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frinnstits not for everyone :-)01:47
RomsterI tried it, it is a nice distro, but no multilib support ruled it out for me.01:48
Romsterand that's frm a moderator... i am quoting that person and showing it is multilib.01:48
frinnstah, thats you=01:52
frinnstsorry, nevermind01:52
frinnsttoo tired and cant read properly01:52
frinnst4am D;01:52
Romsterno i am about too but it seems they already pointed out it is multilib01:52
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jaeger <-- CRUX is dead!02:43
jaegerI did a search for 'crux' across, surprisingly a lot of hits02:45
Romster-_- i guess we need more publicity03:04
groovy2shoesugh my repository is horribly out of date03:06
groovy2shoesbeen crunch time at work for the last few months :(03:06
groovy2shoesI've got Monday off so maybe I'll spend some time updating all the ports in there03:06
Romsterjust do what i do groovy2shoes, do a bit every weekend or after work or sometimes i log in from work and kick a build off and finish it when i get home.03:08
groovy2shoesI discovered recently that they block SSH at work now03:08
Romsterstick openssh on port 44303:09
groovy2shoesI think I'm going to reconfigure sshd to listen on 44303:09
Romsterif they block 443 welp no https then either03:09
groovy2shoesthey don't03:09
groovy2shoesI ran a port scan last time I was there... thank the gods for GNU parallel ;)03:09
Romsterthen you could use 43 than 2503:09
groovy2shoesinterestingly, the Linux machines have more ports open than the Windows machines03:10
groovy2shoesso, I found out that if I log in to one of the Linux machines, I can access IRC from there B)03:10
groovy2shoesnone of these ports were blocked when I first started at the company...  I wonder what made them decide to start being so draconian in their portage03:11
jaegerI registered an account on LQ forums, might be interesting03:14
Romsteri just did and replied to that last post about no xfce4 or mutilib.03:15
jaegersaw that03:15
Romsterwhen will mate get a bump that is getting old? that other guy isn't active?03:15
jaegerHe's not active anymore, it seems. I recently build MATE 1.14 with GTK3 but it's still rather buggy. Planning to rebuild with GTK2 maybe this weekend03:16
groovy2shoesI guess my post was not good enough for LQ or something03:37
Romsterwhat post was that groovy2shoes ?03:45
groovy2shoesI was trying to explain how to get baguette.httpup and make prt-get work03:46
jaeger <-- interesting, just heard of this site03:46
groovy2shoesand also to explain the outdatedness of the repo and the "incompleteness" of the xfce packages (I've only packaged a handful of the xfce goodies, though all the core packages are there... I think most users accustomed to xfce are also used to having the goodies)03:46
groovy2shoesjaeger, awesome!  I know someone who could really do with a reading of this03:47
groovy2shoessite could do with some editing...03:49
Romsterso gkt3 for mate is unstable... and they are already talking about gtk403:50
groovy2shoesgtk has gone to shit03:50
groovy2shoesso sad03:50
groovy2shoeseven gtk3 was a step back from the later releases of gtk2, really03:51
Romsteryeah which is why i haven't even bumped sakura up to gtk3 yet03:51
Romsterthe only real good thing gtk3 has is css styling.03:51
groovy2shoesif they actually go through with this versioning plan for gtk4, it's going to be a nightmare03:51
groovy2shoesthe CSS styling was nice, but there's no real reason a gtk2 engine couldn't do that before03:51
Romsteri sure hope they don't and stick to the gnome odd numbers being unstable/dev03:51
groovy2shoesand the previous gtk2 styling files were *sorta* CSS already, anyway03:52
Romsterthat's true if gtk2 could do css styling.03:52
groovy2shoesit was like a non-standard styling language that had the same syntax as CSS but different properties and attributes, iirc03:52
Romsterif it ges to crap i hope someone forks gtk2 and enhances it and not turn it into the current gtk mess03:52
groovy2shoesI concur03:53
groovy2shoessomething like 80% of apps I use still haven't been updated to gtk3, and honestly I'm okay with that03:53
groovy2shoesI've been toying with the idea of a modern GUI toolkit based on X Intrinsics (libXt), because such libraries actually work nicely over the network as opposed to most of the common toolkits which render into a giant pixmap before drawing03:54
groovy2shoesI don't see any fundamental reason why an Xt toolkit has to be as ugly as Athena or Motif...03:55
Romsterwayland is taking ages and when everything switches to wayland then we'll be forced away from gtk204:03
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groovy2shoesyou can pry X11 from my cold, dead hands04:20
groovy2shoessick of the Poettering types who barge in and assume everyone's use-cases are precisely the same as their own04:21
groovy2shoeswhat does Wayland have to offer me?  why should I abondon X11 for Wayland?04:21
Romsterand we had that long xfree86 going stale before xorg came about. now we have this gtk long standing issues04:22
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groovy2shoesI doubt Wayland will fix GTK04:45
Romsternope gtk2 wont support wayland04:50
groovy2shoeswhat I mean is that I doubt Wayland can offer me a non-FUBAR gtk4  ;)04:52
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onoderamy depls script now has ordering of repos and aliasing, still runs everthing under half a second :)13:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: upower: 0.99.3 -> 0.99.4 removed dep polkit, new dep gobject-introspection22:50
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