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Workstersaptech, be sure to also --install-scripts to prt-get for docbook-xsl or enable runscripts in /etc/prt-get.conf05:15
Worksterdbus has a system daemon and a user daemon which runs with the X session05:18
Worksterthe server side one runs with SERVICES=05:18
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frinnstCVSS3 scoring : AV:P/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H/E:H/RL:U/RC:C10:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: nasm: update to 2.12.0211:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: procps: update to 3.3.1211:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libnfsidmap: update to 0.2611:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libnl: update to 3.2.2811:03
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saptechWorkster, thanks for the --install-scripts info, sadly it still didn't help with the gvfs docbook.xsl issue12:40
saptechsomeone mention patching the Makefile but that is beyond my experience12:41
frinnstfucking wasps13:18
frinnsttook maybe 1hr before I dared to lock the door13:18
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saptechfor my gvfs issue, "prt-get update -fr docbook-xml docbook-xsl --install-scripts" did the trick. Thanks to rtlanceroad from github.15:29
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loungehi ,Im trying to compile qt5 and everytime i get out of ram and my wm becomes so slow i need to shut it down16:10
loungeI have 3g of ram16:11
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jaegerlounge: do you have a swap partition?16:22
frinnst3gb isnt that much when building behemoths like qt or firefox16:31
lounge@jaeger:I have swap ,i made it same siye of ram16:32
loungeor should i made swap size double of ram16:38
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jaegerI'm not sure how much qt5 takes exactly but it's definitely one of the larger ones. You could try temporarily adding a swap file to get it to build16:46
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joacimi like swapd. it'll create swap files on demand18:43
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koyaHow do you guys connect to internet while in CRUX installation media?22:18
koya"ip link" just show me, "lo"22:20
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frinnstmodprobe the driver you need22:26
koyayes, I do that22:27
koya"ip link" again, after modprobe my driver(b43), it just show me "lo", no other22:29
jaegerthere's no wireless firmware on the install media currently, we're discussing that for future versions22:30
jaegerif you have a wired connection use that22:30
koyawoops, my bad22:33
koyastill, i can't see my wired interface22:33
jaegerWhat kind is it?22:33
jaeger'lspci -k' should show what module it's using if it's already loaded; if not it should at least tell you what kind of device it is22:34
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koyai'll check the device, in a minute22:41
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saptechhi all23:00
saptechmy next main setup is my Brother AIO usb printer. I need to convert the Brother drivers from rpm to tgz format. I'm not finding rpm2tgz in the ports. Any suggestions?23:01
jaegeropt/rpm2targz or use bsdtar, perhaps23:02
saptechlet me check23:02
saptechjaeger, thanks. I was searching rpm2tgz23:04
saptechjaeger, have you heard of anyone getting a Brother printer working?23:05
jaegerI haven't specifically looked, I don't even own a printer anymore... with that said, the last one I had was a brother laserjet that worked fine23:07
jaegerI think I used hpijs and cups but it's been years23:07
jaegercheck the linuxprinting database for your specific model23:08
saptechok, thanks23:08
saptechit's not listed in the database...interesting23:10
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saptecha few years ago I got it working with SalixOS, it's based off of Slackware23:10
saptechmine is a Brother MFC-5440cn, I'm going for it23:11
koyaWhat i got from lspci -k is, broadcom bcm57780 gigabit ethernet23:12
koyahow do i know what module refer to it?23:17
saptechlsmod command will show loaded modules23:25
saptechwell my converted rpms2targz didn't go well23:26
saptechafter typing tar -xvf files, they installed in my working directory instead of /usr /usr/bin etc23:27
koyaIt's loaded, and still no interface for my wired connectiin23:27
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jaegerI think that's a tg3 card but not sure23:56
jaegerdoes it show up under 'ip a' ?23:56
jaegerer, sorry, not ip a, ip l23:57
jaegeror ifconfig -a23:57
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koyaRecompiling kernel with proper driver, i hope23:59

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