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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: getmail: 4.49.0 -> 4.50.001:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: john: 1.7.9-jumbo-7 -> 1.8.0-jumbo-101:58
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brian|lfsdid anyone have the new Chromium segfault during compile04:34
brian|lfsit did on me then I ran it again and it was fine04:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.1.104:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.1.104:36
jaegerI haven't used it, myself04:39
brian|lfshmm so after i update you update mroe packages04:40
brian|lfsis this patch Tuesday for CRUX04:41
brian|lfscan't believe that alsa is still the sound system of Linux04:42
brian|lfsI was hopeing the new OSS would replace it04:42
jaegerThere's no official patch day, we update whenever04:43
jaegeralsa is still pretty much rock solid and very featureful, OSS would have to be really damn good to replace it04:43
jaegerIf it makes you feel any better I had an ISO build running that I restarted after pushing alsa updates04:44
brian|lfsiso build of CRUX with OSS?04:50
brian|lfsI was trying to be funny about the patch Tuesday04:50
jaegerNo, the usual ISO build. Not related to audio in any way05:35
brian|lfsoh ok06:13
brian|lfshow do I point to 3.3 even though its not stable06:14
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frinnstRight. now to ssh to a live customer website (as root too!), dump the databases to disk so the webdevs can continiue to work..07:39
frinnsti love this setup. using the production site as a devel server (there are no backups)07:39
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frinnstwell, there are. Im rsyncing it daily. Dont get paid for that though07:40
DaViruzmaybe you can charge them atrociously high when they need the backup07:41
frinnstthats the hope when the web devels fuck up07:42
DaViruznot if, when :)07:42
frinnstmysqldump -u root -p07:44
frinnstpassword? no idea. Thankfully I can just look at any of the php-files where its used07:44
frinnst(all databases uses the root user)07:44
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frinnstdoubt anything can beat terminus 8px though09:23
frinnst11pt is just cheating09:23
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pedjaSourceCodePro ftw.14:02
pedjayay, no more patching fonts so vim-airline works.14:40
pedjaI had no idea that fontconfig has fallback strategy.nice.14:41
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pedja <-- C client for LE.15:33
pedjaonly dep for portable(non OpenBSD) version is LibreSSL.of course  :)15:35
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frinnstbecause C has the best trackrecord for security? :D17:06
pedjaI am sure someone will write LE client in Rust eventually :)17:27
frinnstactually iirc someone did19:25
frinnstor maybe not19:26
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pedjaRust is Mozilla's baby, maybe they should do it.20:06
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pedjais it some kind of law that any new language has a 'package manager'?20:08
pedjanode, rust, go20:08
pedjad/l random code from the Internet?what could possibly go wrong.20:10
pedjabut, since I am not the programmer, I must be missing the point of them.20:11
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pedjahm, I don't think Kali is smart choice as a  first Linux distribution...20:25
pedja'but, but, I want to learn to protect me'.riiiight.20:26
pedjaIsn't Kali, like BT before it, slightly broken OOTB, to make skiddies sweat a little?it's been a while since I used it.for science.20:29
pedjaI don't think mesa/xorg will work properly with libglvnd before they release 12.1/19.0 in a few months.20:43
jaegernvidia says glvnd support is still unfinished, so yeah, expect some breakage for a while, I think20:45
pedjaEGL support, yet another API/ABI change(?).20:46
jaegerEGL suppose is definitely brokenish at the moment but regular GL mostly works (tm)20:47
jaegerI think EGL works if both versions are installed but not sure20:48
pedjaGL works, if you use nvidia's xorg glx extension :)20:49
jaegerwell, that's no different from before20:51
pedjaxorg/mesa is broken20:51
pedjaxorg/nvidia works20:51
jaegeroh, you mean that using mesa3d with libglvnd installed breaks?20:57
jaegerindependent of nvidia?20:57
pedjayes.I tried just mesa and xorg, without nvidia installed.20:59
jaegersorry, I misunderstood21:00
pedjait's ok :)21:00
pedjaxorg looks for some symbols in libglx_mesa, which are now in liblgvnd's libGLX, so it breaks.21:01
frinnstjust buy amd already! :)21:01
pedjawhy? nvidia works just fine :)21:01
onoderaI'm kinda scared to buy amd, because I only ahve nvidia experience on linux21:04
pedjafrinnst: if you, in the moment of madness, buy nvidia card, I'll be more than happy to help you get rid of it ;)21:05
pedjapostage costs from .se to .rs can't be that bad21:07
pedjaonodera: I had a bad experience with ATI/AMD on some Windows machines years ago, so that biased my opinions on them.21:16
frinnstamd is just plug & play21:16 was about fucking time :)21:17
frinnstthough i havent used any new gpus with amd-gpu yet21:17
pedjaare you getting rx480?21:17
pedjawhat DO you have in that i7 machine of yours, anyway?21:18
jaegerit can't be as bad as fglrx was21:19
jaegerI hear the 480 is pretty good for its price now that they've fixed the power issues21:19
pedjaVBIOS update?21:19
jaegerdriver update, I believe. was a software issue, I guess21:19
jaegerI don't know the details21:19
pedjawhat's the AMD's version of nvidia binary driver?Catalyst?21:21
pedjaor is that for older cards?21:21
pedjaah, yes.the vbios update was for fans on some rx480.21:26
pedjathey were stuck on 60% speed, even at idle.21:26
pedjaZotac, Palit, something like that21:27
pedjanice of AMD to open source their drivers (amdgpu), but what is the amdgpu-pro?secret binary sauce?21:30
pedjaamd-gpu=nouveau, amd-gpu-pro=binary nvidia it.21:39
pedjaamd-gpu is much easier to spell, though.21:41
pedjaso, jaeger, are you moving to Canada, or what :) ?21:45
jaegercertainly considering it21:45
pedjacrazy person vs. the robot.not much of a choice.21:46
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pedjaI get all my american news from John Oliver and Samantha Bee, so I apologize in advance if I get something wrong21:48
jaegerit's ok, america is busy getting it even more wrong21:48
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pedjayou'll survive, we in serbia choose the lesser evil all the time.21:53
pedjaand look at us.21:54
pedjathese clowns don't have nuclear weapons, though.21:58
pedjaoh, well.we all have to die at some point, right?22:00
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pedjathe video of Trump walking to the stage, with R.E.M's 'this is the end of the world as we know it' blasting is cracking me up :)22:02
onoderaif one thing we have gained from this election, it's some amazing memes22:08
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pedjaACTION hugs his burns his arms.22:22
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pedja10 years.damn.22:23
frinnstHoly shit. just watched the first episode of "The Night Of" (HBO)22:26
frinnstfucking epic22:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: updated to version 1.11.322:46
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