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pecgHello. I want to make the switch to CRUX since I can barely bear portage's design and functionalities, and I really like source based operating systems, but all BSD have at least one problem with my laptop and CRUX is the closest I could get to a clean, simple system. So I wonder if whenever I want to update CRUX will I have to make the base system update separately.02:28
pecgLike it usually happens in BSDs02:28
jaegermajor release updates are done via ISO officially. Changes to the toolchain or libc are generally avoided during a release's life02:30
pecgjaeger: I understand. Just to avoid bothering you with unnecessary questions, is there a place where I can read more about the update process in crux?02:32
jaegertake a look at
pecgjaeger: Thanks02:33
jaegerbasically it boils down to: boot the CD/USB, mount your installation, run setup and choose the upgrade option02:33
pecgjaeger: I'm almost drowning in tears. CRUX is just like a BSD. A solid base system with rolling ports for third party applications.02:34
pecgjaeger: THANKS!!!02:35
jaegerwelcome :)02:35
jaegerI recommend giving it a try in a VM first just so you can see things without reinstalling entirely02:35
pecgYes, I will certainly do it, right now.02:36
pecgjaeger: does this work with a boot partition in a usb using GRUB?02:38
jaegerI'm not sure, I haven't used cryptsetup much... sorry02:39
pecgjaeger: Can you point me to some who has? if that is not too much to ask for.02:39
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jaegerI would suggest just waiting here in IRC for someone who has more experience to see it02:40
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pecgjaeger: Thank you02:41
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brian|lfswow down to 57 people in here we need more people03:49
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pecgHello, what is the name of the port for atheros based usb wireless cards firmware?03:59
jaegerpecg: I believe it's all in linux-firmware04:01
pecgjaeger: oh yes, I missed that one, thanks04:01
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pecghas anyone done compilation against libressl with packages from opt or any other ports collection?04:39
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pecgWhat is the default method (or the most popular) to build initramfs or initrd images?04:47
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pecgHello, is there anybody outhere? I want to know what is the default method to generate initrd or initramfs.06:38
nwepecg: install mkinitramfs from romster repo..06:41
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pecgnwe: Thanks06:46
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pecgnwe: is it possible to generate initramfs or initrd from the installation disk?06:57
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pecgOn a side question, can I just use my own sources for the kernel?07:12
pecgnwe: The Handbook mentions something about the kernel headers on /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm, what should I keep in mind when using other sources?07:15
pecgI certainly love the simple approach of CRUX to solve things, I can do everything by hand, which I like.07:17
frinnstnot I but I know some have.07:26
frinnstsorry ignore that07:27
frinnstthats the location of the kernel headers pecg.07:27
frinnstwe ship the kernel headers with core/glibc07:27
frinnstbut just download the latest release from, extract and build+install07:31
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Romstersaptech romster repo spacefm been upated08:02
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saptechhello all11:49
saptechI just got in from work, and started up firefox and now it's giving segmentation faults and closes out11:49
saptechI've been using it since the july 6 and this first time it happen11:50
saptechI've been trying to update it from the original install version but it keeps bombing out11:51
saptechany ideas what may be causing the seg fault?11:52
saptechchromium build failed but chromium-pepperflash installed12:02
saptechnever mind about FF. I guess it was some open tabs causing the Seg faults12:23
onoderathat's still weird12:24
joacimI don't know much about your errors, due to no error logs, so I can only suggest hardware tests like memtest86+ to rule out your memory as the cause of your issues.12:29
joacimalso make sure all dependencies are installed12:29
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saptechmemory should be okay, I have Debian & Windows installed12:46
saptechlet me ask. Is there a difference in using prt-get install and prt-get depinst?12:46
saptech prt-get depinst would make sure depends are installed?12:49
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onoderasaptech: correct, prt-get install only install the package and doesn't even check for deps13:01
saptechok, thanks.13:02
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saptechwhat causes a footprint mismatch? I'm installing Midori and about 3 depends had it. I was able to figure out how to update them13:20
onoderasaptech: what's the footprint mismatch13:29
onoderaMISSING or NEW?13:29
saptechI can't remember at the moment, one was libsoup, i think13:32
saptechbut after typing, pkgmk -uf, so far the compiling has continued13:33
saptechI need to take better notes.13:35
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frinnstNEW errors are probably not really errors to begin with13:58
frinnstits quite common for software X to identify some extra library on the host system during the configuration process and link with it / add new functionality to software X using the library13:59
frinnstI just got this on my system while upgrading samba:13:59
frinnst=======> New files found:13:59
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/smbspool_krb5_wrapper13:59
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/samba/vfs/snapper.so13:59
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/samba#4.3.11-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:59
frinnstI have kerberos installed on this machine - the maintainer doesnt (and its not a requirement to use samba)14:00
frinnstso I have PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:01
frinnstnow, if you get MISSING errors you should pay attention. you dont want to be upgrading glibc and and get a MISSING on lib/ for example :)14:02
saptechonodera, I was using FF and switch to a virtual screen, open a new FF, then it Seg fault14:03
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saptechfrinnst, are you explaining to me or in general?14:10
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saptechit seems when I open FF with tabs, it seg fault. but if I open it without tabs, it runs14:13
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saptechfrom cli, I see this message in the terminal, "  Gtk-WARNING **: Error loading theme icon 'list-add' for stock: Icon 'list-add' not present in theme Adwaita"14:15
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frinnstsaptech: gtk errors/warnings from firefox are quite common14:20
saptechfrinnst, ok. But some reason FF has been Seg Faulting at times14:40
frinnstclean profile?15:09
frinnstI maintain firefox so im to blame :)15:10
frinnstrandom crashes or?15:10
saptechyes I installed Crux July 6 and since been trying to upgrade it but it doesn't complete15:15
saptechwhen I compile it, this is what I get15:16
saptechI have a 14 yr old grandson graduating from thd 8th to the 9th grade, I need to run but should be back in a few hours15:19
loungehi ,did anyone successfully installed kf5 lasma-dektop ?15:25
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pecgHello. I asked this many hours ago, but I wonder if anyone of you has an fully encrypted disk.15:25
pecgCurrently my configuration has an unencrypted /boot on a pendrive and a disk formated on luks with two lvm volumes inside.15:26
pecgIn order for this to work in crux I would also need an initramfs (or initrd) able to decrypt the encrypted partition of the local disk and then activate the logical volumes where / and /home reside.15:28
pecgI was wondering if I can build the initramfs/initrd on other distribution for it to be used in crux.15:28
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onoderaI'm writing a bunch of ports utils in fish, if anyone here want to check them out and maybe has some ideas op feedback, please tell me :)20:16
wildefyrit's fish ? :(20:20
wildefyrposix is the only way of lyfe20:20
onoderaif you want to be tied to old standards :^)20:21
wildefyrposix is an oldie but a goodie20:27
wildefyrsticking to it will make your life easier :D20:27
wildefyrfuck learn fish20:27
onoderaYou don't really need to learn fish, it's pretty much sh, but with a simpler syntax20:28
wildefyrbut sh is already simple20:28
wildefyralso does fish come installed by default anywhere?20:28
onoderaand It's not like I forget how to use sh/bash when using fish20:28
onoderaI don't care about portability, I write scripts for myself.20:29
wildefyrbut I can run my scripts anywhere...20:32
onoderaI can run my scripts anywhere where i have rootacces20:33
onoderasince I don't use any computers where I don't it doesn't really matter what language or dependencies I use20:33
wildefyrI have loads of my sh scripts on github20:34
wildefyrit's great knowing that these will run anywhere for someone on a unix system20:34
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