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jaegerI'm taking apart my GTX 980 Ti, woo00:48
pedjajaeger: cleaning it up?00:51
jaegerputting a water block on it00:52
pedjaoh, nice00:52
jaegerIt's amazing how much of the stock card is cooling apparatus00:53
pedjaI might be irational, but water cooling for a computer just looks...wrong..00:54
pedjaa disaster waiting to happen :)00:54
jaegerHave to be a bit careful, no doubt00:54
pedjaI get the appeal, and advantages, but00:55
pedjaI guess you are doing custom loop, and not using one of those OOTB solutions for newbs :) ?00:59
jaegera little of both, really. I started  with a kit, rather than an all-in-one, which is what I assume you mean by ootb solution... then I added the GPU block and extra fittings01:00
jaegerbecause the kit hard the parts I would have bought but much cheaper when bought in the kit form01:01
pedjayes, all-in-one, that's what I meant.01:01
pedjait's 3 am.time to sleep.have fun, jaeger and g/n01:03
jaegertake care01:03
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jaegerJust my terrible luck, the GPU block doesn't fit my card, despite being the proper part02:15
rmullJust switched from OpenWRT to LEDE. Anyone else?02:21
jaegernever heard of it, though looks alright02:22
rmullIt's an openwrt fork02:26
jaegeryeah, glanced at their page a bit02:27
jaegerI still use pfsense02:27
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Romsterjaeger, how does the ram get coled? by air blowing over it or heatsinked?03:14
Romsterand the dc-dc converter for the gpu core03:14
jaegerthe water block covers the same parts that the stock cooler did which includes RAM, VRMs, etc.03:16
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dxtrSo I am now running CRUX on btrfs on luks. It's working pretty good, actually!12:52
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joacimOrdered a PC Engines APU2C413:31
joacimshould be a fun router project i think13:31
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frinnstoh, awesome13:40
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joacimordered a bundle with case and power adapter. 150 euro13:41
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frinnstfrom ?13:42
joacimi'll probably have to pay another 50-60 euro once it arrives here13:42
joacimwould be cheaper from actually13:43
joacimabout 121 euro13:43
joacimbefore shipping13:43
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frinnsturl? im blind today14:15
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frinnsthm, the kit I found cost 185EUR14:17
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pedjaqt5 seems to break gst-plugins-bad build.this is getting annoying.15:29
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joacim141 euro before tax16:31
joacimsince i live outside of the EU, i don't have to pay german VAT or sales tax. whatever they're called in germany16:31
nwehello, does someone has ?16:38
nweshould you guys trust on and save the private key you generate there or save it on a secret place by your self?16:39
tilmanyou should generate the keypair on your own computer16:43
tilmanyou should have the private key yourself.16:43
nwecan I remove the keys and import my own gpg-keys?16:44
frinnstfirefox ........ diff:
frinnstprepare your compilers!16:45
tilmani'm talking in general here16:45
tilmannever store your secrets on any web service :p16:45
nwetilman: yupp I could :) then I will generate them on my own computer16:46
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pedjaFF release that breaks just 1 one of my extensions?Mozilla, you are getiing soft.17:16
frinnstwhat did it break?17:18
pedjarestartless restart17:18
pedjathe fact that I need a fucking extension to get the restart button is rant for another day.17:19
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tsaophello lads17:20
tsaoptried to compile firefox 48.017:20
tsaopapparently some of the configure options got deprecated and/or changed17:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] firefox: updated to 48.0.17:20
pedjatsaop: pro tip: always wait for frinnst to beat FF into submission before updating :)17:22
tsaoppedja:  # Remove "Firefox Hello" and "Pocket"17:22
tsaopso this build should enable e10s by default, from what I'm understanding17:23
frinnstnot sure, i've run with e10s since a few versions back17:23
frinnstMultiprocess Windows 1/1 (Enabled by user)17:23
tsaopfrinnst: are the fonts any different?17:23
pedjaif all your extensions work with it, iirc.17:24
tsaopi.e more blurred or something like that17:24
frinnstno, dont think so17:24
frinnstive run the rc's since rc117:24
frinnstbut i started fucking with my fonts this weekend so everything is already fucked for me :)17:24
pedjaMultiprocess Windows 0/1 (Disabled by add-ons)17:24
pedjaoh, well17:24
frinnstpedja: you can still force it iirc17:25
tsaopfrinnst: did you enable the new "revamped" Infinality they put upstream in freetype?17:25
tsaopI did and it looks decent so far17:25
frinnstcompile flag?17:25
tsaoppretty similar to infinality17:26
pedjafrinnst: i tried it, it breaks far too many extensions.I'll wait17:26
tsaopmanual patching as far as I know17:26
tsaopI'll paste the two patches17:26
frinnst2.6.4 introduced it iirc, 2.6.5 reverted it and fixed a compile bug for mac17:27
frinnstthat was the only change in 2.6.517:27
tsaopArch linux further patches the source to enable runtime selection of the subpixel hinting mode17:27
frinnstand yes, i do have that enabled (running 2.6.4)17:27
pedjaoh.2.7..0 will have infinality-like thingie.17:28
pedjawill it be enabled by default?we'll see.17:29
tsaopfor now I just defined: #define TT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_HINTING  217:29
tsaopand uncommented: +#define FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING17:29
tsaopin ftoption.h17:30
tsaopcan't complain with the result17:30
pedjatsaop: i am using {cairo, fontconfig, freetype}-iu from the just fine.17:31
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jaegerlame... my 3tb external drive seems to have died18:39
tsaopis it dead for good?18:56
jaegerIt seems to be. I took it out of the enclosure to hook it up directly via SATA and it still doesn't work19:02
tsaopdoes it spin up?19:03
jaegeryes. sounds like it spins at least19:04
tsaophead sounds?19:04
jaegerSince the drive seems to be the problem I might be able to put a 2tb I have into the enclosure and use that... but won't get any data from the 3tb19:04
jaegerNo big deal, the important stuff is backed up via crashplan19:05
tsaopit's ok then19:06
jaegerYes; just annoying.19:07
tsaopnow that I think of it, I never had an hard drive failing me19:07
tsaopthe old 1 tb drive i still have hooked up to this pc makes some weird clacking noise every now and then but it still works, despite being quite noisy19:08
jaegerI've had many fail over the years...19:08
tsaopi fired up the old K6 333 mhz prebuilt I built in 199- and it's original hard drive still works okay19:09
tsaop*I bought, of course19:10
jaegerLooks like the USB to SATA interface died, too. Or maybe its death caused the HD to fail, I guess that's a possibility19:15
jaegerI put one of my older drives in it and it's not working either19:15
tsaopthen probably it is as you said19:16
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dxtrI had to patch virtualbox to make it work with drm-intel-nightly20:01
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leetspete1Yeah, I mean, the top.  The first order was a variety pack, I think.21:09
leetspete1Damn, sorry, wrong window.21:09
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brian|lfsfirefox fail to compile for anyone23:54

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