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brian|lfssomething wrong with the crux repos?03:34
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koya_After try and, error, now i have working crux04:28
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tsaopi have a question07:25
tsaopif one would need qt5 to be upgraded to 5.7.0, how should I proceed?07:25
tsaopI was told that all current packages depending from qt5 will have to be tested against the new version07:26
tsaopbut how to obtain a list of such packages? would "prt-get dependent --all qt5" suffice?07:26
tilmani think so07:28
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tsaopif so, excluding my KF5 packages, the only returned result is "cutemaze"07:28
tsaopcontrib is enabled07:29
tilmanyep, seems that's the only one07:30
tsaopit does seem to work with qt5 5.7.007:35
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tilmanqt is known for very good backwards compatibility :)07:39
tsaopthat's comforting07:39
tsaopso, should i emali the mainteiner to request the upgrade?07:44
tsaopthe only patch needed is the one for qwebengine, which i took from the arch linux PKGBUILD.07:44
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koyawildefyr, i'm using fyre, my problem is, when i open firefox, and then change workspace, firefox still remain on background13:13
wildefyrkoya, you haven't assigned firefox to a group yet?13:15
koyaah my bad, it's ok now :)13:18
wildefyrlook at, you can assign stuff there13:18
koyaoh i see, it explain why urxvt always open on workspace 1.13:21
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wildefyrs for
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frinnstkoya_: did you have trouble with anything specific?16:20
frinnstand anything in the docs that might have helped you out?16:20
frinnst.. that was missing16:20
loungeis there any iso burn software available for crux ?16:37
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nullspoonteK_: Just sent you an email about an mpd update. Please let me know if there's a more preferred way to go about requesting updates from port maintainers. I'm worried I missed something when reading the crux contrib docs.16:51
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wildefyrnah email is the best way18:01
wildefyrunix guys always respond to email18:02
nullspoonPerfect. Thanks for confirming.18:11
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frinnstlounge: cdrkit is in opt19:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cdrkit: cleanups, manpage moved to /usr/share/man19:20
saptechI was wondering about cd/dvd burning software myself19:36
saptechI'm thinking of trying to package xfburn19:48
saptechmy next project, maybe  :)19:48
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loungefrinst: thanks20:31
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koya_@frinnst, Handbook is good, I just read it, and ask here21:04
koya_Article about crux installation on sudaraka, agentoss was help me out.21:10
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brian|lfsI see arch has the new skype alpha on the aur23:51
brian|lfsI shall have to rewrite the PKBUILD to work on CRUX at some point23:51
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