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frinnstfucking seagulls. loud sons of bitches00:17
nogagplzI saw one fly into the side of a truck one day and explode, that was pretty satisfying00:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: xine-lib: dropped06:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: xine-ui: dropped06:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ketchup: dropped06:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ffmpeg: 3.0.2 -> 3.1.106:56
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jaegerACTION replaces some ZFS disks16:34
frinnstexpansion or dead disks?16:49
jaegerexpansion and preemptive replacement of dead :)16:57
jaegermy old-ass seagate constellation es.2 drives are climbing the pre-failure counters in smart data16:57
jaegerslowly but surely16:57
jaegerreplacing 2x 2TB seagates with 2x 4TB WD Reds17:01
tlatorreanybody know what exactly is happening during the "Copying files from squashfs" stage of the installation, i.e. Which files is it copying and where to?17:22
tlatorreIs this happening from a shell script? If so, where can I find it in the repository?17:22
jaegertlatorre: take a look at;a=blob;f=initramfs/init;h=b39e5e19670eed2ca92186b169fc5f36bd12c640;hb=f13143fb80b3ad87de33b24a59a501fb9a0a435e17:25
tlatorresweet. Thanks!17:26
tlatorreso is the tmpfs and newroot folders just in RAM or is it actually using the disK?17:28
jaegershould be ram17:29
tlatorreHm. This is really stumped me.17:30
jaegeryou're using 2.7.1, right?17:31
tlatorreYeah, I was going to try 2.8 because someone suggested it on the mailing list, but haven't done that17:31
tlatorreThe reason I'm using 2.7.1 is that I know the VME drivers I use work with it17:32
tlatorreand I know they have a bug on 3.217:32
jaeger <-- I uploaded a new 3.2 x86 ISO just a few minutes ago if you want to try that17:32
jaegerAh, ok17:32
jaegermaybe not, then. :)17:32
tlatorreI could also try to fix that bug, but I've never worked with a kernel module before and so that would probably be a lot of work.17:32
tlatorreThe bug is an interesting one. If you do a write across the VME bus, it does *two* writes separated by like 80 nanoseconds instead of one.17:33
tlatorremaybe related to 64 bit vs 32 bit17:33
tlatorrein which case the 32 bit 3.2 might work17:33
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onoderawhere does crux store info about which packages are installed17:43
onoderaI'm looking for some kind of database if possible, not pkgmk -i17:44
frinnstso /var/lib/pkg/17:44
onoderaare these files created by pkgadd or prt-get?17:44
frinnstprt-get is just a frontend for pkgadd/pkgmk17:45
onoderaalright, thanks :)17:45
onoderaI'm kinda creating my own package manager scripts17:51
onoderanone of them depend on prt-get :)17:51
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tlatorreDo I have to do anything special to install on a machine with only 512 MB RAM? I wonder if it's just that it's copying too many files over. I know the docs say you only need 160 MB, but I wonder how often it's tested on machines with this small amount of RAM.18:09
frinnstyeah it was probably a few versions ago18:28
jaeger512 is more then enough18:30
pedja'prt-get.aliases' is something like 'Provides', right?18:43
pedjaif package foo depends on bar, use baz instead, it provides the same functionality?18:46
pedjait isn't mentioned in the prt-get manual, hence the question :)18:47
pedjaif fontconfig-iu is aliased to fontconfig, and its prtdir is ahead of opt in prt-get.conf, shouldn't 'prt-get path fontconfig' then print the path to fontconfig-iu?19:03
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pedjaor are aliases parsed only at install time?19:07
onoderapedja: you can check with prt-get depends19:09
pedjayup, I just did that :)19:09
onodera[i] fontconfig (provided by fontconfig-iu)19:09
pedjacool.I've been using Crux for years, and I didn't know that.sad , really :)19:10
tlatorreI got it work! Woohoo!19:11
tlatorreI tried a different SBC and it just worked, so who knows. They did have different types of RAM.19:11
tlatorreCould have been bad hardware or a problem talking to that type of RAM.19:12
tlatorreAnyways, thanks for all the help!19:12
tlatorre 19:27
pedjaI really wish that AMD can more seriously compete with Intel, maybe then Intel cpu's wouldn't be so god damn expensive.19:29
pedjaor maybe I should get a job finally, so I could afford one?Nah.19:33
pedjarich kid dropped 1000 euros on 5820K, and yet he bought just 4Gb of RAM.19:41
pedjawhy?'it 's the same as 8Gb of DDR3, OK?I know this computer stuff."19:42
pedjaI think I might cry...19:43
jaegersounds like a bit of a troll19:43
pedjaI wish, but he is  just a stupid spoiled brat.19:44
jaegerbest to just ignore it, then19:46
pedjai am waiting for the fireworks(hint: Nvidia 1080 will LOVE the cheap ass PSU that he bought :) )19:50
pedjaschadenfreude is such a great word.19:53
pedjajaeger: enjoying the 4th of july weekend? BBQ and all that :)19:54
jaegerno big complaints so far, though just got called about work stuff19:57
pedjawork stuff as in 'help, we are out of beer', hopefully ?20:01
jaegerheh, unfortunately not. Looks like not an emergency, though, at least20:03
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pedjainstead of learning something useful, like ansible/salt, here I am watching Kerbal Space Programming series on YT.20:04
jaegerlearn how to run KSP with ansible20:06
pedjanow that's an idea :)20:07
jaegerprobably not really a feasible one :P20:08
jaegerregarding parts, I'm doing a build with watercooling in a mini-ITX case for grins, heh20:10
jaegergranted, it's big for an mITX case20:10
frinnstpics or stfu! :D20:18
jaegerIt isn't done yet, still waiting for parts20:18
frinnstIm bored, need to find a nice project that isnt too expensive20:18
pedjajaeger: pcpartpicker link, then, while we wait for pics :)20:20
pedjaI am almost a decade behind the technology, so 600 euros for an upgrade sounds about right20:23
frinnsti hope amds next design wont suck20:24
pedjaZen, or whatever it's called?20:25
frinnstyeah something like that20:25
frinnstwould be wonderful if it kicked intels ass like the k7 did20:26
pedjathat's next year, right?20:26
frinnstnot sure20:26
jaegerI'll try, my internet connection is extra fucked today20:26
jaegerI lost connection 4 times just trying to type out that line20:26
jaegerI'm trying to watch SGDQ, too, so this is really fucking annoying20:27
frinnstI wonder if i'd really find any major performance improvements by upgrading my current box today20:29
frinnstseems this sandy bridge i7 2600k has fared well20:29
wildefyrunless you want vt-d like me20:31
wildefyrI'm still on i5-2500k20:32
pedjaACTION hides his Core2Duo20:34
frinnstcore2 was awesome20:35
jaegerno GPU or water cooling stuff in the list but that's the basic idea20:36
frinnstwhat are you going to use it for? regular desktop work / gaming?20:36
jaegergaming, looking neat20:37
jaegerI'll either move my GTX 980Ti to that machine or get a 1080, haven't decided20:38
jaegergoing to use EK stuff for the water loop20:39
pedjam.2 ssd is a nice touch20:40
jaegerI like them, no cables.20:40
jaegerAnd I can upgrade it to nvme later if I feel like it, though that seems unnecessary20:40
jaegerThe m.2 slot on that ITX motherboard is on the back, so it's not really convenient... but I almost never move the system SSD in any of my builds20:41
jaegerthe other motherboard I considered has it on the back, too, so whatever20:41
jaegerspeaking of the water stuff, just go the notification that some of the custom loop parts shipped... slowly getting parts20:42
pedjai would be jealous, but you are a cool individual, so I am not.Much :)20:47
pedjaekwb custom loop sounds familiar, I think I saw someone use their stuff in a build video on the yt.20:49
jaegerI like to build machines... sometimes I keep them, sometimes I sell them20:49
jaegerI'm selling my haswell i7/GTX 970  machine to make room for this build20:50
wildefyrsounds like a beast of a project20:51
jaegerShould be fun20:52
wildefyrACTION sits here with his i5-2500k and 970 that should keep him going for another two years20:52
jaegerthe sandy bridge stuff is only just now starting to fall behind when overclocked, they've been really impressive20:52
wildefyrmines only running on 4ghz tho20:52
jaegerSeems like the 1080 release has finally been the point where the 2500k/2600k can fall behind20:53
wildefyrthe fan for my heatsink broke about a year ago and I can't find a replacement20:53
jaegeryou could go up to 4.5 or 4.7 if you wanted to, probably... though if it's doing what you need, then no real reason to20:53
wildefyrjust been relying on other fans for cooling20:53
wildefyryeah it's this weird clip on fan20:53
jaegerCould just replace the entire cooler with a good cheap one like the Cryorig H7 or similar20:53
wildefyrother than buying the same product again20:54
wildefyrbut cba20:54
wildefyrI'm on an overdraft and trying to pay it off...20:54
jaegerI have one of those, it's nice for a few reasons... two best being that it's easy to install and doesn't overlap your RAM20:54
jaegerAh, doh20:54
wildefyrspent 30 quid on some headphones which I've already beaten myself up for buying20:54
pedjaI've bought Hyper TX3 Evo a few months back, to replace Intel's stock cooler.20 euros well spent :)20:57
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john_cephalopodaCompiling the kernel doesn't work.22:19
john_cephalopodamake[1]: /bin/sh: Command not found22:19
john_cephalopodamake[1]: *** [scripts/ fs/coredump.o] Error 12722:19
john_cephalopodamake: *** [Makefile:963: fs] Error 222:19
john_cephalopodaKernel 4.6.322:20
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jaeger4.6.3 works fine for me, need more info22:24
john_cephalopodaHave you set SHELL to /bin/bash?22:25
john_cephalopodaOr replaced dash with something else?22:26
jaegersh is a symlink to dash by default22:28
jaegerdid you point it elsewhere?22:28
john_cephalopodaAh, could be.22:28
jaegerIf so, was whatever you pointed it to compiled with a different libc like musl or something?22:28
john_cephalopodaIt is no symlink in my system. Could be, that I replaced it with some old version of bash long ago.22:29
john_cephalopodaWell, now I got SHELL set to /bin/bash and it works.22:29
jaegerwhat does 'readelf -l /bin/sh' have to say about the interpreter?22:29
john_cephalopodaRequesting program interpreter: /lib/
jaegerhrmm, that looks ok... I was suspecting otherwise since the "command not found" error often points towards a bad interpreter22:34
jaegerwell, you might want to rebuild dash just to replace the symlink22:35
john_cephalopodaWait, it is a symlink.22:35
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john_cephalopodalrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      4 Jul  4 00:16 sh -> dash22:35
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john_cephalopodaI thought I replaced it. So it is actually dash.22:36
john_cephalopodaBut when I do ./bin/sh in my bash, it tells me "bash: ./bin/sh: No such file or directory"22:36
john_cephalopodaIs dash gone?22:36
jaegerare you in / ?22:37
jaeger./bin/sh says to run bin/sh in the current folder22:37
john_cephalopodaAh, right, works from /22:37
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john_cephalopodaWeird, but could be solved by setting SHELL to /bin/bash. Maybe just some temporary weirdness that would have worked without that change. I'm off, thanks.22:43
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Worksterjohn_cephalopoda, you didn't run rejmerge and accept the /bin/sh -> /bin/dash23:57
Worksteror dash is missing on your system23:57
jaegerhe's long gone23:58

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