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lain__Hey, how's installing un uefi now? has it gotten a bit better?03:10
jaegerI'd say it's pretty straightforward but I've also done it a lot03:14
jaegerhave you read the UEFI page in the wiki? I'd say start there and if it makes sense or seems ok, that's a good start03:15
marakupretty painless, although grub's still meh03:15
lain__Alright cool03:16
lain__i'll do a bit of reading, thanks.03:16
jaegeryou could also test in virtualbox or similar so you can try it without destroying anything existing03:16
lain__Yeah that's what I was going to do first03:17
lain__I have vitrualbox installed already03:17
lain__gonna test it for a week or so before I commit.03:18
jaegercool :)03:18
marakualthough virtualbox for a source distro sucks (depends on your hardware of course)03:19
lain__Well i'm not to worried since crux already comes with the packages you need03:19
lain__I think03:20
marakujust hope that you don't have to compile something big! :)03:21
jaegerit's fine for compiling, in my opinion. I do so often... I do give any compiling VM multiple cores and decent amounts of RAM, though03:21
lain__Well i'm on an i7 so compiling times are pretty03:22
jaegerhigh five, i7 buddy03:22
lain__ACTION does the thing03:23
jaegerhrmm... in this room currently I have 8+8+24+4+8+4 cores to use :D03:23
lain__that's a lot of cores03:23
lain__i have 403:23
lain__i am sad03:23
maraku4 logical or real?03:23
jaegeri7 4790k, i7-6700k, 2x xeon something (mac pro), i5 laptop, xeon E3-1230, i5-6600k03:23
jaegerSorry, I'm counting *threads*, not cores, if we're being pedantic03:24
lain__oh whatever03:24
marakuoh jeez jaeger, distcc must be awesome with your setup03:24
jaegerYes and no, honestly03:24
lain__i'm not the type of person to insist that usb drives are actually called "universal serial bus compliant solid state drives"03:25
jaegerIt can really help sometimes but when it gets in the way it REALLY gets in the way03:25
jaegerI wasted a TON of time troubleshooting it when we were developing multilib03:25
lain__developing multilib?03:25
jaegerlain__: no worries, I just figured someone would come along and correct me so I did first03:25
jaegerby developing multilib I mean when the work to convert crux from 32-bit or 64-bit only to multilib 64-bit was happening03:26
lain__oh i understand now, i didn't know you were a crux dev. or something.03:26
lain__thought you were just a friendly dood.03:27
jaegerThere were a couple of crux users who did it before I got there, but it wasn't official until 3.003:27
jaegersome of both, hopefully. :)03:27
lain__my dream is to one day develop something neat.03:27
jaegerIt would be interesting to run the weekly ISO build with a bunch of distcc, though. I've never done that03:27
marakubefore multilib did you guys use chroots or vms? (I'm sorta new to linux)03:28
jaegerneither, really, if I understand what you're asking03:28
jaegerbefore multilib you either had a 32-bit system or a 64-bit system and you couldn't run the other on it03:28
jaeger64-bit could not run 32-bit binaries, etc.03:29
jaegermultilib allows a 64-bit system to run both03:29
lain__So you just had 2 different isos?03:29
jaegerSorta. The official ISO was 32-bit only. There were unofficial 64-bit ones03:29
lain__ah ok03:29
lain__if you don't mind my asking, how did you even get started with contributing to all this stuff.03:32
jaegerAfter using crux for a while, there's a good chance you'll make a custom port or two... after a while of doing that for things I used, I started to share them with others03:34
jaegerI've always liked to tinker with linux and I like to give back, whether or not anyone else uses whatever I give03:35
jaegeryears ago I used red hat and wrote some howtos for remastering red hat CDs or for installing on a sparc or using NTLDR to dual-boot windows and linux back in 1996 or so03:35
lain__and now I feel like a child.03:36
jaegerswitched distros a lot just to check things out and found source distros in the form of gentoo03:36
jaegerI was using gentoo when a friend told me about crux around 2001 or something like that03:36
jaegerBeen using crux mainly (but still playing with others) since then03:36
jaegerThe point of all that is just to say that I really like to play around with linux and systems so it evolved from that03:37
lain__yeah i'm the same, though the extent of my tinkering is just learning a bit of lisp and ..03:39
jaegerNothing wrong with that. :)03:39
lain__Anyways sorry to be annoying i'm gonna go sleep so I can work tomorow.03:42
jaegerall good, have a good night03:42
lain__thanks. you too.03:43
lain__whatever time it is over there.03:43
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jaeger <-- this is surprisingly well done04:02
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frinnstgod I hate this fucking i3 at work08:43
frinnststupid chromium has been building all day and even when i renice it, i still cant do proper work08:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.15 -> 1.9.1608:47
frinnstload average: 6.74, 6.74, 6.6908:48
pedjawhen I fsckup Pkgfile for a port that takes a while to compile, I remember Han's fork of pkgutils which had a --resume option.08:54
frinnstsomeone posted a resume patch to the devel (?) ml a few months ago08:54
frinnstthink it was alan08:54
pedjaany progress on that?it can be handy.08:55
frinnstnobody seemed interested08:55
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pedjadepupdate for prt-get and resume for pkgmk will be perfect.08:57
pedjaadd an 'r' to pefect, while you are at it08:58
pedjayes, pkgutils-reloaded, on crux-devel.09:00
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pedjaI am not OCD enough to be bothered with the fact that some ports in core and opt use tabs, and some spaces :) (at least on my machine).09:14
frinnsthehe same09:39
frinnsti think some of mine are mixed aswel09:39
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frinnstACTION can hear a colleague trying to explain how to open a browser over the phone09:59
abenz_when that happens what do you feel?10:05
nwe1. Open your terminal 2. type lynx 3. done :)10:05
abenz_I feel as a contributing factor to society. I never think less of people like that.. reminds me of when I met that mechanic, by putting his hand and feeling the engine he knew what was wrong! To him, I must be like that person on the phone asking how to open a browser!10:06
frinnsthe spent about 15 minutes before the customer gave up10:18
frinnst"open the start menu"10:18
frinnst"read the screen"10:18
frinnst"recycle bin, my computer"10:18
frinnstsoul crushing10:19
abenz_oh dear10:19
abenz_elderly I guess10:19
frinnstno, just a hopeless customer10:20
frinnstnobody can do anything. im surprised they can take care of themselves10:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: speex: 1.2rc1 -> 1.2rc210:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: aria2: 1.23.0 -> 1.25.010:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: tint2: 0.12.10 -> 0.12.1210:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: tcl: 8.6.4 -> 8.6.610:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: tk: 8.6.4 -> 8.6.610:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: warzone2100: 3.1.1 -> 3.2.110:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: x265: 1.9 -> 2.010:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: x264: 148.20160103 -> 148.20160808 enable 10bit depth10:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: opus: 1.1 -> 1.1.310:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libmodplug: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libass: 0.13.0 -> 0.13.210:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: fribidi: 0.19.5 -> 0.19.710:46
abenz_happy hour? :D10:46
Romsterjsut me being less lazy and updating stuff.10:47
tilmanpitillo: can you ask sepen "where is freetype update?"? :]10:52
pitillotilman: sepen is currently in Madrid, contact him by mail without problems10:54
pedjarejoice, my webkit-qt5 port works (for ' at least pyqt5 sees it' value of 'works')10:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libpng-32: 1.6.23 -> 1.6.2410:58
pedjathe real test is, of course, oneshot.if it works, good.if it implodes, fuck.10:59
Romsterwith the way qt5 goes....11:00
Romsterlook at it the wrong way and it implodes11:00
pedjapretty much :)11:01
pedjalike btrfs raid 5/6 code.or so I've heard ;)11:03
pedja'if you care about your data, don't use it.'11:03
Romsteri never went near btrfs i was paranoid to go to ext4 from ext3 for a long time.11:04
pedjaext4 eats some of the files on / every time there is an power outage.11:05
Romstereh... that sounds nasty what journal mode are you using?11:05
pedjawhatever is default11:06
pedjait's a small, 1.5Gb partition, converted from ext311:07
pedjaI never had any problems with ext3, though11:07
pedjathe rest of the system is jfs11:08
pedjayay, openshot lives.11:09
pedjaso I didn't fuck up webkit-qt, after all (one data point is good enough)11:10
RomsterThe default journal mode for Ext4 is data=ordered11:11
Romster"All data are forced directly out to the main file system prior to its metadata being committed to the journal."11:11
RomsterHowever, there is also the data=journal option, which means that11:11
Romster"All data are committed into the journal prior to being written into the main file system. Enabling this mode will disable delayed allocation and O_DIRECT support."11:11
Romsteri would set data=journal11:12
Romsteron your filessytem and see then if any files get eaten.11:12
Romsterit shouldn't it'll just revert to the older file if it hit a issue.11:12
Romsterand changes will be lost but you will have the older file intact.11:12
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pedjai'll try that, thanks Romster11:18
Romsterit's what i used on ext3 it's a little slower but safer for data11:20
Romsterpedja, also a UPS is a good investment.11:21
pedjaone of the small-ish APC's is on the TOBUY list for a while now, but11:23
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RomsterI got a cyberpower UPS it's probably cheaper than a APC but a well known company.11:31
Romsterat the time there were like so many brownouts it would reboot the pc all week long... then i went and got a UPS then the power went good again. but months later it saved me a number of times.11:32
rmulljaeger: Nvidia patches for 4.7 seem like they might be available:
rmullI don't have the chance to test, maybe in the next couple days11:55
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pedjanice one, better than the one from devtalk.nvidia, which just blindly patches the driver, no matter the kernel version.13:56
pedjaI'll stick with stable 4.6, for now.13:59
jaegereven 4.6 isn't stable for me sometimes14:01
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tilmanerror: The specified stream(s) 'best' could not be found. Available streams: 1080p60, 144p30, 240p30, 360p30, 480p30, 540p30, 720p30, 720p60, audio16:40
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loungehi ,where goes my own created package pkgfile into already known folders opt,contrib.. ?18:23
frinnstnot sure I understand18:29
frinnsthave you created your own port?18:29
frinnstif thats the case you can place it anywhere, really. just make sure prt-get (prtdir in prt-get.conf) can find it18:29
frinnstif you place it in opt or contrib it will be removed next time you update your ports tree18:30
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lain_I'm compiling a kernel, wish me luck.21:04
teK__configuring is the harder thing to do ;-)21:05
lain_Well it's only a vm so it's not that much work.21:05
tilmanteK__: 'make localconfig' makes it quite a lot easier though21:06
teK__not using modules and proud of it.21:06
lain_modules are ok i guess, if you're into that sort of thing.21:07
teK__except that vmware crap that was shoven down my throat.21:07
lain_What you don't like vmware having to have it's own kernel configs? it's so nice.21:07
teK__I would want the drivers be release within the vanilla kernel21:08
teK__and better tools building / up to datedness21:08
teK__I have to VMs with CRUX here. one has working copy and paste integration with the host, one doesnt. Guess which one is newer in terms of CRUX releases (!)21:08
teK__and this is not vmware 12.21:09
tilmanlain_: well, being able to unload and reload drivers/modules can be really useful. otoh not allowing modules can be regarded as a security plus21:09
lain_tilman, Well I get that but it's also easy to just compile it normally if you're just using it for one machine.21:10
lain_teK__, u should upgrade c:21:10
teK__I only enable modules for nvidia or vmware (or some crappy wlan vendor)..21:10
teK__I know.21:10
tilmanlain_: yeah, not having to be careful about which drivers are needed to mount / can help )21:10
teK__and downgrade because the newer VM uses a current 4.7 kernel21:10
teK__it's always the same for VM VMs21:11
lain_vms are dumb21:11
lain_i just buy new old thinkpads21:11
teK__this is on a corporate maanged windows machine21:11
lain_oh no .-.21:11
teK__Planning to put THAT windows in a VM ;)21:12
lain_good luck friendo21:12
lain_i'm having enough trouble trying to get competent he he.21:12
teK__the only issue is to get the smartcard reader work on linux + $BROWSER so I can use webbased apps from he Host21:12
teK__I have had that for a long time (15 years now?) ;)21:13
lain_had that issue for 15 years?21:13
teK__I have been learning for 15 years (I hope), yes21:13
teK__today: recoding a python script to shovel data in to redis with C because I suspect python to be slowish :-)21:15
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lain_that sounds like a lot of fun21:16
teK__the issue is, that I only have 256GB of RAM to store ~1TB of data in redis21:16
teK__the real issue is that the storing of this data changes once the buckets/lists I use get longer (also increasing storage needed in a non proportional way)21:17
lain_i'm confused again.21:17
teK__about what?21:18
lain_everything that you just said21:18
lain_how can you store a tb of data in 256gigs21:18
teK__well the 1TB of data is stored as CSV files and is somewhat redundant in a sense that for some (newer) records you only overwrite certain fields21:19
teK__and I am cheating while storing, example:21:19
lain_I get it.21:19
teK__IP addresses in those records a stored as strings21:19
teK__I am not doing this in the database. I store the binary representation which is much shorter, most of the time21:20
teK__same goes for ISO timestamps. I throw out the seconds, timezone info and store them as an ordinary UNIX  32bit int (as with seconds since epoch)21:20
lain_confusing but i think i get it21:21
teK__the pain in the neck is that I have to reimport everything to use the new schema, meaning there will be downtime21:21
teK__so I want it to happen asap. Thus I am trying to optimize the importing script :-)21:21
teK__and a few other tricks..21:22
teK__but yes. In general, it's fun and my side project, as I am on vacation :D21:22
lain_you could always write it in lisp c:21:22
teK__sure. I could also drive a rusty nail through one of my knees21:22
teK__but I am sure as hell won't because it sucks21:23
lain_Lol oh well21:23
teK__out of curiosity: do you like serial experiments? ;)21:24
lain_Yeah it's one of the only anime i like.21:24
teK__hence the nickname?21:24
lain_lain, nhk, and redline21:25
lain_that's about it.21:25
teK__I only tried lain but am really not into anime at all21:25
lain_I don't like most anime, my friend did but i never really got it21:25
lain_especially romance anime21:25
lain_though I do own the ghibli collection.21:26
teK__I have no idea ;)21:27
lain_but the only reason my nickname is lain on irc is cause it's my username for my fake root account21:27
lain_and i've never registered with freenode.21:27
teK__tek is taken :P21:28
lain_I could tell by the '__'21:28
lain_fhdfhd i broke crux again21:29
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onoderalain_: these three are my favorites as well21:45
onoderamy vhost on rizon is actually, from lain ;)21:46
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lain_that's amazing21:56
lain_also sorry for the late reply, I was walking to my burger place21:57
lain_also onodera is from punpun right?21:57
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