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frinnstbrilliant. hp's APs from like 2012 use deprecated ciphers by default09:03
frinnstnow to find some old firefox version..09:03
frinnsteven IE refuses to connect to it09:04
frinnstthe firmware for the MSM products is free for only 1 year and also this only includes Maintenance Releases09:23
frinnst(Defect Fixes)09:23
frinnstthis is considered Update release and is not for free09:23
frinnstthey want me to pay money to fix their shit?09:23
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Faymfrinnst: stunnel?12:14
FaymShould be able to use that to strip the bad SSL.12:15
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frinnstFaym: yeah might work, but would get very complicated - i'd have to deplay a new machine to the specific network and set that up first..12:44
FaymYou should be able to do it on the workstation you're using to connect to them12:59
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frinnstyeah but its a windows workstation13:37
frinnsteasier and to just download a old browser :)13:37
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frinnstthe volume cannot be extended because the number of clusters will exceed the macimum number of clusters supported by the filesystem14:48
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: tzdata: updated to 2016f19:35
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