow about making a lot of copies, and misplacing them on the street16:29
pedja'piracy is theft.think about the children, ehh, poor artists's agents"16:30
DaViruzthe theft analogy is so ridiculous it hurts16:31
DaViruzthe reason i don't like people stealing my stuff is that i lose the stuiff, not that someone else gains stuff16:32
frinnst (also applies to the previous kids discussion)16:35
pedja'they don't hate you, dear, they are just jealous, because we are oh so happy'16:40
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abenzwow.. flash player21:05
abenzstill has beat?21:05
frinnstwe need it for our network management at work21:09
frinnstits horrible21:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: 2.8.3 -> 2.9.021:28
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onoderaI rewrote my depls script in fish, it's quite a bit faster now, /and/ it supports tree view :)21:47
onoderaI think I'm gonna write a prt-get clone in fish for fun21:47
onoderawith synchronous download/compiling.21:48
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