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rmullI wasn't able to build nvidia on 4.700:02
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brian|lfsI'm on 4.4.1300:52
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Romsteri'm on 3.18.34 i tried 3.18.37 but i got a OOM out of that... never had a OOM just compiliing xorg-server before. with about 20GB of swap over 5 disks and 8GB of ram.02:57
Romstergoing to try 4.4.1502:57
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.7018:03
brian|lfshey Romster you try the 4.4.15 yet I haven't got around to compiling it myself18:27
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frinnsti can probably guarantee that you will have 0 issues with 4.4.15 if you had no problems with the previos versions in that branch20:19
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jaeger4.4 is indeed pretty solid, it's mostly what I use21:54
Romsterbrian|lfs, i've compiled it but not rebooted for trying that yet22:43
Romsteri can say 3.18.37 is OOM buggy for me. while i'm on 3.18.34 and it's been fine.22:44
Romsterand 3.18.37 is a long term satable so i am not sure how to subbit a meaningful bug report.22:45
Romsterunless i setup remote logging or something?22:45
Romsteror look at lastboot logs22:45
abenzI thought you needed newer kernels for all the fancy docker and other new tech22:48
Romsternah docker is working fine here22:49
jaegermost of the things docker needs run in 3.10.x and up, I think22:54
frinnstfuck mongodb23:22
frinnstfuck it with a chainsaw23:22
teK_but gently?23:22
frinnstspeed is more important than consistancy? YES IT IS /mongodev23:23
frinnstnow for some angry sleep23:23

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