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brian|lfsquestion how does the crux iso update thign work just curious when it will build an iso with gcc 6x01:27
jaegerwhich iso update thing?01:28
jaegerIf you mean my updated ISO it syncs with current ports; so it will have gcc 6 when crux has gcc 601:30
brian|lfsoh thought I seen that CRUX has gcc 6 in my email01:36
brian|lfsmaybe I miss read01:36
jaegeryou probably saw 3.3 notices01:39
brian|lfsyup I did01:40
brian|lfsthat makes mroe sense01:40
brian|lfsI was wondering why gcc would have such a big update on crux 3.2 lol01:41
brian|lfsso take it there will be a crux 3.3 soon01:41
jaegernot sure when but we're starting to work on it01:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libsecret: 0.18.4 -> 0.18.505:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libsecret: aded gobject-introspection dependency05:28
tilmanLibarchive 3.2.1 is a security follow-up to the recent libarchive 3.2.005:43
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] libarchive: updated to 3.2.107:03
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: bash: update to 4.3.4610:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.12710:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: file: update to 5.2810:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: dhcpcd: update to 6.11.110:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.15711:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] poppler: update to 0.45.011:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-glib: update to 0.45.011:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.45.011:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: screen: update to 4.4.011:26
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frinnstdamn, just got my bill for my visit to the emergency room and a night in the hospital12:27
frinnst300sek ~ $40 ?12:27
frinnst<3 sweden12:28
pedjameanwhile, a friends husband got an apointment for MRI scan.October 2018.12:31
frinnstcareful with the screen update people - you wont be able to attach to sessions from previous versions12:33
pedjaisn't everyone using tmux these days?12:34
frinnsthell no12:35
frinnst<- gnutard12:35
juepedja: sure ;)12:36
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pedjaif i had any coding skills, I would add to tmux something like vim's Golden ratio plugin.12:48
pedjanow, back to nvidia breakage.12:50
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pedja it seems that everything that tries to link to OpenGL libs
pedjaalways the same error from libnvidia-glcore13:44
pedjawth is going on13:45
pedjaand after 'gl-select use xorg', it builds just fine.of course it does.13:51
pedjaYour stable release is not so stable, Nvidia.13:53
ubuuui have whole folder with mp3 i wanna convert to flac. Is there way to do all the files at once in ffmpeg?14:04
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jaegernot all at once but you could easily script it to do them in sequence14:10
jaegerfor F in *.mp3; do ffmpeg -i "${F}" "$(basename ${F} .mp3).flac"; done <-- something like this with whatever other ffmpeg options are needed14:11
ubuuui was thinking of maybe just putting the name of directory and it would do it14:12
ubuuubut thanks jaeger14:13
pedjawill ffmpeg strip or convert id3 tags from mp3's?14:26
pedjaI've never tried mp3 2 flac, only the other way around.14:27
pedjajaeger: any ideas?
jaegerMy idea would be 1) wait for a fixed release or 2) downgrade14:30
jaegerThis isn't on our end14:30
pedjaI am wondering why there is no mention of this on Nvidia forums14:32
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: vim: update to 7.4.1947, fix for FS#132414:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gvim: update to 7.4.194714:51
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pedjavery wise of me to keep that 4.6 kernel patch for nvidia around.15:00
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druid_droidhumm, I moved my location of ports from /usr/ports to /srv/ports/ports, ports -d and ports -l don't work,15:10
druid_droidI changed script in /usr/bin/ports where it gets root directory of ports, but I'm not sure if this is the way of doing things15:12
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pedjadruid_droid: did you change the destination in /etc/ports/{core,opt,xorg).rsync?15:18
pedjawhat's the error?15:18
druid_droidno output with original, example no ports -l ports -d15:19
druid_droidif I change the value PORTS_DIR everything works fine15:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spm: update to 1.4.415:58
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pedja*now* I get it.kind of.
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frinnstWhile initially conceived as a consumer-facing platform, the Endframe technology has been repurposed to "make the world a better place through secure, high-capacity enterprise data storage servers utilizing middle-out compression technology."16:24
frinnstsounds like that16:24
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druid_droidsecond time I recompile firefox and revdep keeps showing16:37
jaegertake a look at the "ADDITIONAL LIBRARY DIRECTORIES" section of the revdep man page16:41
druid_droidlol and the glitch of the fonts appear :) I16:42
frinnstyeah firefox is a false positive16:49
pedjawould it be hard to add an ignore list to revdep?16:59
abenzfrinnst: is it really? Doesn't show up here..17:01
pedjainstead of 'revdep -i $comma-separated_list', smth like ALWAYS_IGNORE=$list  in revdep.conf17:02
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frinnstabenz: yeah17:26
frinnstpedja: yeah iirc i did install a firefox entry to /etc/revdep.d a bunch of versions ago17:26
frinnstbut i think it got removed when i merged my devel port17:27
juefrinnst: I've added an entry for /etc/revdep.d to the jre port, probably the way to go17:27
jueI've entries for firefox, jre, libreoffice, samba and syslinux here17:29
pedjajue: that would explain why syslinux complains all the time on my machine ;)17:29
juelibreoffice is a problem, because it is linked against libs I don't have17:29
juepedja: try /usr/share/syslinux and /usr/share/syslinux/efi6417:31
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frinnstwow state television is live covering the CS event at dreamhack19:41
nwecool :)19:45
nwehade varit nice om de hade gjort skiten i html5..19:49
nwelol :)19:50
brian|lfs+can't read that19:56
tilmanjust nwe getting exploited through flash right now19:56
nwebrian|lfs: swedish, our public service (tv) streaming dreamhack CS event..19:57
brian|lfsah ok cool19:58
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druid_droidonodera: I'm back to blur :) not sure what happen again,22:07
druid_droidis so beutifull look at blur all day all life, so much <322:08
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