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brian|lfshey all you see skype devs have woken from the dead01:30
brian|lfsthere is a new alpha for Linux01:30
nogagplzisn't it just a frontend for the web version of skype02:36
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brian|lfsnot sure03:42
brian|lfsdidn't look it in the picture03:42
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z3brawhen 2 machines are on the same network, they talk with their mac address07:06
z3brawhen they are NOT on the same network, they use their IP addresses07:06
z3brayou can see the IP address as the city name, and mac address as the building name for example07:07
z3braMAC address is used "locally"07:08
z3brabut yeah, as specified in the comments, if the netmasks overlap, they might ping each others07:08
z3braalso, if the switch has VLANs configured, they might NOT ping each other, even if they are on the same network07:09
z3braanyway, never trust anyone07:11
z3braif someone come and say "host A can't ping host B", just try to ping them yourself07:12
z3bradamn, wrong chan07:16
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saptechjaeger, yes they are hosted on sourceforge, but the packages originally downloaded, libdv & faad2, are corrupt or didn't download completely.12:59
saptechI downloaded those pkgs manually and got libdv to install but gst-plugins-bad is failing to install. It looks like 4 lib related files have MisMatch Footprint error13:13
frinnstmissing or new?13:13
frinnstas said previously, NEW are not necessarily an error13:14
saptechfaad2 was showing as Missing & New13:15
frinnstthen you are probably missing a dependency13:15
frinnstcan you paste the output?13:16
joacimNEW is not bad. you can ignore those13:16
saptechbut it kept failing to install faad2 at the time13:17
joacimthere is PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW in pkgmk.conf13:17
saptechhmmm, ok13:17
joacimthere are no buts. just tell your system to ignore them13:17
saptechbut the files was corrupt also. I compared the original size with the one I download manually13:17
frinnstyes there are. im sitting on one right now13:17
joacimdid you change the md5sum before you installed the package?13:18
saptechno I didn't change it. the ones I downloaded md5sum matched the original md5sum13:18
joacimif the md5sum matches (the compile starts without complaining), your tarball is not corrupt13:18
saptechthe original download file sizes both were about 639mb, much smaller then the new one I downloaded13:19
joacimwhich file is 639 MB?13:20
saptechit was libdv & faad213:20
saptechlibdv is for the gstreamer good & faad2 was for gstreamer bad13:21
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saptech639 is what it is showing, I renamed the old faad213:22
frinnst880K maj  3  2012 faad2-2.7.tar.bz213:22
frinnstno md5sum issue for me, just downloaded it13:22
joacimlooks like you never clean out your old tarballs =)13:22
saptechI should have deleted it?13:23
saptech639 Jul 12 00:30, is the original download13:23
joacimif pkgmk/prtget does not complain about the md5, you're fine13:24
joacimnothing is corrupt13:24
saptech901043 Jul 14 07:55 faad2-2.7.tar.bz213:24
joacimunless you passed -um to pkgmk or something13:24
rmullWhat's the trick for building clang? I get gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-Wcovered-switch-default'13:25
saptechI got mismatch md5sum when I first installed13:25
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xeirrrsaptech, the sf is down13:26
saptechhere is the original install messages13:27
joacimjust did a simple pkgmk -do on libdv. no problem with the tarball here13:28
joacimthe md5 matches13:28
saptechwhat size is the libdv file?13:29
saptech639 Jul 12 00:30 libdv-1.0.0.tar.gz13:29
frinnstand thats not 639MB - its 639 *bytes*13:30
frinnstopen it up in an editor and see - its probably a html file13:30
xeirrrsaptech, fetch source tarball here if origin doesn't match
saptechxeirrr, thanks for that13:30
joacimf895162161cfa4bb4a94c070a7caa6c7  /usr/ports/sources/libdv-1.0.0.tar.gz13:30
saptechwhy does my show Missing and a new one?13:31
saptechit's from /contrib13:32
frinnstwhat you are telling us and then showing us doesnt correlate13:33
frinnstif you are downloading a 639 byte file you are not downloading the tarball..13:34
joacimprt-get depends <name of package you want to install>13:36
joacimare all your dependencies installed?13:36
joacimwhich package gives you a footprint mismatch?13:37
saptechgst-plugins-bad, is missing some packages13:37
saptechthanks for that last command13:38
saptechlibjpeg from libwebp are missing it show13:38
saptechjoacim, this was from the latest compile13:42
saptechI'm new at this and still learning13:42
joacimjust tell your prt-get/pkgmk to ignore those13:42
joacimNEW can be ignored13:42
joacimNEW rarely produce issues13:43
joacimthe compile just found more things to enable sincey ou have more packages installed than required13:43
saptechhmmm, ok13:44
saptechPackages installed gst-plugins-bad  prt-get: installed successfully13:48
saptechthank you all13:48
saptechyou guys made me have to THINK  :)13:49
saptechanother issue I'm having trying to get my Brother AIO usb printer working. for some reason, I can't get http://localhost:631/ to open13:52
saptechit keep saying Unable to connect13:52
saptechI depinst cups, I installed the Brother drivers13:55
saptechany suggestions why it will not connect13:56
frinnstare you actually running the cups daemon?13:57
saptechyes, I added it to Services13:58
frinnstand it is running?13:58
frinnstgrep for cupsd13:58
saptechlast time it was but let me check now13:58
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saptechfrinnst, yes cupsd is running15:37
saptechI had to do some errands15:38
saptechI also got the web interface to connect15:38
saptecha mistype in address bar...haha15:38
saptechbut setting up the printer, the Add Printer section is now showing the Brother "Make" listed in the window15:40
saptechConnection: usb://Brother/MFC-5440CN?serial=BROM5F412304 is showing15:41
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: llvm-32: 3.8.0 -> 3.8.122:20
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onoderaanother terror attack in france23:21
onodera60+ dead23:21

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