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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gcr: 3.16.0 -> 3.20.002:59
jaegerReplaced the top row of LEDs on the ducky keyboard... only 5 to go!03:31
jaegerFigured I'll do a row a night when I have time to work on it03:33
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: mesa3d: add optional dependency nettle09:17
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libinput: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.2 add missing deps: mtdev xorg-libevdev09:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: elfutils: 0.165 -> 0.16609:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: webkit-gtk2: 2.4.9 -> 2.4.1109:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: webkit-gtk3: 2.4.9 -> 2.4.1109:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: webkitgtk: 2.12.2 -> 2.12.309:35
Romster built packages ^09:35
abenzcan someone help me troubleshoot something/09:52
abenzI use crux as my main distro09:52
abenzsometimes I try to compile openwrt, but there is one particular package that always fails to compile09:52
abenzthe same package compiles fine in debian09:52
abenzI asked the openwrt folks and devs looked at my logs without knowing what causes the prob09:53
abenzif one of you were to help me you'd have to clone the repo.. any kind souls out there?09:54
abenzproblem is that particular package is hostapd! without all compiled firmwares won't have wireless..09:56
abenzs/without/without it09:56
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Romsterabenz, if you give me the commands i'll run it in a fresh docker container10:47
abenzRomster: much appreciated11:13
abenz  git clone git:// .11:14
abenzor sorry, lets do this with the new project11:14
abenzscratch above command, here goes:11:14
abenz  git clone .11:14
abenz  make menuconfig11:15
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Romsteri'll run that shortly just committing some things atm11:17
abenzRomster: thanks11:17
abenzpls note this will need a few GBs, as it'll compile tools, then a cross-compile toolchain11:18
abenzonce you're in buildroot menuconfig, select Target Profile > TP-Link WR1043N/ND11:19
abenzor actually any target, just select one, because by default it'll try to build for all supported devices under a particular arch11:20
abenzonce you've done that, exit saving. and run:11:21
abenzmake -j<num of cores you wish to use>11:21
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: elfutils-32: 0.165 -> 0.16611:21
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libpcre-32: 8.38 -> 8.3911:21
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libpng-32: 1.6.21 -> 1.6.2311:21
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nss-32: 3.23 -> 3.24 new dep: zlib-3211:21
abenzthe compile will fail, offending package: hostapd. If you can help figure out why it won't compile that'd be super11:21
Romsterany dependencies i need to prt-get depinst ?11:22
RomsterACTION sets up container and ports -u11:22
abenzthe usual build tools, ncurses, libssl, gawk, svn, git, ..11:23
abenzthere is a check performed upon invoking menuconfig which will stop if any of the needed tools are not found11:23
Romsterok installing git and then cloaning11:28
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RomsterTP-Link WR1043N/ND selected and building11:59
Romstersince i am building with root12:01
Romsterah it still wont, guess i'll make a user account in there.12:03
Romsterit's building now12:10
Romsterone other thing i am using bash for my shell not dash12:13
Romsteruseradd -ms /bin/bash newuser12:14
abenzI'm using bash too12:15
abenzRomster: how is it going? whats the current task? is it done compiling the toolchain?12:26
abenzcool :)12:27
Romstertoolchains take time12:28
Romsterdidn't know there was a LEDE based on OpenWrt12:29
abenzlede is a "reboot", there was some drama12:30
RomsterLEDE spun away from the mother project in May 2016, aims for an open governance model and attempts to simplify contributing to encourage new developers in embedded development.12:30
Romsteryeah reading12:30
Romstertarget/linux compile12:37
Romstersomething bombed out checking12:38
Romsterah i need to grab the source for the current kernel so it can see it i guess12:39
RomsterThe present kernel configuration has modules disabled.12:39
RomsterType 'make config' and enable loadable module support.12:39
RomsterThen build a kernel with module support enabled.12:39
abenzYou dont need to grab anything manually12:40
abenzso it failed at target/linux compile?12:41
abenztry this:12:41
abenzmake target/linux/compile V=s -j112:41
Romstermy ccache is getting in the way i removed it from my PATH12:41
Romsteri did that to find the error12:41
Romsterecho $PATH12:42
Romsterecho $PATH12:43
abenzmake target/linux/{clean,compile} -j412:45
Romsteri forgot about ccache in there.12:47
Romsternope the path is embeded somewhere else in there :/12:49
Romstermaybe a make clean the whole thing12:49
abenzI believe there is a command to flush that but I cant remember it12:51
abenzanyways, to flush all12:51
abenzmake dirclean12:51
abenzRomster: while we are resetting, can you do one more adjustment12:51
abenzgo back to menuconfig12:51
abenzTarget System > Qualcomm Atheros IPQ806X12:52
abenzYou'll find that near the bottom12:52
abenzthen, Target profile > TP-Link Archer C260012:52
abenzexit saving, and compile12:53
abenzthanks again for your time12:53
Romsterset and compiling12:54
Romsterbeen meaning to make docker containers without my mods and a few variations.12:59
Romsteron my todo list13:00
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abenzshould be soon!13:26
abenzoffending package in my system is package/network/services/hostapd13:27
Romsteryeah it died13:28
abenzsame exact error13:32
Romsterprt-get fsearch includes.h13:32
abenzit wont be there, this is a cross compile setup, includes.h is actually there13:32
abenzif you look inside13:33
abenzyup, last line13:33
Romstersome thing has a missing header file in hostapd or a PATH issue.13:33
abenzits a path issue13:33
abenzI will show you a comparison of two files13:34
abenzits the ".cflags" file, one from crux, and one from debian13:34
Romstersrc/utils/includes.h in hostapd-2016-06-1513:34
abenzyou can find it here:13:34
abenzif you look at yours, you'll find a single line, not only that, between two parameters you will see no space!13:35
abenzwhats generating that is the source of the problem.. for some reason it gets messed up in crux13:35
abenznow I will show you what a properly generated cflags is supposed to be (from debian)13:35
abenzthis is what .cflags should look like13:37
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Romsterthat is a huge difference13:52
abenznot only that14:01
abenzlook at the line14:01
abenz           ^14:01
abenz            ^14:02
abenzI meant that14:02
abenzthere is no space between them14:02
Romsterparser error somewhere...14:02
Romsterhmm could it be our make is buggy?14:02
Romsterwhat patches is debian using on make and what version is it?14:03
abenz make --v14:04
abenzGNU Make 4.014:04
abenzBuilt for x86_64-pc-linux-gnu14:04
Romsterdebian has a habit of using a very old stable version and cherry pick patches14:04
Romster$ make -v14:04
RomsterGNU Make 4.2.114:04
abenzthe package compiles fine on OSX too14:04
Romsterand OSX sues what make version?14:04
abenzjust that my main desktop is crux, and I dislike using VMs..14:04
Romsterwell you could use docker and debian in a docker image.14:05
Romsterbut finding this bug seems more like the solution14:05
abenzfunny thing its only that package (hostapd)14:06
Romsterwhat ever writes out the compiler flags is not parsing14:06
abenzif you deselect it, the firmware will be generated successfully (albeit without wireless)14:06
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Romsternot sure what makes that cflangs file i havne't looked into it yet abenz14:22
abenzRomster: thanks for your time. Regardless of this being solved or not14:22
Romsteri'll dig in it more later i feel tired now14:23
Romsteri need a fresh mind14:23
Romsteri get the first -I in that file anything after that is missing.14:30
Romsterso there has to be a parsing bug somewhere that generates that file.14:30
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abenzI guess so14:34
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abenzRomster: what is docker performance like compared to VMs?14:45
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Romsterdocker uses the native kernel abenz14:47
Romsterless over head of a VM14:47
abenzI'm reading about it now14:47
Romsterlxc containers14:47
jaegeron decent hardware the difference is negligible in terms of runtime performance14:47
abenzheard about it many times but never bothered14:47
jaegerspinning up new stuff can be a lot faster, though14:48
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abenzdoes it fit my use case? lede development happens in debian and I like crux, so I would need a debian-like environment with near native speed.. and lots of RAM (not exclusive like a VM sucks up RAM)14:49
Romsteryou can spin up a debian docker container14:49
Romsterfrom with in crux14:49
jaegershould work fine for that14:49
Romsterdocker sets limits on things but it will not dedicate it like a VM does.14:50
abenzso a "debian docker" do I download one or create one? (like installing an OS to a new VM)14:50
jaegeryou'd do a 'docker pull debian' to get the image, then build your container using that14:52
abenzcool. I'm installing it now and will give it a spin14:52
jaegercheck the readme, you'll need to add some kernel config14:53
Romsterand if you exit it you can do docker start foo ; docker attach foo14:54
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abenzI see14:55
Romster and that's how i run crux docker containers inside crux14:55
abenzoh wow.. written in Go14:55
Romsteryou can even do debian or gentoo or arch or anything else. but the real use is like a instance of mysql or minecraft server14:55
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jaeger <-- I'm running this in one of my containers, for example14:57
Romsterand you can iptables them how you like too.14:59 shows most features are missing15:00
Romsteryeah you need to enable required in your kernel and rebuild15:00
Romsterand figure out what backend storage you want to use15:00
Romsteri'm using thin-provisioning in lvm but it's a pain to find docs on it.15:01
Romsterbut jaeger and i have done this15:01
abenzyes. I still don't think I grasp the whole "container" concept yet.. I think some reading is due15:01
Romsterit's the main system with isolation15:02
Romsterfrom /proc/ /sys/15:02
Romsterlike a chroot.15:02
abenzI see15:02
Romstergoogle up lxc containers and docker15:02
Romsterits jsut in it's own name space.15:03
abenzmakes sense15:03
Romsterthe main thing that will change dockers speed is ow you set the backend storage up for it.15:04
abenzI see15:04
Romsterthat is a very good read15:05
abenzRomster: cheers15:07
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frinnstwow, we really suck at football19:25
frinnst2 games and not a single shot on goal19:25
frinnststupid euro 201619:26
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frinnststill got one goal against ireland though19:36
frinnst(own goal) :)19:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: update footprint21:17
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