IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2016-08-03

brian|lfsok what am I suppose to do firefox wants autoconf 2.13 lol00:01
jaegeryou're supposed to install it :)00:01
brian|lfsfrom where lol00:01
brian|lfs2.13 is old as shit00:01
jaegerindeed but firefox requires it now00:02
brian|lfsok so do we ahve a port of autoconf 2.1300:02
jaegerand if you look you'll find that the maintainer has already taken care of that00:02
brian|lfsah ok cool00:02
brian|lfssorry man was a long day at work00:02
brian|lfshope you take me as giving you a ahrd time00:03
jaegerI didn't take it any particular way00:03
brian|lfsok cool00:03
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brian|lfswouldn't autoconf be backwards compatible one would think?00:09
jaegernever assume where autotools are concerned, heh00:09
jaegerwould be nice but doesn't seem to be00:09
brian|lfsI usually use Chromium but tis good to have firefox installed also00:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: atanks: 6.1 -> 6.403:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-bad: disable compiling with qt5, seems broken03:05
cipppnice, i will try. since i tried 48 bin (yesterday) something is broken with openload , work with palemoon and opera. can be and my settings ...03:47
cipppmy settings, work with a clean ~/.mozilla . who know what i did04:06
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dxtrWhere should I send patches for ports? The maintainer or the mailing list? I have updated quite a few of them on my system.07:54
dxtropenntpd for example07:54
frinnstmaintainer mainly07:58
frinnstif its just a quick fix07:58
frinnstif your patch adds functionality and requires new deps etc the mailinglist might be more appropriate so people can comment07:58
dxtrIt's mainly version bumps07:59
dxtrI'm gonna update openssh soon too. 7.3 was released07:59
dxtrHas anyone gotten wicd and/or networkmanager to work?08:05
dxtrTwo patches sent!08:12
dxtrI have also created a patch for keepassx2 :p08:13
dxtrerr, s/patch/port/08:13
dxtrOh, according to the commit log openssh is already updated. My bad!08:15
dxtrIn fact I am already running it. I see the coffee hasn't taken effect yet08:17
dxtrBy the way, how would I go about creating an rc script for a daemon that isn't forking itself to the background?08:23
dxtrDoes that require special attention or is it just to do it like any daemon?08:23
frinnstworst case: &08:23
Romsterhome sweet home08:32
Romsterjuef sent me a list to update of ports08:33
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dxtrHmm, I can't build firefox 4.808:45
dxtrg++: error: /home/pkgmk/work/src/firefox-48.0/intl/icu/source/i18n/vzone.cpp: No such file or directory08:46
dxtrg++: fatal error: no input files08:46
dxtrcompilation terminated.08:46
dxtr 08:46
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Romsterhow many make jobs are you using dxtr ?08:51
Romsteri also have it already packaged too
Romsterthat's what i used too dxtr08:57
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frinnststrange, did you run out of space while extracting or something?09:01
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Romsteror ran out of ram?09:02
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xeirrrHi. Any software to manage todolist for linux user?09:04
frinnst portdbc search todo09:04
frinnstdevtodo                      vico           httpup sync devtodo09:04
frinnstno clue as to quality or usefulness09:05
frinnstlooks like a fork or something09:08
tilmanas long as you're only interested in "outstanding tasks" and don't care about deadlines etc it's alright09:08
tilmanfrinnst: not a fork, just the "official" v209:09
frinnst is written in go though09:09
tilmanyup, he went nuts after v109:09
tilmanC and XML to go and json09:09
tilmanhipster :p09:09
tilmananyways, the "legacy" version still runs great09:10
frinnstwell everything is better than xml :>09:10
xeirrrtilman, you run v1?09:10
tilmani recently tried to push lispy s-expressions as a xml replacement at work09:10
tilmanxeirrr: yes, 0.1.20 apparently09:10
xeirrrtilman, any improvement for productivity?09:11
tilmanyes, it helps me not forgot about stuff09:11
tilmanmaking your shell call "devtodo" on chdir is also nice to automatically print a related todo list when you enter a directory09:12
frinnstoutput it to motd maybe?09:13
frinnstthat would soon become very annoying i think :)09:13
tilmanmotd is only displayed on login though09:13
tilmani seldomly log in ;)09:13
dxtrfrinnst: Unless it's using over 200GB of disk space then no09:34
dxtrAnd I have 5GB of RAM to spare plus 2GB of swap09:34
Romster7gb in total not sure is enough09:38
frinnstbut unless he builds in a ramdisk (/home/pkgmk/work is probably not a ramdisk) he should not get that error message09:41
dxtrThat's not a ramdisk, no :p09:41
frinnstyou could try pkgmk -kw and then ls the file09:41
frinnstls src/firefox-48.0/intl/icu/source/i18n/vzone.cpp09:43
frinnstexits for me09:43
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tilmansomething's wrong with the breaker ... setup in my apartment09:58
tilmanswitch on desktop's PSU -> fuse blown09:59
DaViruz_seems more like a problem with the psu10:11
DaViruz_if its a literal fuse10:12
tilmanyou know, the ones you just flip back in again10:19
tilmannot sure how literal that is :]10:19
tilmanwhat's quite annoying is that i had to reboot my guruplug and beaglebone10:21
tilmanthey boot off tftp ;)10:21
tilmanwhich i manually set up on the desktop when needed :[10:21
frinnstwow your guru is still alive?10:22
frinnsthow many psu's have you gone through?10:22
DaViruz_mechanical breaker canfail10:22
tilmannot sure how many times i've told this before10:23
DaViruz_but its pretty damn rare10:23
tilmanfrinnst: i read about thermal problems very early on so i almost immediately ripped out the internal PSU and connected an external one10:23
tilmanalso replaced heat shield with IC heat sinks10:23
tilmanand put an old fan next to it10:23
frinnstglobalscale design ftw10:23
frinnst"FUCK Q/A!"10:24
tilmanDaViruz_: i can also blow the fuse when plugging in a laptop in the same room -- that's why i think it's not the desktop's PSU10:25
tilman-> probably something wrong with the circuit breaker10:25
frinnstyou might have something semi-broken attached to the circuit too - something using a looot of juice10:26
frinnstbut i guess you would have seen that on your monthly bill :)10:26
DaViruz_sure its a breaker and not a rcd?10:27
tilmani don't know anything about this stuff10:28
DaViruz_obviously ;)10:28
DaViruz_does it have a test button?10:28
tilmanwhat's RCD stand for?10:28
DaViruz_residual curre t device10:28
DaViruz_probably calles sometjing tjat translates to earth fault breaker in german10:29
tilman[some googling]10:33
tilmanmy breaker thing... has one RCD for the whole apartment and one fuse for each room (roughly)10:34
DaViruz_rcds are usually 36mm wide while a normal breaker is 18mm wide10:34
tilmanthe RCD has never triggered10:34
tilmanit's only my living room's fuse that's acting up/reacting to soemthing10:34
tilmanand it's fehlerstromschutzschalter (yes, i know) commonly called FI (as in Fault I) :]10:36
DaViruz_its a 5 eur de i e and a 10min job10:36
tilmanyou think it's just the fuse that needs replacement?10:36
DaViruz_assuming you dont have a bunch of heavy loads on it10:39
DaViruz_which seela unlikely in august10:39
tilmanno heavy loads10:40
tilmani'll call my landlord. won't touch this shit myself :p10:40
DaViruz_good idea10:40
Romsterum opk10:54
Romsterin firefox10:54
Romsterno idea what for10:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] curl: update to 7.50.110:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.4310:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sylpheed: update to 3.5.110:59
Romstertilman, unplug everything from that circuit, that runs off that circuit breaker, then turn the breaker back on observe it does not trip11:03
Romsterthen plug one thing in and see if it stays on11:03
Romsterslowly plug other things in until it trips.11:03
Romsterit has to one of them items that is faulty that has been recently plugged in or you exceed the amp rating of that circuit breaker.11:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: postfix: 2.11.7 -> 2.11.812:04
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dxtrWhen I am specifying sources in my Pkgfile, can I tell it to download a file and name it X?12:25
dxtrFor example if I am downloading two files with the same name12:26
frinnstno, no logic like that exist yet12:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libreoffice: 5.1.4 -> 5.2.016:09
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