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frinnstbest thing i've ever seen00:03
frinnst"Corgi races"00:03
frinnstcomplete with instant replays00:04
jaegerhaha, that's amazing00:06
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frinnstwhat an exciting final! it had everything! speed, action, drama, buttsniffing!00:09
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jaegertesting on my laptop... sure enough, some usb keyboard issues in the recovery mode00:27
jaegerbuiltin keyboard works, external usb ones don't00:27
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abenz_owners on other side of the track should stay a few meters behind the finish line03:22
abenz_not immediately behind it03:22
abenz_you see many races the dogs slow down to meet owners just behind the line03:23
jaegerI don't think any of them are really taking a corgi race 100% seriously :)03:25
jaegerI could be wrong03:32
abenz_.. and a chance to win 50 dollars..03:33
abenz_semi serious I guess03:33
jaegerfair enough03:49
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frinnstthe winner lady looks super-excited though06:35
nwegood morning guys!06:40
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nwehow are you abenz_ ?07:26
abenz_good thanks. you?07:26
nweIt´s okey with me..07:28
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frinnstACTION was just sent a zipfile with public AND private ssh-keys from a webdeveloper08:53
tilmanweb developer08:54
brian|lfshello all09:13
frinnstvery yes09:21
brian|lfsI'm very drunk09:24
brian|lfswhats going on frinnst09:24
frinnstteaching a webdev computer 10109:31
Romsterhonest mistake?09:40
frinnstI dont know, usually you make a decision to become a webdev :p09:59
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joacimsounds like even i can be a web      developer12:17
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wildefyrfrinnst, can you teach me webdev14:15
wildefyri need moneyz14:15
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cippp1i ask on #greasemonkey but no one respond, i have: var els = document.querySelectorAll("a[href='#player22']"); els[0].click();16:13
cippp1work with tampermonkey but not with greasemonkey16:13
cippp1any idea why?16:13
cippp1with greasemonkey instead of click browser go to url/#player2216:15
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jaegercippp2: no idea here, I know nothing about greasemonkey19:19
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: openssh: updated to 7.3p120:18
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