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darfoI don't know how many times I needed xxd and didn't know it existed! Thanks rmull.01:58
darforight in front of my nose all the time because every where I go I always install vim01:58
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frinnstwhy do i never ever fucking learn if target or destination goes first with ln ?08:28
Romsterln source target08:29
Romstertarget is what gets the symlink made08:29
frinnstyes I know.. now. next time i wont08:30
frinnstguarantee it :)08:30
onoderait's pretty much the same as mv or cp right?08:30
frinnstso why do I always fuck it up? My brain is wierd08:36
Romsterif in doubt man ln08:37
Romsteractually man page isn't that clear when you just glance over it08:37
onoderafrinnst: it must be something with ln, because I remember checking the man page a few times myself to figure this exact thing out08:38
Romsteryou write the LINK_NAME out08:39
Romsternot the target08:39
Romsterthe symlink is pointing to target but its the link name that you write08:39
Romsterit's quite confusing actually... since target you would think writes too.08:40
Romsterused to confuse me too08:40
frinnstsame with tar for me.. source or tarball first?08:44
Romstertar destination.tar files/*08:45
Romsteras you only specify one tar file to write too and usually more than 1 file.08:45
Romsteryou been in windoze too much frinnst08:46
frinnstACTION is creating 2 windows 7 client templates08:46
frinnsti've come to my favourite stage.. installing windows updates08:46
Romsteri hope some time we can kill tar and rename bsdtar to tar08:47
Romsterwonder what would actually break08:47
onoderaI'm afraid I can't use windows anymore08:47
onoderasince I switched to linux I've only used windows a few times to fix some problems on my brothers PC08:48
Romsterwindows 10 is annoyng me there is no way to turn off hibernate in GUI you have to do it CLI or registry.08:49
Romsteralso i got screent o blank after 30 minutes it still blanks after 5 minutes08:49
Romsterand it asks for log in password every time it blanks, despite that option not being on.08:50
frinnsthm. dont you just change the power scheme to disable it?08:50
Romstertried that08:51
Romsterwho wants a copy of crypto locker the annoying crap that is08:54
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Romsterfound 4 different versions so far08:55
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frinnstone of our bigger clients got cryptoed08:56
frinnstthey still refuse to buy antivirus for all clients08:56
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joacimfrinnst: i'm the same with ln. always have to look at the man page or at prior examples. i have to do that with dd too, have to make real sure i'm not mixing up if and of10:54
joacima friend of mine was talking about something like that. one of their clients got a cryptolocker, after one of his colleagues failed to setup their backups properly10:56
frinnstyeah with one customer we noticed we didnt have shadowcopies enabled after it hit. we had backups obviously but it takes a lot longer to restore11:13
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Romsterreally i=in o=out12:12
Romsterinfile outfile12:13
Romsterhow can you confuse if= and of= ?12:13
Romsteras long as those backups arn't directly attached to that server frinnst12:20
joacimit is my headlogic that messes up12:27
joacimhave to make sure in means the file i want to read from and not the file that i write to (receives input)12:28
joacimor vice versa12:28
Romsterthat's like confusing output of one cd player to input of one amplifer.12:35
joacimi dont see that analogy12:51
joacimbut you know. when working with dd, it is a good idea to check the man page anyways12:52
joacimwhen you dont use it often12:52
joacimdont want to mess up and write garbage to the wrong drive12:52
Romsterthat is true you have to watch where you send disk destroyer too.12:59
frinnstmoar coffee!!13:54
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eugocan anyone tell me what init system, libc library and userland crux uses?19:30
nogagplzsysvinit afaik, glibc, and the gnu userland19:31
eugothank you19:33
nogagplzno worries19:33
eugooh sorry, one more thing; does the crux package manager automatically resolve dependencies? i'm comparing several distros19:34
nweeugo: yupp if you using prt-get..19:34
nwepkgmk/pkgrm/pkgadd doesnt19:34
eugoand the packages are source based? or binary?19:35
nogagplzalthough you can easily pkgadd somebody elses already build packages19:35
nweeugo: so if you want to install say fluxbox.. just prt-get depinst fluxbox19:35
eugocrux interests me, it's been around for a long time, yet i haven't heard abou tit19:35
nweit´s a  small community..19:36
eugois there a way to measure how many active users there are?19:36
nogagplzI guess not really19:38
brian|lfsI would imagine the pepople in the IRC room are a good 90% of the community at least20:23
frinnsti dont think so, there are lots of users not on irc20:23
frinnsthell, even not all maintainers are on irc20:23
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nwefrinnst: I seeing that you push to 3.3 how is it going with 3.3 ?20:29
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frinnstslow and steady wins the race20:58
nwetrue true :)21:00
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