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nullspoonQuick question. I submitted my repo for addition to the portdb a couple of weeks ago. Haven't heard anything back. Not sure if I was missing something when I asked about it.02:03
nullspoonDon't want to press. Just wondering if I missed something.02:04
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rmullI think you can't build clang with gcc. Can anyone confirm? I usually have CC=gcc in my pkgmk.conf but I couldn't build clang until I commented it out and it used my existing clang to self build18:08
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frinnstrmull: i'd suspect clang would compile the first run with gcc and then bootstrap itself with the product of the first run21:50
frinnstgcc does the same iirc21:50
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frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/clang#3.8.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.22:38
saptechhello all22:46
saptechI created my first packages...yipppeeee22:46
saptechfor audacious music player22:47
saptechI had to create audacious player and then audacious-plugins. I did it separately, is there a way I could have done both together in one package?22:50
jaegercombine the build() functions of the two, most likely22:51
jaegerbut if they're separate packages/tarballs normally, I'd leave it that way22:51
saptechyes they are22:51
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saptechI will have to find tune it. When playing an audio file, after it's done, this message appeared22:55
saptechUnknown playback error (check the console for detailed error information)22:55
saptechterminal show this: Failed to find valid MPEG data within limit on resync. (code 28)22:56
saptechgoogle search said disable the mpg123 plugin, and that stopped the msg23:02
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saptechthat was kinda fun23:04
saptechI looked through some of the official ports pgkfiles as an example, along with the document section23:05
saptechwhat I don't understand is at the end of the, like this at the end of the Doc example pgkfile, it show this, "rm -rf $PKG/usr/info". How would I determine to add or not add it?23:06
saptechis it more like, trial & error to determine what to include?23:07
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frinnstwe dont include info and other "crap" files as a general rule23:23
frinnstits documented in the handbook i think23:24
jaegercheck out 'prtverify', too23:24
saptechwill do, thanks23:27
saptechreading handbook now and it mention about info files23:30
saptechomit them types23:30
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