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darfo18 years using linux and I finally published my first open source04:33
jaegerhrmm, will be 20 years for me in 2 months-ish04:34
jaegerkinda crazy04:34
darfotime flies04:34
jaegerno doubt04:34
darfoi'm starting to do some development for linux and needed man pages but they were only distributed as GNU info04:36
darfoinf2man converts them to one man page :)04:36
darfooops, inf2manp04:36
darfoit's like GNU specifically thumb there nose at tradition because texinfo will create all sorts of output formats but not roff.04:37
darfoI have an old hardcopy of libc but don't want to kill another tree to be current04:39
darfojaeger: what linux distro did you first use?04:39
brian|lfsme redhat 5.204:41
darforedhat 304:41
brian|lfsI didhn't stick to linux to much back then had an ATI rao pro with 8MB of ram and a PII04:42
brian|lfsbut had terrible configureing X04:42
brian|lfsand sad thing is Redhat was bloatware back thena nd its bloatware now04:42
darfoAt least X is easier since Xorg04:43
darfoI gave up and just rolled my own for a long time, then Gentoo, and finally found what I really wanted in CRUX04:43
brian|lfswhat you mean by rolled my own?04:44
darfoI built all my own software and kernels from source.04:45
darfoHad a crude package management process04:45
brian|lfsoh ok so kind of like DYI04:46
jaegerRH 3.0.3 and slackware 3.1, I think04:46
darfoYes. I slowly built every thing I used in RH3 and then erased the RPM database.04:46
jaegerI ran mainly red hat for a few years, then mainly gentoo for a few years after that before switching to crux... been on crux longer05:03
jaegertried a bunch of different distros in between and use some centos and ubuntu for various jobs05:03
jaegercurrent job is mostly a centos shop, previous was mostly ubuntu05:04
brian|lfsmy work is windows 7 ugh05:49
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Romsteri sti;; get windies xp machines to deal with and somtimes windows 200008:04
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Romsterbecause old software08:05
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frinnstasdf allergies08:16
frinnstwe have a customer running win2000 for some old application08:18
frinnstwin 2k was my last windows os that i ran daily. it was pretty great08:19
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rmullAre there any patches/workarounds for the issues with the latest nvidia driver other than just downgrading? There are lots of things that were broken by it - mpv, openimageio, reports of stuff from kde, etc14:55
rmullI haven't found any solutions on the googles14:55
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jaegeryou could switch back to xorg gl while building, perhaps15:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: python: update to 2.7.1216:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mpg123: update to 1.23.616:04
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wildefyrrmull, just downgrade16:37
wildefyrseriously no point upgrading to the latest16:38
tlatorreI'm having some trouble getting CRUX installed on a single board computer. The board is a Pentium 3 processor with 512 MB of RAM. I get to the stage when installing CRUX that it says "Copying files from squashfs" and then things go haywire. Sometimes I get cp: read error, sometimes segfault, but it always gets stuck there. Any ideas?16:39
tlatorreI should also mention that the "hard drive" on the board is a compact flash card.16:40
wildefyris the pentinum 3 a 64 bit processor?16:40
tlatorreThe data sheet for the SBC is here:
tlatorreI don't think so.16:41
wildefyrtry the 32 bit build16:42
tlatorreI'm trying to install CRUX 2.7.1. Isn't that 32 bit?16:43
wildefyr2.7.1 is so old...16:44
wildefyrthere should be a more up to date 32 bit16:44
tlatorreYeah, the problem is that the main purpose of the machine is to talk over VME and the drivers I'm using don't work with the newer versions of CRUX. Not sure why, but I know they work with
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: pkg-config: update to 0.29.1, fix build with gcc 617:05
jaegertlatorre: I would suggest 2 things: 1) test the RAM on that machine, and 2) try different media17:12
jaegerthe read errors and segfault suggest either a hardware failure or bad media, to me17:13
FaymI have a fresh install and I run ports -u but it does nothing.  I was upgrading from Slackware so it's not quite clean.  What do I need to do?17:17
FaymAlso ports -d hangs and ignores SIGTERM17:22
jaegerAny error output? Any output at all?17:25
FaymNo output.17:25
jaegerports is a shell script, you could try running parts of it manually or adding set -x to it17:26
FaymHangs on pkginfo -i17:29
jaegercan you do anything useful with pkginfo itself?17:31
Faym-f works.  -l complains about a lockfile.17:32
tlatorrejaeger, ok I will definitely run the memtest. Unfortunately I think a CD ROM install is all I have available. I was unable to boot from a USB stick. Is it possible to copy the CRUX iso to another IDE hard drive and install from that?17:32
jaegertlatorre: I don't remember where the 2.7.1 media searched, that's pretty old... you could try it17:33
tlatorreshould I try running "CRUX root=/path/to/usb" even if I boot from the CD ROM17:34
tlatorrewould that worK?17:34
tlatorreassuming of course I also have the USB boot stick plugged in17:34
jaegerI think that option skips some of the setup that the install media uses, haven't tried it17:35
jaegerIt was mostly meant for booting into an already-installed system17:35
tlatorreoh ok17:36
FaymHmm.  Pkgadd hangs when installing a package too.17:59
FaymGot it fixed.  /var/lib/pkg/db needs to exist and be a file.  Not a directory.18:18
tlatorrewell, I tried three different optical drives, and same problem each time. Also tried playing with a lot of the settings in the BIOS.19:07
tlatorrenothing worked. One thing I do know is that for the CF card to work you have to disable DMA. I tried that on the CD ROM too in the BIOS (not sure if the same chip is used to read out both in which case this might be necessary).19:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 45.2.019:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 1.5.019:48
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frinnstcan wales face iceland in the final?20:48
frinnstthat would be brilliant20:48
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