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jaegerjoacim: well, I've completely failed to put the watercooling kit into the mini-ITX case. I think if I shopped around for slightly-differently-sized parts with different mounting brackets and the like I could make it work but after spending like 4 hours on it today I'm giving up for now. I'm going to put the kit into one of my ATX boxes instead and maybe I'll revisit the mini-ITX custom loop in the future01:16
joacimthought about a watercooling setup for myself01:17
jaegerI'm definitely still going to use it somewhere, just not in that case. :)01:17
joacimget a new LGA2011v3 system, and a waterblock for my r9 29001:17
jaegerwhy lga2011?01:18
joacimwould probably have to get ATX tho, so i have enough slots for pcie passthrough and stuff01:18
joacimmore cores01:18
joacimcould do it on my current system, but i think more cores would be handy01:19
jaegerDo you make use of that many regularly?01:19
joacimmore like 4 for windows, then the other 2 for day to day crux stuff01:19
joacimor maybe another os x guest01:19
jaegerhow difficult is it to set up an os x guest these days?01:19
joacimi havent looked into it much01:20
joacimbut if it works well, it could replace my mac mini01:20
joacimwill probably have to keep it around tho,in case whatever udpate from apple breaks stuff01:20
joacimbut that mcases m1 is really nice looking01:21
joacimwant one, but i wouldn't have much room for what i want to do with it01:21
jaegerThe ncase m1 looks great but you have to be REALLY specific about parts that go into it01:22
joacimand i cant really find ATX cases as nice as that one01:22
joacimI wouldn't mind something like an old ATC 20101:22
jaegerthere are a few ATX cases I really like but obviously not everyone has the same tastes :)01:22
joacimbut with an updated front with no bays and 3x 120mm intakes01:22
jaegerFractal Design Define R5, Phanteks Enthoo Evolv and Enthroo Pro01:23
joacimpeople try to suggest r5 define and stuff, and they get way defensive when i dismiss it =)01:23
jaegerACTION shrugs01:23
joacimit's not for me01:23
jaegerI like it. Not everyone does.01:23
joacimworks great, just not for me01:23
joacimi forgot the make01:23
jaegerThe define S might be better in your case but if it's the style you don't like about the r5, that's the same.01:24
joacimthere is one case i like, but it has a side panel window, and i really dont want a side panel window01:24
jaegerI only mention it because it's the same but doesn't have drive bays01:24
jaegerso maybe it would fit 3x120, not sure01:24
joacimi'm more specific about vents and stuff01:24
joacimi want absolutely no side panel and top panel vents01:24
joacimno side panel windows01:24
joacimand no obvious gamer rice styling.01:24
jaegerThat really does narrow down your options drastically01:25
jaegerI actually can't think of any cases that fit that criteria01:25
jaegerThe front of that one is super ugly to me, heh01:25
joacimthat m1 is exactly what i want, and that 201 is great looking (tho old, with too many bays and only 80mm intakes)01:25
jaegerBut the lack of side/top vents is nice01:25
jaegerThe ncase M1 has huge vents on it, though01:25
jaegerAt least huge for the size01:25
joacimthe panels are also painted, so they scratch easily =)01:25
joacimi think the m1 has vents done right01:26
joacimmost cases have that one 120mm cutout on the side panel, which i think is a bit funny looking01:26
joacimtop panel vents should be an optional accessory with radiator mounts01:26
joacimif i made the case anyways01:27
jaegerSome people using the define series have replaced the side with the closed moduvent with another panel identical to the other side to get rid of it01:27
joacimi guess a case made for me propably wouldnt sell that well =)01:27
jaegerthough it'd be nice if you could select that option when buying01:27
joacimlike the windows, it used to be something you bought as an option, or made yourself01:28
jaegerIt's probably pretty hard to find a case without top vents these days since so many people want to put radiators there01:28
joacimthis one looks decent i think01:29
joacimbut i would like one without the window01:29
jaeger <-- even the case I'm using has vents, though they're tiny01:29
jaegeryeah, that's not bad01:29
joacimi dont mind those vents01:30
jaegerhere you go:
joacimi guess im not alone01:30
jaegerthere are 127 of you01:30
joacimonly 20 or so signatures during the last 6 months01:31
joacimdont think enough people care =)01:31
joacimi could just get one of these01:31
joacimand replace the 5.25" bays with another 120mm fan01:32
joacimstick it in a rack =)01:32
joacimi guess i could just get that m1, and keep using the mini for os x =)01:33
joacimi think i've seen miniITX LGA2011v3 boards out there01:34
joacimthey look even more cramped than LGA1150 boards tho01:35
jaegeryeah, you can get any socket on mini-ITX these days01:35
joacimis that a custom loop you're building?01:36
joacimhow much is it for all the parts?01:36
jaegerabout $300 for the stuff I bought. That doesn't include the GPU block yet01:37
jaegerIt seems really easy to go overboard fast with custom loops01:37
jaegerMy boss has been building one as well and he's over $800 already01:37
jaeger2 GPU blocks, CPU/chipset block, memory block, 2 radiators, pump/res01:38
jaegerjoacim: I started by buying this kit: - because it has the parts I would have bought but they're MUCH cheaper when bought in the kit vs. separately01:40
jaegerI didn't buy it from EK directly, though, got a slightly better price elsewhere01:40
jaegerAFK for a while, going for a walk outside01:42
joacimi don't overclock or anything, i just want quiet01:42
jaegerI'd stick with air cooling, then01:42
joacimand my cpu already runs somewhat quiet with my current cooler01:42
joacimits just my gpu being loud01:43
joacimso for me, i'd probably just get that + a gpu block01:43
jaegerYeah, that's what I intend to do, once I decide on the card01:44
joacima gpu block is cheaper than a brand new GTX 107001:44
jaegerI have a 980ti and a 970 right now but I'm selling the box with the 970 and the 1080 would be nice to go with my 4k monitor01:44
jaegersince the 980ti can't quite do 4k as well as I'd like01:44
joacimtho a GTX 1070 would last longer than my r9 29001:44
jaegerAnd use a bunch less power01:44
joacimyeah but then i'd have no reason to fiddle with watercooling =)01:45
joacimthink my cpu cooler wouldn't be as quiet anymore if i upgrade to an i7 6800k01:46
jaegerwhich cooler?01:47
joacimthis tiny thing01:47
jaegerah, yeah. It'd be fine at stock clocks, probably01:47
jaegerMaybe it'd be louder under high load01:48
joacimgot that after i saw how this one worked in my server01:48
jaegerI used to use an NH-D15 on my 2600k, that thing was a beast and silent01:49
jaeger <-- I use this now, it's in the same class as the NH-D14/1501:49
jaegerBut not poop-colored01:49
jaegerIt's the one I've linked pics of here before01:50
jaegerAnyway, AFK now :)01:50
joacimi just wanted something small01:52
joacimbecause reaching the connectors around the cpu socket is a pain with huge coolers =)01:52
joacimespecially on those that overhang the ram slots too01:52
jaegerone of my favorite newish coolers on the cheaper end of things is the Cryorig H7 specifically because it's designed not to interfere with RAM slots02:28
jaegerpretty much direct competitor to the Hyper 212 EVO02:28
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jaegerdeus_ex: is preacher good? saw some talk about it earlier04:07
deus_exjaeger: oh, yes.I was hooked by the end of the episode's slow burning puzzle, and some people don't like that, but I like the way the story is told.04:11
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brian|lfswell glad I looked new version of skype alpha for linux already08:57
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saptechhello all15:01
saptechI just noticed when I type the 'who' command it doesn't show anything. if I type 'w' it show "10:00:19 up 15:10,  0 users,  load average: 1.88, 1.71, 1.74" and some other header info. How can I fix it?15:02
saptechsame as root or regular user15:03
saptechI do not have 'info' command , is there a package I can install with other small utilities available?15:19
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saptechhere is the output from the strace I ran on 'who'15:43
saptechi'm not sure if it helps, I really don't understand it15:43
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saptechdoes this mean my username is a Zombie? "speden   19857  0.0  0.0   8988   832 pts/0    S+   11:12   0:00 grep Z"16:17
saptechI typed this command, "ps aux | grep 'Z'"16:18
tilmanit means you're currently grepping for Z16:22
saptechI noticed whatever I put behind grep would show it16:25
saptechshouldn't I be on runlevel 3 for graphical login?16:26
saptech$ who -r    run-level 2  Jul 23 18:4916:26
saptechit should be set to RL 516:29
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saptechhmmm, runlevel 3-5 are not used16:42
frinnstcheck /etc/inittab16:43
saptechthat's where I saww 3-5 not available16:58
saptechnoy used rather16:59
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abenzevening :)21:50
abenzin win10 there's some DPI setting so that stuff look readable on high res screens (eg 4k)21:50
abenzwhen I saw this on a friends PC I figured why not upgrade my very old monitor21:51
abenzfound a nice deal on a 4k monitor, but due to its size (28") I'm concerned about readability .. unless there's a way to increase size of everything like that DPI setting in win10.. any ideas? :)21:52
abenzcrux/openbox here btw21:52
abenzfrinnst: cheers! should've googled but wanted personal input on usability on linux!21:54
frinnstdont have any personal experience myself, sorry21:54
frinnsti think jaeger might have21:54
frinnst1920*1200 x2 peasant here21:54
abenzfrinnst: same :)21:54
abenzops, I meant fullhd x 221:55
jaegerI've got a 4k monitor for work but haven't used linux on it21:55
abenznot 120021:55
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rmullWooh, Linux 4.7 is out22:18
rmullAnyone upgrade yet?22:18
crash_i stay on LTS(4.4.x.x) :P22:28
crash_but stable!22:30
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frinnststill get 404'23:17
frinnstsilly cdn23:22
abenzi'm also on LTS23:42
abenzany groundbreaking new features frinnst ?23:44
frinnsthavent followed the development23:44
frinnstand the changelog I found was just the changes since the last rc23:45
frinnstwell, it booted atleast23:50
abenzI see23:53
saptechI should upgrade my kernel, still running the default one23:59

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