IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2016-06-21

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brian|lfswow might as well go forge for food while gcc compiles00:39
brian|lfsIs this a known bug already that firefox don't like autoconf00:54
brian|lfsfor firefox 4700:54
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Romsterbrian|lfs, there is a new dependency for firefox for autoconf-2.1302:45
brian|lfsthat's what I figured02:46
brian|lfsgrabbed your firefox from your repo02:46
brian|lfsbut what would be a real fix for that autoconf-2.13 is old02:46
Romstermine be out of date02:48
brian|lfsso your not on crux 3.2 still02:48
Romsterwell the fix would be mozilla running there autoconf. with new autotools02:48
Romsteroh the built package is new but the Pkgfile in romster is old, is what i meant to say.02:49
Romsteri am on 3.202:49
Romsteryou said from my repo so i assumed from romster/02:49
Romsterthan you grabbed the built package02:50
brian|lfsya meant I grabbed the built package sorry02:50
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brian|lfseven will all the patches you added to qt5.6 it still woudln't compile for me02:51
brian|lfsso I grabbed that pre built already02:51
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Romsterif you're on the mailing list you would see these updates :)02:53
Romsteri don't know what you do to your system02:53
brian|lfsthis was from a clean format lol03:02
brian|lfsmaybe its the NSA messing with me03:03
brian|lfscan you upload a copy of qtwebkit-5.6.0?03:04
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brian|lfsI was actually running slackware for a few weeks romster but got sick of the bloatware and the clusterfuck package manger mess03:16
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Worksterbrian|lfs, later i can03:55
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brian|lfsits all good it compiled for me I should be fine04:03
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brian|lfsfound a weird bug Workster qt5 apps don't see the keyboard unless you thr5ow an exprot in /etc/profile04:59
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Worksterwhat export exactly brian|lfs06:33
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nwehello :)08:01
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Romsterhi nwe09:04
abenzwhats a good size for / ?09:18
abenz /home is on a separate partition09:18
abenzI understand this is entirely user-specific but on a "typical" crux install with openbox and usual desktop apps? will 15GB do?09:19
Romsteri got 72GB for / and i got 50GB used09:20
abenzyou keep all your dockers there Romster ? :)09:20
Romsterbut then i am not light weight.09:20
frinnst140gb here09:20
Romsterno i got docker taking it's own LV09:20
Romsterin another disk set09:20
Romstersome of that 50GB is built packages09:21
Romsterand source files09:21
Romstermy ccache docker /media and /home reside in lvm209:21
frinnstyeah, sources, packages and a few vms here09:21
Romsteryou culd get away with 15GB for now for / but you might run out of space later on. depends on your useage.09:22
Romsteri have 2 x 6tb 2 x 3tb 2 x 1tb disks and a 120gb ssd in this pc.09:23
Romsteri'm not far off evicting the 2x 1tb disks09:23
abenzthats quite the PC09:23
Romsterjust a bit.09:24
Romsterits all raid1 setup for the majority of it.09:24
Romster  VG   #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize  VFree09:25
Romster  data   5   8   0 wz--n- 17.28t 6.44t09:25
Romsteronly sees 5 PV s as my 2x 1B is mdadm raid109:25
Romsterthe rest i moved to raid 1 LVs09:26
Romsterback when i started lvm didn't have the fancy raid ability09:26
frinnstyou havent given btrfs a try yet, romster?09:29
Romsterhow stable is it now anyways? does it have a fsck tool now?09:30
frinnstpretty stable, depending on the functions you use09:31
frinnstraid0/1/single is generally fine09:31
frinnstraid5/6 not so much09:31
Romsterso some bleeding edge features still09:31
Romsteri'm still waiting for triple parity. but i doubt i'd trust a 20 drive triple parity raid let alone a raid6 one.09:32
RomsterHot data tracking and moving to faster devices (currently being pushed as a generic feature available through VFS)09:36
Romsterinteresting future feature09:36
Romsterif i was starting fresh i might try btrfs09:36
Romsterbut migrating lots of data isn't so much fun.09:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: fuse: update to 2.9.710:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sshfs-fuse: update to 2.710:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: json-c: update to 0.12.110:19
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rmullabenz: FWIW I have 7.9G used in my / and I haven't reinstalled my system in quite a long time. Typical desktop usage.11:27
frinnstseparate /usr /var?11:29
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joacimgot 12GB in use on my server. 4GB in /usr/ports11:45
rmullBut the git driver always wipes out everything from my /usr/ports so that's pretty clean >.< I should fix that.11:45
frinnst/usr/src usually requires some space on my boxes too11:47
rmullFor linux?11:48
rmullI keep mine in my /home11:48
frinnstim too old to change :)11:48
rmullYeah, that was a big change for me to make, hah11:49
frinnst/usr/src is always owned by my user11:49
frinnstACTION is trying to install updates on a fresh windows 7 install11:50
frinnsthave been trying since yesterday11:50
frinnstthis is a matter of principle! it should fucking work11:53
Romsterwindows up date fixit11:53
Romstergo grab that11:53
rmullWindows: Leave your principles at the door11:54
Romsterresets update catalog and components.11:54
frinnsti've installed a bunch of KBs that supposed to fix it. I've restarted wuauserv, removed the SoftwareDistribution dir and everything imaginable11:54
frinnstnothing works11:55
frinnsttrying the fixit11:56
Romsterrenames it to breakit11:57
Romster try the manual method if the fixit don't do it.11:58
frinnstwindows is so easy..11:59
Romsteri know right12:00
Romsterdeal with it every day at work12:01
frinnstwuauserv is back to consuming one core again..12:02
frinnstdisk usage 0%, network usage 0%12:02
Romstersounds about right12:02
frinnsthow can it suck so bad12:02
frinnstand why am i always surprised when it does suck this bad?12:03
Romsterthe date and time is actually correct? else it'll not work either.12:03
frinnstyeah. vm clock is synced with my host12:03
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joacimrunning frinnst dont they have this iso for easy updates now?12:19
joacimsomething baout a rollup or something12:19
joacimwas stuck on 0% downloading last week. Decided I didn't want to wait so I started playing a game instead12:20
joacima couple of hours later windows update started minimizing my game to remind me about a pending reboot12:21
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frinnsti've installed the rollup thingy12:30
frinnstbut windows update still doesnt work12:30
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abenzrmull: I see.12:59
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nwegood evening guys!18:32
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abenzgood evening nwe !18:47
ubuuuGood evning18:47
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nwehow are you guys?19:10
nwedoing something fun this evening?19:10
ubuuuI'm bored19:12
ubuuuAre you doing anything fun?19:14
nweyeah, building auto deployment for my servers with ansible and jenkins triggers :)19:14
ubuuuNice. Sounds cool19:16
nweyeah, it´s working very well for the moment it´s know which roles it should have from hostname, I will fix so I can lookup against TXT-records or via consul (key/value) too19:18
nweor via phpipam I haven't decide yet :P which..19:20
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abenzanyone here using opendns ?22:17
abenzor can recommend a solution to make the web safer for kids?22:17
frinnstthe only filtering thingy i have experience with it cisco and firepower22:22
frinnstworks but expensive for home use22:22
Romsteri'm using unbound with root servers directly as my own dns. but that onlt removes the parked domain pages and adds that opendns seem to redirect.22:22
Romsterthere is some squid filtering thing for adult sites22:23
Romsternot tried it though22:23
Romsterand nothing is 100% foolproof22:23
Romsterthat's the one22:24
abenzthanks :)22:25
frinnsti should probably check out some of those blacklists for website tips :-)22:26
frinnstglorious (game of thrones spoiler)
abenzsquid seems to be what I'm looking for22:36
Romsterhopefully it does what you need, i dunno how reliable them black lists are22:37
abenzRomster: the site you linked, am I supposed to add those URLs to squid?22:37
Romsterthat's more malware related but wouldn't hurt.22:38
abenzoh well22:49
abenzsquid and the like can't do https22:49
abenzand most websites now use https (lets encrypt?)22:49
abenzsome can do though, but browser detects it as MIM attack22:49
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rmullHow about polipo?23:52
rmullI used to use it for adblocking at the perimeter, maybe there are some other blacklists for adult content23:52

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