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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ccache: 3.2.5 -> 3.2.701:10
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brian|lfswow you all are so much exciting me tonight02:08
rmullIf you do a 'git rm' on an unstaged file, is it gone for good short of miracles with filesystem recovery utilities?02:21
rmullHow inconvenient02:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups: update to 2.1.409:53
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pedjaACTION puts flame resistent clothes on19:10
pedjaso, Pkgfiles.Tabs or spaces?19:11
abenzspaces so they can be edited in notepad too :)19:11
pedja"notepad, the most used attack the world."19:15
pedjaevery metasploit tutorial uses it as target for things, afaict19:16
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tilmanpedja: are you trying radv or whatever its called?20:32
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pedjatilman: 'radv'? sorry, I don't understand.20:38
tilmanwas just a guess. saw you chatting in #dri-devel20:39
pedjatilman: ah, that.I was chatting with mesa developer about libglvnd.20:39
tilmannever heard of it :o20:40
pedjacutting edge technology, my friend :)20:41
tilmanwhen nvidia publishes "vendor-neutral" stuff i'm a bit wary20:42
abenzjustified I'd say20:43
abenzLinuxWorks perhaps?20:43
pedjaAMD, Intel, mesa.all of them have plans to implement it.we'll see.20:43
pedja(almost) anything that has a chance to make a Linux desktop little less messier is a good thing, imho.20:46
pedjaif you don't trust Nvidia, trust the judgement of mesa developers :)20:47
pedjabut discarding the idea, just because it comes from big bad corporation, and based only on that fact, is stupid.20:49
tilmannah, i just have a grudge with nvidia ;)20:50
pedjame too.they haven't sent me gtx1060 yet, even though I praise them all over the intertubes ;)20:51
abenzI thought the RX480 pwned all ?20:51
pedjaabenz: according to trustedreviews, 4gb rx480 is better value than gtx1060.20:54
abenzany of you heard of or uses ?20:55
pedjanah, ddg ftw.20:56
pedjais rx480 supposed to be high-end performance for the price of the budget-ish card?21:01
abenzpedja: its supposed to be a game changer21:01
pedja'game changer' is just a buzzword.21:01
abenzAMD markets it as the "VR card for the masses" but VR isn't taken seriously just yet (I think).. most people are interested in how many fps it can do in 1440p and 4k21:02
abenzI meant a leap, remember the nvidia 8800 days?21:02
abenzthe performance to watt ratio is what caught my eye21:03
abenzfew months ago you'd have to get a 600/700 watts PSU for same performance, now the fanless 400 watts can do21:04
abenzas long as competition is strong its good for us the masses21:05
jaegerthe rx480 benchmarks lower than the gtx 1060 from what I've seen but it also costs a little less21:05
abenzintel is ripping people off, so I hope zen is at least relevant so they are forced to lower prices21:05
pedjaand that's why, altough I'll never buy AMD, I wish them luck.purely selfish reasons ;)21:06
jaegercompetition is good and I hope AMD can compete this time around21:08
jaegerthey've failed to spectacularly in the last couple generations of intel stuff21:08
pedjaIntel graphics on the Skylake chips is about 6 times faster than my gt64021:10
pedjathat's a nice perspective on just how far the tech is gone in a few years.21:12
joacimthose ?40 chips are really basic tho arent they?21:17
joacimjaeger: looks like it is a bit better on vulcan stuff tho21:18
joacimtho i've never really looked into the benchmarks. just seen the pictures people post21:19
pedjaheh, 50W less peak power usage for 50 $currency more.nice deal.21:29
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pedja(rx480 vs gtx1060)21:30
pedjaOpenGL/Vulcan benchmarks would be interesting, if someone sane like Anandtech does them.moronix doesn't count.21:34
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pedja4TB 850 EVO, 'Endurance:300TB'.what?21:37
pedja1500$.damn.there goes another kidney.(not mine nececerily)21:39
pedjaspelling?what spelling?21:40
abenz_I thought anandtech was known for being biased (nvidia/intel)21:41
pedjai haven't noticed, their 'first impressions' article on rx480 is rather positive.21:43
abenz_but.. the PCI power draw ;)21:43
abenz_gotta love the efficiency of new tech21:45
pedja390x, 430W on full load?damn.21:46
pedjathose cards are thirsty21:46
abenz_the r9 295x2, thats a 500 watts gpu21:48
abenz_I mean 500 by itself not total system21:48
abenz_a 300ish watt GPU with dual polaris chips would be a worthy successor21:49
abenz_but would consume the same power as an average card of today (28nm)21:50
pedjathe rule of thumb is, iirc, power draw of the system = 80% of PSU?21:53
pedja20% safety margin.21:54
pedjaand, if you live in Serbia, UPS.21:55
Romsteri own a UPS even i australia... bad weather, trees, cars hiting power poles. birds or other animals shorting out power lines. you never know.22:02
pedja:) Australia looks like a fun place to live22:03
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pedjahuge spiders, snakes, and other nightmare fuel22:04
Romsterabenz_, i've tried yacy back a few years ago on crux, it wasn't bad but the results and layout of the page was less than perfect.22:06
Romsterlol pedja more like cats possums birds than anything else22:07
abenz_I like cats22:08
abenz_they eat snakes and spiders and scorpions22:08
pedjathose are some badass cats.22:10
pedjamine prefers catfood from the store.22:10
abenzwhat breed?22:10
pedjaI don't know, to be sister found it on the street few years ago.22:13
abenzI see22:13
pedjashe is deaf on one ear (the cat, not the sister).probably because the car hit her when she was little.22:14
pedjashe is not very cuddly, and I have scars to prove it.22:16
pedjaawesome it is :)22:17
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