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jaegervsteve: probably p5-xml-parser00:02
vsteveyou might be right, I think I just got it sorted out with cpan XML::Parser00:03
jaegerwhich is exactly what the p5-xml-parser port installs, I believe :)00:03
vsteveoh, well then00:04
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vstevewhat is the significance of "p5"?00:04
jaegerperl 500:05
vstevewell...that does make sense, doesn't it00:05
vsteveI'm still baffled as to how I'm getting bus errors on chromium00:05
vsteveit's not my hardware...and it can't be the code...00:06
vstevebus errors are only caused by so many things00:06
vsteveI'm about to throw my hands up and chalk it up to a haunting00:07
vstevebut anyway, thanks again for the help00:08
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vsteveDoes Crux have a firewall running by default or any network settings that might prevent sshd from working out of the box?00:40
vsteveahh brilliant, thank you00:44
vsteveuhh...huh, should I be concerned I don't have /etc/hosts.allow  or deny?00:45
jaegerNo; tcp_wrappers got removed. Is sshd actually running?00:46
vsteveps -ef says yes00:47
jaegerThe default config is pretty generic and no firewall by default00:48
vstevehuh....wonder what I messed up now00:48
vsteveI can't ssh to myself either via or the ip on my network00:49
vsteveI just get connection refused00:49
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jaegerdoes netstat -na show a listen connection on port 22?00:50
vsteveoh it's my sshd_config00:50
vsteveI fixed it...ish00:50
vsteveman...I'm having a banner day00:50
jaegernot quite out of the box, then, I take it :P00:51
vsteveoh, well to be fair I tried it all on default settings (for sshd_config) and had the same results, so I went and started changing things00:51
vsteveand...arrived at the same results until just now, apparently ListenAddress need to be the ip of the port, not the network of the port00:52
vstevemy problem now is that I'm able to connect but I don't know what the default password is..and none of mine seem to work00:52
FaymThere's actually netstat?00:53
vsteveI don't have netstat00:54
jaegermaybe not anymore, hrmm00:54
vstevei thought netstat was a windows thing?00:54
FaymThat's what I thought00:54
Faymnetstat's actually in the BSDs, where it came from00:55
FaymLinux's netstat was pretty non-standard00:55
vstevewell either way, I'm past the connection level, I'm just derping something up with user accounts00:55
vsteveah ok00:55
jaegerss -l is probably what to use now00:55
Faym`ss -l -p -n`00:55
jaegerprobably no need to eval, though :)00:56
FaymNo, I just use the tildes to indicate that it's a command to run00:57
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vstevehmmm...weird...I seem to have sshd set up right, but still I can't seem to get my own password right01:02
vsteveif i'm logging myself into my own should just be my password I use normally to get in, right?01:02
jaegeranything interesting in the auth log?01:03
vstevestand by01:04
vsteve....would it be somewhere other than /var/log/auth.log?01:08
vstevebecause I don't seem to have that01:08
jaegerwell, what do you have in /var/log?01:09
vsteveah, there it's not with a .log at the end01:10
vstevethe log is only 54 lines long01:10
vsteveI found a section that seems to repeat with each of my failed login attempts01:11
vsteveit's 7 lines long, can I dump that here?01:11
vsteveoh...wait..I may not need to01:12
vsteveI think I've been restarting the service incorrectly this whole time01:12
vstevebbl, thanks again01:13
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brian|lfshey everyone02:30
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brian|lfshows it going02:30
brian|lfsI was getting swamped on a virtual ham radio program lol02:31
jaegergoes alright here, relaxing a bit02:44
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koyaDoes "prt-get remove [pkg]", remove pkg dependencies too, or just remove [pkg]?03:29
jaegerjust the package03:31
jawboprt-get is too nice :)03:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] jre: update to 1.8.0_10210:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: kmod: update to 2310:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pkgconf: update to 112:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] jdk: update to 1.8.0_10214:37
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rmullRomster: opt/ccache could use a bump:
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.6920:27
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