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lain_Hello friends, quick question. if i'm using efistub should I put my kernel image and map in /boot/efi and mount my boot partition there?01:07
lain_or does that all just sit in boot.01:07
jaegerThe kernel does need to be on the ESP when using EFISTUB; I don't think the map is required there01:18
jaegerI tend to mount the ESP at /boot/efi but it's not required01:18
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dxtrCan I tell prt-get that --prefer-higher should be default? I have a couple of own ports that have a version number higher than in {core,opt,contrib} but prt-get insists on installing those versions instead08:26
Romsterdxtr, yes in /etc/prt-get.conf or list your prtdir line above core08:26
Romsterdxtr, also what ports? and versions?08:27
dxtrkeepassx and vagrant for example08:30
Romsterdo you email them maintainers?08:30
dxtrlibva, libva-intel08:30
Romsteri know of libva i will do that soon08:31
dxtrI have it done already if you want it :p08:31
Romsteri did a bunch last night08:31
dxtrI have indeed emailed two maintainers at least08:31
dxtrHave not gotten a reply08:31
Romsterjust a version bump, nah not unless it requires patches08:31
Romsteror major changes08:31
dxtrThe version bump worked out of the box if I remember correctly08:32
Romsterflyspray if they don't respond08:32
Romsteryeah so i'll not have a issue just poke me if it's one of mine.08:32
Romstercrux bug tracker08:32
dxtrDo you have a url? :p08:33
Romsterit's on the site bugs08:33
dxtrRight now I have some ports in my "project" that I haven't even changed the maintainer on because it's just a version bump and/or changed configuration flags08:34
Romsterif they are public you better fix the maintainer08:34
Romsteralso try and assign the bugs to the maintainer if you can.08:35
Romsterthat i don't get it's already at 1.3.108:35
dxtrLike that?08:41
Romsteryes except prologic has retired and that is a orphan port08:43
dxtrI'd take it except for the part where I can't :p08:43
Romsteri was about to post that...08:44
dxtrI'm game for taing it08:44
frinnstRomster: you picked up pcmanfm, right?08:44
frinnstits still listed i see (cant logon to fix it from work either)08:44
Romsterdxtr, well if you got a ports tree that we can look over and email the contrib mailing list for being added to contrib dxtr08:45
Romsteryes frinnst08:45
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Romsteroh i better remove that off that page08:45
Romsterunless you are doing that now frinnst ?08:46
Romsterargh i goto edit it after logging in and i just get thrown to the login page again08:48
RomsterteK__, the https redirection is affecting the wiki again? ^08:49
Romsteror was never fixed?08:49
Romsterat least this time i can sign in and it says i am signed in.08:50
Romsterbefore it would not even sign me in08:50
frinnstcant logon from work08:52
Romsterwonder if anyone looking at updating pmwiki and all them modules.08:53
dxtrRomster: I don't actually have a serious ports tree right now :p It's mainly other peoples ports that I have version bumped and/or changed some configuration flags or, like the case of my own virtualbox port, added some of my own patches08:54
dxtrLike I had to patch a function in virtualbox to make it work with drm-intel-nightly08:54
Romsteri tend to grab anythng from 3rd party repos and use myself08:55
Romstermost of time it needs a clean up and bump08:55
dxtrYeah, but I haven't changed the "maintainer" on a lot of ports because I didn't do the bulk work anyway :p08:57
Romsterwell contrib needs more diversity and the orphons picked up or removed.08:57
dxtr"I'll send a patch sometime"08:57
Romsterwhat i do there is move the maintainer to the packager, if no packager exists08:58
Romsterand set yourself as the maintainer08:58
dxtrThat I could do08:58
frinnstor just remove the packager completely08:58
Romsterthough i think we re going to nuke packager lines in 3.3?08:58
dxtrWell, my "ports tree" is at
frinnstwe are doing away with that field for 3.308:58
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Romsterif you assign it to tek that is enough dxtr09:09
Romsterthey get notified of it09:09
dxtrYeah I know that. Or, well, I assumed that. But who checks the email more than once per day? :p09:10
Romsteri dunno09:10
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dxtrAlso, I love btrfs snapshots :D09:17
dxtrI have a (pretty rough) snapshotting script that I am running daily09:17
dxtrI'm considering making a haskell thing out of it09:23
dxtrWith proper configuration files09:23
dxtrbtw, can start-stop-daemon handle daemons that don't work to the background?09:27
dxtrThat just stays in the foreground and spits out its log messages to stdout?09:27
dxtrs/work to the background/fork to the background/09:27
frinnstyou can use -b10:04
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frinnstanyways, check the manpage10:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: irssi: 0.8.18 -> 0.8.1913:08
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john_cephalopodaHey. Does "prt-get dependent ffmpeg" list actually all ffmpeg-dependent packages or only the one that list ffmpeg as dep in the Pkgfile?17:29
tilmantry prt-get dependent --recursive ffmpeg17:31
tilmanif the output differs you know what17:31
john_cephalopodaThe output differs.17:33
tilmanthere you go17:33
rmullI am building a package that depends on c++11 being enabled in the CXXFLAGS. Am I allowed to append that to the CXXFLAGS provided by the user's pkgmk.conf?17:35
rmullIs there anything I should be aware of?17:35
rmullI mean, I know it'll work, but I'm asking about the user's expecations17:35
john_cephalopodatilman: Thanks.17:35
john_cephalopodaI should hang in this channel way more often :D17:35
frinnstrmull: a couple of ports modify cflags so it should be ok.17:39
tilmanrmull: of course you can do that17:40
tilmanrmull: users only care about having a working binary ;)17:40
rmullOkay, thanks for the confirmation17:43
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: iproute2: updated to 4.7.017:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: diffutils: updated to 3.417:58
abenz^ iproute2 footprint mismatch18:17
pedjaabenz: NEW or MISSING?18:20
pedjaI didn't get any footprint mismatch for iproute2, and I just updated it.18:21
abenzMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       sbin/devlink18:21
abenzMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       sbin/tipc18:21
frinnsthm was worried about that18:22
frinnstbut even my clean vm produced the same footprint18:22
frinnsttime to go digging through the buildscripts (joy)18:23
frinnstits safe to ignore btw18:23
abenzfrinnst: roger. just wanted to let you know. Cheers18:24
frinnstaye. thanks18:24
pedjaI wonder how many of my ports will be broken with gcc-6.1 from 3.3  :) (it's 6.1, right?)18:27
frinnstnot that many actually18:27
frinnstwell, I dont have *that* many installed. but other releases have been waay worse18:28
pedjareally?better than 5.x?nice.18:28
frinnstabenz: can you post the entire buildlog someplace?18:31
pedjatbh, ffmpeg or libpng update breaks way more ports than gcc ever did18:31
pedjarevdep stoppped complaining, finally (apart from usual suspects)18:33
pedja(because I actually forgot to add them to revdep.d)18:37
john_cephalopodapedja: True, I got problems with libav/ffmpeg all the time, never had any problems after any other upgrade (even kernel) though.18:37
john_cephalopodaKernel updates tend to fix things actually :D18:38
frinnstSeagate Nytro XP7200 specifications18:38
frinnstCapacities 3.8 TB, 7.7 TB18:38
frinnstSequential read 10000 MB/s18:38
frinnstSequential write 3600 MB/s18:38
frinnstSeagate 60TB SAS SSD Specifications18:39
pedjajohn_cephalopoda: when nvidia releases the driver that builds without patch, that's when I (usually) update the kernel :)18:39
pedjafrinnst: new toy at work?18:39
john_cephalopodaFile system usage statistics: / 458.2G, 10% used; /dev 8M 0% used; /boot 41.54M 79% used; /home 458.4G 11% used18:40
john_cephalopodapedja: Pah! I am using nouveau! I update when I want! ;)18:40
frinnstone device would probably cost a lot more than our entire SAN18:41
pedjajohn_cephalopoda: I have a rule: if I can't spell it, I don't use it ;)18:41
john_cephalopodaI might lose a few fps, but nvidia gave me so many problems, it wasn't worth it-18:41
john_cephalopodapedja: Noo woe. Now install it.18:41
john_cephalopodanvidia is way faster than nouveau but I prefer nouveau because I had some freezes on my hardware with nvidia in the past and when I run into problems with nouveau, I can just ask the devs. They are extremely helpful.18:43
frinnst<3 amd/ati18:44
john_cephalopodaI heard about problems with the official amd/ati drivers with some chips.18:44
frinnstthe closed drivers?18:44
john_cephalopodaNot sure which.18:45
rmullCan nouveau hardware-decode 1080p h.264 yet?18:45
frinnstnever tried those. why bother when the open drivers work great18:45
john_cephalopodarmull: Don't know. The only times when nouveau is noticable is, when the framerate is lower than it should be with my card. But I am no gamer, so it's okay.18:46
pedjaamd/ati = (more)grey, thanks ;)18:47
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frinnstwhy? I have 0 issues. Works better than the intel drivers I use at work18:47
john_cephalopodaI once used Windows ME and had 0 issues. :þ18:48
pedjafrinnst: no particular reason, I just prefer Intel/Nvidia.18:49
frinnstanybody with footprint errors on iproute2? please post your buildlog18:49
frinnstI cant reproduce it18:49
pedjanope, builds fine here.18:49
pedjaand now I am sad that something actually works on my machine18:50
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Builds fine here18:51
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john_cephalopodapkgadd: rejecting etc/rc.d/net, keeping existing version18:52
pedjaI have a similar problem with libcap-ng.Builds fine on my machine, weird footprint mismatch in clean VM.18:52
john_cephalopodaUhrg, gcc-fortran has a ridiculous build time...18:53
pedjait's lightweight, compared to webkit-qt ;)18:54
pedjastill better than building Firefox, though18:55
john_cephalopodaqt takes ages.18:58
john_cephalopodafirefox not so long.18:58
john_cephalopodaI think fortran is on qt5-niveau.18:58
pedjaCanadians sure know how to build some spectacular log homes.19:00
pedjaI would guess, Scandinavians too, but they don't have a tv show :)19:05
marakuI basically have the same thing as abenz, frinnst. sbin/{tipc,devlink} both missing in the footprint19:08
frinnstphew, managed to reproduce it19:13
frinnstthanks abenz & maraku19:13
frinnstifeq ($(HAVE_MNL),y)19:13
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: iproute2: updated footprint. Dont assume libmnl is installed19:17
frinnstyum. fucking love porter beer19:20
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pedjajdk just won't shut up, even after creating jdk in revdep.d.hmm.19:32
john_cephalopoda"Log homes"... I just imagined a house build out of system logs...19:36
marakudoes cmake-3.6.1 build for ya'll? I'm getting a problem with it not finding "/usr/lib/"19:38
pedjatl;dr : add 'export CMAKE_SHARE_DIR=/usr/share/qt5' before the configure line in Pkgfile19:42
marakuthanks pedja, although it should be CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH (from your patch) instead of CMAKE_SHARE_DIR19:51
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john_cephalopodaDoes anybody have experience with /etc/security/limits.conf ?20:20
john_cephalopoda@audio - memlock unlimited20:20
john_cephalopoda[john@metis ~]$ groups  -> sys disk mem wheel audio video cdrom input users tor realtime kvm20:20
john_cephalopoda[john@metis ~]$ ulimit -l -> 6420:21
john_cephalopodaI don't get it. Why have I got a memory limit when I am group audio?20:21
pedjamaraku: ups.sorry about that :)20:26
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pedjaI should probably fix that in FS, too.20:30
pedjathat's better20:32
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pedjaI really, really hate special snowflake go build 'system'.20:51
john_cephalopodaWhat's that?20:53
pedjathe way go apps are built20:57
pedja'look, there is a Makefile, so I should just type 'make', right?'.Wrong.20:58
pedja'sacrifice black cock, at midnight, at crossroads, when the moon is full' is somehow never mentioned in the README.21:00
john_cephalopodaYou forgot that the cock must be born on Friday the 13th or on a moon darkness. There is a whole industry based on producing enough black cocks. go boosts the economy!21:03
pedjai wonder what is Cthulhu's preffered computer language.21:04
pedjaPerl, probably21:04
pedjajohn_cephalopoda: Nah, that's for .NET apps.21:05
pedjaC# and friends21:05
john_cephalopodaWhen Cthulhu went to sleep an eternity ago, it chose a programming language. I'm sure it was either LISP or Plankalkül :þ21:06
pedjanever heard of that second one.21:07
john_cephalopodaIt was the first actual programming language, invented by Zuse.21:08
pedjaStross never mentioned it in his Laundry Files.21:08
pedjaIsn't Ada Lovelace the first coder ever?21:10
pedjanice name for a pr0n star21:11
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pedjaif anyone knows the proper incantation to build packer, I am all ears.21:39
pedja'go get'.well, that was easy.21:50
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lain_So I finaly have a bit of time to figure out things. I'm trying to get efi stub to work, I have the kernel compiled with the command line thing built in, but where do I find the .efi file that I tell efibootmgr to boot from21:54
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pedjalain_: there is an example of booting using efibootmgr and EFI stub at the bottom of it doesn't work?22:23
lain_No there's an example, but I don't know where the vmlinuz.efi is located pedja.22:24
pedjaahhh, now I get it.22:24
pedjait should be somewhere in kernel source, right?22:25
pedjawhere the vmlinuz is, or something22:25
pedjasorry, haven't played with UEFI, so I can't help you :)22:26
jaegerarch/x86_64/boot/vmlinuz, probably22:26
lain_oh right.22:28
lain_it took me a minute to realise all you have to do was rename the file22:33
pedja'Official OpenGL Nvidia driver 367.36.02'.22:34
pedjait's not listed in the usual places.wth.22:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libva: 1.6.1 -> 1.7.122:51
pedjatime to update to 4.7, I guess.
frinnstits probably backported already22:54
frinnstcheck the changelog of the stable kernels22:54
pedjanope, ack_limit is 100 on 4.6.523:00
pedjaand it should be 1000, if i am reading the commit correctly23:01
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pedjasysctl to the rescue!23:06
pedjaACTION adds Nitrokey Pro on TOBUYEVENTUALLY list23:08
lain_grub doesn't want me to have a nice time23:11
marakulain_: you should try using gummiboot, it's much nicer to configure23:12
marakuand isn't very bloaty23:12
lain_Is it included in the iso?23:12
lain_I don't even want to deal with bootloaders. I just set the timeout to 0 anyways.23:13
marakuhere's the distfile
marakuhere's the instructions (don't be scared by the systemd in the name)23:14
marakuthe config's about 6 lines across 2 files23:15
pedjaif systemd had a logo, it would be black hole, probably23:17
lain_uefi is hard :c23:18
marakupersonally, I think it'd be a steamroller23:18
marakubut eh, same thing really23:18
pedja:) that works, too23:18
marakuhehe, on the homepage, all the summaries are windows problems23:20
pedjaI haven't had the pleasure of using systemd yet, so all my opinions on it are uninformed23:20
marakuinternet explorer, then secure boot, then the pdf library(!), then office23:21
pedjanot to mention Cortana doesn't have an off button anymore.23:21
lain_i just keep getting dropped into a grub command line.23:22
pedjaoh, that is a 'feature'.23:22
pedja(Cortana, not the grub cli)23:22
lain_well both are, but only one is uesfull23:23
lain_it's cortana, obviously23:23
pedjathis vampire movie is making me hungry.23:25
pedjaand no, it's not Twilight.23:25
marakuoh right, that's definitely why I was worried23:26
marakunot the part about "making me hungry"23:26
lain_there's more than one vampire movie?23:27
pedjamaraku:  my fridge is full of tasty're safe :)23:30
pedjafor now.23:30
lain_ok i give up. no more crux.23:31
marakuno lain_!23:33
marakuI'll be keeping a watch out for you pedja.23:33
marakuACTION starts laying out the garlic23:33
lain_les lain!23:33
onoderalain_: a bit late, but yes onodera is from punpun indeed23:36
onoderamaraku: gummiboot is systemdboot now :^)23:36
onoderaliterally though23:36
lain_well at least it boots.23:36
marakuyeah, unfortunately, although gentoo still has the v4823:36
onoderaI like lilo23:36
marakuwhich is untouched by systemd23:36
pedjagive them time23:37
lain_is it dumb to just use bios because i'm too dumb to get uefi to work?23:42
onoderabios > uefi23:43
onoderaworks with lilo, doesn't need some shitty fat partition23:44
marakunot particularily, but uefi is nicer23:44
onoderafuntoo has (had?) some section in their install guide about bios vs uefi I'm pretty sure23:44
marakualthough you get 'full' gpt support with uefi23:44
lain_what's.. full?23:45
marakuand it's a tad faster (at least that's what I feel)23:45
marakuwell, with bios gpt doesn't play nicely, with uefi it does23:45
marakus/'full'/full :)23:45
lain_Well now I want to get uefi to work..23:45
lain_Would someone mind looking at this and giving me a sanity check
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nogagplzlooks alright lain_23:58

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