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vstevequestion for anyone familiar with the ports system, I'm trying to install thunar from the baguette collection, how do I make prt-get aware of that collection?00:47
jaegervsteve: add the path to your local copy of the repo to /etc/prt-get.conf as a prtdir statement01:03
vstevedo I need to restart or something?  I just did that and it didn't seem to make a difference01:04
jaegerno restart is necessary, prt-get looks at that file every time you run it01:04
jaegerwhat did you put in the file and where do you have the repo downloaded?01:05
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vsteveprtdir /usr/ports/baguette01:07
vsteveand in the /usr/ports/baguette directory I have the thunar port01:07
jaegerso /usr/ports/baguette/thunar/Pkgfile exists? what does 'prt-get info thunar' have to say about it?01:08
vsteveoh, no, I didn't realize the port name needed to be a directory and then within that goes the port file renamed to Pkgfile01:08
jaegerall ports are built with Pkgfiles01:08
jaegerTake a look at any of the core, opt, xorg, or other collections for comparison01:09
vstevehmm still no luck01:09
vsteveso now i have /usr/ports/baguette/thunar/Pkgfile01:11
vstevethe Pkgfile is the "P" file from the ports db01:11
vsteveand I still have /usr/ports/baguette specified in my prt-get.conf01:11
vsteveports -u doesn't seem to be aware of it01:11
jaegerports -u won't do anything with it unless you downloaded the repo's httpup file01:12
jaegerwhat ports -u downloads is determined by the collections files in /etc/ports01:12
vsteveso if the person behind "baguette" updates their Pkgfile, i'd have to manually get it from the ports db?01:13
jaegerunless you download the httpup file, yes01:13
vstevewhere would one fine the httpup file?01:14
jaegerIt's linked on the portdb;
vstevewell..wait how did you find that?  I don't see anything on the page specifiying an httpup file  and if I just go by your link here, i'll never learn how this goes01:15
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vsteveI see the line that starts with "httpup" but I wouldn't know what to do with it01:16
vsteve(putting the httpup file into /etc/ports worked as described, still wouldn't know how to do that on my own though)01:21
jaegerOn the main portdb page there are a bunch of "httpup" links next to the repos01:21 this also refered to as a sync file?01:22
vsteveah, there it is01:23
jaegeron the individual repo pages it is, I guess01:23
vsteveso dealing with this specific aspect of the ports system has easily been my biggest hurdle with crux, primarily because these tasks are not described in the handbook (that I could find)  is there a reason these actions are left out?01:24
vsteve"these" being adding an individual port collection, setting up the directories as you described, and making use of the httpup file01:25
jaegerprobably just oversight due to familiarity01:26
vsteveis there a way I could contribute or add that to the official documentation?01:27
vsteveotherwise I just keep coming in here and bugging you good people :p01:27
jaegerThat's what the channel is for, but appreciate the feedback. The official docs aren't quite as open as the wiki01:28
vsteveah, see now I didn't even know there was a crux wiki01:29
vstevemaybe I could add it there if it's not there already?01:29
jaegerThere's some related stuff already, such as
vstevethat would have been good to know about, it never occured to me to look there01:32
vsteveI may be able to add something small01:33
vstevethank you for your help01:34
vstevehah, and after all that I'm trapped in dependency hell anyway01:38
vsteveI wouldn't have thought thunar depended on quite as many things as it does01:39
jaegerwell, it is part of a larger desktop environment :)01:39
jaegerpcmanfm might have fewer deps, though I'm not sure01:40
vstevemight have to give that a shot instead01:41
vsteveI'm coming to crux from centos/redhat and arch, so I often take steps only to find a stone isn't where I expect it to be01:42
jaegerJust keep in mind that any linux can do the same things as any other linux, it's how they behave out of the box that differs01:42
vsteveinteresting thing about pcmanfm , when I do prt-get depends pcmanfm, it shows no missing dependencies, but the package fails on install because it's missing things that don't show up in the "depends" list01:43
jaegerIn that case let the maintainer know something is missing01:44
vstevebefore I pester the guy, could you confirm that you're unable to do prt-get install libfm ?01:45
vsteve(I can't find libfm in the ports db neither on the website nor through prt-get)01:46
jaegerI don't see it in the portdb either01:47
vstevealright, I'll let the person know01:48
vstevemessage sent...hopefully that was a real email address in the pkgfile01:53
vstevein the mean time looks like my best bet is midnight commander01:55
vstevethanks again01:58
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brian|lfswow only 56 people in here03:33
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Workstervsteve you will want to use prt-get depinst not install for the dependency tree of a port. that you can see with prt-get deptree foo06:50
Worksteryes i know he isn't here but if he reads the logs06:51
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vstevejaeger if you're there, the guy who maintained pcmanfm for crux emailed me back, he's too busy to maintain it anymore15:24
vsteveim looking into building it from source to see what it would take to fix the package15:25
frinnstyeah prologics' ports are unmaintained15:31
frinnstand nobody is maintaining pcmanfm. if there are problems with it and nobody wants to maintain it, it will be removed15:31
vstevei can take a stab at it15:33
vsteveits pretty much what i do at work anyway15:33
vstevemaybe more appropriately, i could set up an individual collection just for pcmanfm15:34
vstevei dont want to take on *all* of his stuff15:34
frinnstunless you already are maintaining some ports, this would be the way to go15:34
frinnstif you want to become a contrib contributor you will need to submit an "application" :)15:35
vsteveoh, i dont need to do all that, user ports arent subject to that level of intensity, correct?15:35
frinnstregular user-ports, no15:36
frinnstanybody can do that obviously15:36
frinnsti see nogagplz already has a pcmanfm port, you might want to give that a try15:36
vsteveah, maybe this is why15:36
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vstevewhat goes into this "application" you mentioned?15:38
frinnstyou send a request to the contrib mailinglist stating what port you want to maintain15:38
frinnstalso supply some crux work you have done earlier - such as your personal repo15:38
vstevei do have soome15:39
vstevephone typo15:39
vstevei do have something to contribute, i see quantum espresso isnt available, and im not surprised15:40
vstevei may give this a shot later15:41
frinnstwe need contributors :)15:42
vstevei was stunned that i could get everything i needed in crux to build ffmpeg15:42
frinnsttake a look, might be something else you need/use15:43
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nogagplzmy pcmanfm is ancient16:02
nogagplzit was the old one based on hal for an old crux16:02
nogagplzbecause I was too noob to get udisks or whatever it's called working16:02
vstevei may tinker with the latest version if youre working on other things16:06
nogagplzsure go ahead, I can't promise when I'll be able to get to that repo16:10
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Romstervsteve> i was stunned that i could get everything i needed in crux to build ffmpeg <- there is even gstreamer i do video/audio stuff among other things.21:49
Romsterah he has left again21:49
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