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joacimcan't argue with that14:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 52.0.2743.116 and fixed identation20:45
onoderafree/dragonfly -bsd just got a very cool new port management tool21:39
onoderacalled synth, people might wanna check it out for ideas. It has a curses interface tgar shows pkg-compiled/hour stattus, does parallel configuring/building/installing21:40
pedjaonodera: I've used it.The developer is extremely quick to respond to bugs :)22:21
pedjaabout 15 min after I posted to the FreeBSD forum, I got a reply from him.Impressive.22:21
pedjaIt's written in Ada, iirc.22:24
pedjaI like the fbsd community, there is no 'you're doing it wrong, newb' attitude (if you RTFM before asking the question, of course) :)22:29
tilmaninteresting that they went with ada22:29
pedjatilman: there was an interview with him on BSDnow a while back.interesting guy.22:31
pedjaamerican DoD really likes Ada, apparently.22:32
pedjafor their critical systems22:32
pedjaNASA, too, iirc.22:32
pedjasynth and poudriere are cool.the difference is that synth is a bit easier to setup initially.22:37
pedjapeople sometimes forget that Linux wouldn't have existed if the infamous lawsuit never happened, or it got settled quicker.Heh.22:43
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][_R_][The SCO vs Linux one?23:34

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