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frinnst][_R_][: no the bsd compright case probably07:27
tilmanAT&T vs BSDi07:37
frinnstholy shit08:26
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tsaopfor the qt4 / qt5 / cmake problems wouldn't it be possible to use qtchooser?09:10
tsaopi.e. install qt4 in /usr/share/qt4 and qt5 in /usr/share/qt5 and letting qtchooser handle it all?09:10
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nwehello , I trying to compile httpup on a ubuntu machine, but I got this error.. any idea how I should fix it ?12:50
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tilmanremove -Werror from the Makefile13:02
nwehmm okey, I will try that..13:12
tilmandon't try13:12
tilmando or do not13:12
nweI did that :)13:14
nwebut know I got this
nweI have libcurl and libcurl-dev installed...13:15
tilmanwhat happens when you try to link like this?13:17
tilmang++ httpup.o fileutils.o argparser.o md5.o httpupargparser.o configparser.o main.o -o httpup -lcurl13:17
tilman(the order of arguments matters if you try to link a static library/archive)13:17
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nweit worked with  g++ httpup.o fileutils.o argparser.o md5.o httpupargparser.o configparser.o main.o -o httpup -lcurl13:19
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nwethanks alot tilman !13:19
tilmanhold your horses13:20
tilmandpkg -L libcurl-dev | grep so13:20
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tilmanwhat directory does libcurl*.so live in?13:20
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tilmanyou could try:13:21
tilmang++ httpup.o fileutils.o argparser.o md5.o httpupargparser.o configparser.o main.o -o httpup $(curl-config --libs)13:22
tilmani'd make sure it's linked dynamically, which i suspect is not what you have right now13:22
nwesure 1 sec13:28
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nwetilman: I run make so it build httpup.o fileutils.o argparser.o md5.o httpupargparser.o configparser.o main.o13:31
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nweand after g++ httpup.o fileutils.o argparser.o md5.o httpupargparser.o configparser.o main.o -o httpup $(curl-config --libs)13:31
nweand it compile httpup13:32
onoderadoes anyyone know hhow to read exfat?13:55
onoderagot it13:58
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libinput: update to 1.4.114:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cmus: inlcude themes15:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: redis: 3.2.0 -> 3.2.316:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: lighttpd: 1.4.39 -> 1.4.4116:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: xfsprogs: update to 4.7.017:01
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pedjaoh, the joys of dealing with bureaucracy (of course I googled the proper spelling, duh)17:48
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pedjai wonder how many beers would it take to persuade my admin friend to let me have a couple of gigs of space on one of his servers...18:02
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frinnstwhat do you need pedja?18:07
pedjafrinnst: couple of gigs of space to host the source for some of my ports, keeping them in the git repo is lame :)18:08
tilmanare those ports *that* special that nobody else is mirroring the tarballs?18:09
tilman.oO(PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS and usual suspects like gentoo mirrors)18:09
pedjagit snapshots, mostly.18:10
pedjaand 'git clone $foo; git co $commit'  is not ideal :)18:11
tilmani'd use "git archive" to create a tarball (without history) and host that18:12
tilmanalternatively, you do limit the history depth when cloning?18:12
tilmanstoring full history in those snapshots would be silly18:13
pedjagit_archive_all python script is pretty nice for can checkout and package submodules, too, if that's what I want.18:14
tilmanjust checking that you know what you're doing :]18:15
pedjaheh.I know just enough to be dangerous :)18:15
frinnstmsg me your ssh pub and i'll sort you out18:19
pedjaoh, thank you :)18:20
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teK_tilman: does git archive do more than git clone --depth=1 . ../software-1.0 && cd .. ; tar -czvf software-1.0.tar.gz software-1.0 && rm -r software-1.0?20:40
teK_Yes. rm -r .git inside  the new directory ;)20:40
pedjateK_: i am using this:
tilmanteK_: the _effect_ is the same, but it doesn't clone. you call it from an existing repo20:43
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tilmanteK_: though i think you can also use it to ask git-daemon on a remote end to do the archiving for you20:44
teK_k. so I learned something new today20:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libpng: updated to 1.6.2421:03
onoderateK_: oh btw, I'm running seamonkey aurora with system-cairo again21:24
onoderaand it seems to work just fine now21:24
teK_great but you probably mean to hilight somebody else21:25
onoderaerm let me check21:25
onoderaoh yes21:25
onoderafrinnst: ^21:26
onoderaI think firefox might build with system-cairo as well, my seamonkey seems to be using the gecko firefox 49 uses21:27
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frinnstbuilds, yes21:43
frinnstbut crashes a lot21:43
frinnstthey have patched cairo quite a bit iirc22:53
frinnstand i'd be surprised if they had rolled back those22:53
onoderathe LFS handbook says to disable cairo on seamonkey (2.39) as well22:56
onoderaso it seems like seamonkey uses (or used) the same patched cairo. Anyways, like I said, I've been using system cairo for the past week or so now, and it works absolutely flawlessly, with 0 crashes22:57
onoderathat's just on my machine though22:57
frinnsti'll give it another go with the latest beta later22:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: afl: 2.13b -> 2.27b23:31
saptechhiya all23:39
saptechdoes anyone here, those who live in the States, use google's Project Fi services?23:40
saptechI'm thinking on switching to it. I can get the Nexus 5x phone at a good discount also. I need a new phone23:41
frinnst5x is pretty sweet23:41
frinnstno idea what project fi is though23:41
frinnst<- swedish23:41
saptechyes it, sign up with PF and get it for $19923:42
saptechPF is google's phone carrier service23:42
saptechthe service sounds pretty good, it uses 3 different carriers for the best speed, Tmobile, Sprint & US Cellular23:43
saptechsome how it will find the best one for the area you're in and it works with wifi23:43
saptechplus you only pay for the data you use23:44
saptechthis sounds like a win win situation, at least for some23:44
saptechbut it only works with Nexus phone, 6p & 5x23:44
frinnstmine is a company phone. free is always nice :>23:45
saptechcan't beat free23:46
saptechwell one reason I bring it up is, the website say the phone discount ends Aug. 11, so I need to convince the wife I need a new phone that will cost $20023:47
frinnstouch, good luck with that :>23:47

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