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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: redis: remove port from PID filename01:20
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abenzpedja: handbreak ?04:00
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RomsterteK_, i have a fix for the start menu not working05:20
Romsteron windows 1005:21
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brian|lfsmien works just fien classicshell.net05:54
RomsterACTION moves the e and n keys on brian|lfs keyboard.06:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cppcheck: update to 1.7507:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spm: update to 1.4.607:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: glew: 1.13.0 -> 2.0.010:14
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: glew-32: 1.13.0 -> 2.0.010:15
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frinnstwtf. jaeger do you know if this is true?11:40
frinnst"P.S. Did you know that Oracle's EULA forbids you from benchmarking their stuff and publishing the benchmarks? There's a good reason for that."11:40
frinnstin regard to oracle/sun storage solutions11:40
teK_Romster: brian|lfs yeah.. I was asked to fix the new bar to behave like to old one any way, so I went with Romster: what's the fix?11:44
RomsterteK_, i'll post it tomorrow from work i don't have the command in front of me. It requires using power shell to reload the applets11:49
Romsterbut yeah if you do need the old style classic shell is the way to go11:49
teK_oh, interesting11:51
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teK_and yet.. "MS and their superior GUI" ...11:51
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frinnst<web developer> server is down. please fix12:00
frinnstturns out his dns servers are broken and just cant resolve the hostname12:00
frinnst90min on a sunday due to slow email responses \o/12:01
teK_sounds familiar12:02
teK_bonus points for involving another party contradicting the second party12:02
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teK_I havbe been wasting about three weeks with this method (i.e. my time got wasted by*)12:06
teK_I am part of Group a ordering Group B to do something. B said that C said they must not do that. After B  asking C again, C referred to group A to allow this activity. So A went to C to make sure everything is fine. C said it does not know anything about this topic.12:09
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frinnsti love when they dont tell you it's resolved12:35
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teK_I do too12:43
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joacimnobody does what i tell them to14:14
pedjaabenz: handbrake is also PITA to package :).Really nice for conversion, though.14:14
joacimends up with the other guy wasting 5 hours of his day on something that will never work, just because he refuses to listen14:14
joacimi usually have to do the thing myself too, + reverting the other guys changes :/14:15
tilmancold fusion?14:15
pedjaI wish every non-trivial app has a nice pdf instalation guide like Openshot.Life would be much easier.14:16
teK_joacim: let him fail prominently? :)14:17
joacimi usually let him be the one explaining to the customer why the computer still isnt fixed14:18
joacimI'm not going to come up with BS on his behalf14:19
pedjaintroduce hiim to BOFH excuse generator, perhaps?14:24
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pedja'solar flare induced increased botnet activity'.sounds legit.14:32
teK_I disagree14:41
teK_there are password managers and all passwords except my win pw that I have to change regularly are in there, so I pick ~25 chars length with specials chars casing etc.14:42
teK_for PWs not in there, I can always pick passphrases (!english sentences but mixtures of words/special chars)14:42
frinnstprobably directed for normal folks14:56
frinnstmost people can remember maybe 3-4 complex'ish passwords. If you force them to change every month they'll just start to add 1, 2, 3 etc after the original password14:57
frinnsti am horrible at remembering passwords15:01
pedjaomg, you are human, after all ;)15:04
pedjapeople suck at generating good passwords, and at remembering them, so pw managers look like an obvious solution.15:07
frinnstpasswdqc helps me generate rememberable passwords15:08
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ pwqgen15:08
frinnstfor example15:08
pedjabut, people are also lazy, or think 'who would be after *me*?15:09
frinnstpretty easily brute-forced though15:09
pedjasurmised asterisks train garters compacted berglund15:09
pedjaI tried something similar as a master passphrase for FF pw manager, and it broke :(15:10
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frinnstI generally use swedish phrases or sentances as passwords15:13
pedjaswedish looks random to me as it is :)15:13
frinnsta friend of mine works for the swedish police crimelap15:14
pedjayou could add swedish wordlist, and use xkcdpass.15:15
frinnsti've tried getting some info on how they do their work but he's pretty tight lipped :)15:15
frinnstthey use lots of gpu's and fpgas to bruteforce stuff15:16
pedjahashcat can use GPU (OpenCL), iirc15:17
frinnstrecently they had a suspect with some known passwords. so they bruteforced a master password with words & phrases he had used for other passwords (that they found unencrypted)15:17
teK_opsec is hard. (and starts way berfore choosing secure passwords)15:18
frinnstyeah, its not easy15:18
frinnstsince the human mind is so limited (atleast mine is)15:18
teK_grugq has very nice pieces on this, btw15:18
teK_well it's a question of infomring yourself and picking up certain habits, depending on your targets15:19
pedja'Use Signal.Use Tor.' <---grugq15:19
frinnstsignal is awesome15:19
pedjanobody I know uses it, though.15:20
pedjano stickers15:20
frinnstyou can still use it as your default sms app on your phone15:20
frinnsti have 4-5 contacts that use it15:20
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pedjait doesn't work so well on my phone.15:21
pedjaas a default sms app15:21
teK_I have more; also, WA uses the same protocol nowadays15:21
teK_because Moxie rocks15:21
frinnstdepends on the google services framework :(15:21
pedjahere, Viber pretty much rules15:22
teK_I liked this talk a lot:
teK_if you are into such stuff..15:24
teK_my coworkers only got hold of a foto of me because my wifey uploaded it. I ended up with 5-6 photoshopped versions of me including bad puns with my last name put on the wall next to me @the office15:24
teK_Romster still pays for putting his ping pong picture online :D15:25
pedjaping pong picture?15:26
teK_ask frinnst15:26
teK_he has a copy15:26
jaegerfrinnst: heh, I'd never heard that one15:28
pedjaBackblaze HD reports are always a fun read.15:41
pedjano data on samsung 1tb drives, but I already know that, if I don't backup them, and soon, the great pain awaits.15:47
jaegerinteresting... prologic's bot didn't log your swedish line, frinnst15:48
pedjait would be so nice that my dear government pays its debts in reasonable time (4 years, and counting)15:49
pedjajaeger: it probably thinks it's line noise, or something :)15:51
pedja40.000 applications for 650 internships at SpaceX.Damn.15:54
pedjaplaying KSP doesn't count as a plus, sadly.15:56
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crash_watched my nas smartctl now and the disks is crawling up to 45K hours :)21:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.1.222:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.1.222:24
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.1.222:25
crash_i thought i updated alsa someday i go on my machine :P22:26
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WorksterteK_, win10-start-menu-repair.ps123:51
Worksterif (!([Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal][Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).IsInRole([Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltInRole] "Administrator")) { Start-Process powershell.exe "-NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File `"$PSCommandPath`"" -Verb RunAs; exit }23:51
WorksterGet-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}23:51
Worksteror you can open an admin power shell and run Get-AppXPackage ...23:51
Worksterto fix the start menu and search box not working, this resets all settings for the menu and apps23:52

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