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john_cephalopodaexec i300:00
john_cephalopodagtg, bye00:01
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lain_Well x starts but urxvt and xterm won't..00:25
lain_Does anyone know why none of my terminal will start :c00:33
lain_I am00:33
marakustartx | tee my-terminals-are-broken.log00:45
marakuhmmmm, odd00:53
marakuwhen you kill x, there's a bunch of back log right?00:53
marakutry reading through that00:54
lain_Well I can start dwm, and openbox00:55
lain_but feh, xterm, and others don't work00:55
marakurip, how about st?00:56
marakuit's in contrib00:56
lain_let's see00:57
lain_is dumb.00:57
marakufrom the xterm readme, "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here"00:58
lain_xterm you silly goose00:59
lain_Would they not open because I don't have the required fonts or something01:00
lain_I installed opt, core, and xorg..01:00
marakuxorg should have the fonts you need01:01
lain_I think it does, maybe i just need to recompile the kernel while soaking my computer in the blood of my mother01:02
marakuACTION shrugs01:02
marakuno harm trying01:02
lain_firefox doesn't open either fhdkjsfhalkjshfdsalkjfdsa01:05
marakutype the following commands in your computer01:07
maraku$ poweroff01:08
marakuthen grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut01:08
marakuthen come back and try again in 5 minutes01:08
lain_-bash: poweroff: command not found01:09
lain_thanks for all the help today anyway guys01:13
lain_gonna pass out.01:13
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brian|lfs=======> Package '/home/pkgmk/packages/libxvid#1.3.4-1.pkg.tar.xz' is up to date.03:20
brian|lfsprt-get: updating libxvid from 1.3.2-1 to 1.3.4-103:20
brian|lfsusr/lib/ is probably a symlink not owned by a package and it's likely safe to pkgadd -u -f the package03:22
brian|lfsoh ok cool03:25
jaegerafter you do that it will be owned bu the libxvid package03:26
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nebghello everyone... what does the command "xhost local:localhost" does?14:34
teK__       xhost - server access control program for X14:35
teK__add and delete host names or user names to the list allowed to make connections to the X server.14:35
teK__from the man page. go crazy by saying man 1 xhost14:35
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john_cephalopodajack-audio-connection-kit from contrib is broken.18:43
john_cephalopodaThe version should be changed to the latest, then the download works again.18:43
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nwegood evening19:25
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pedjaok, admins and other pros, how do you backup gpg and ssh keys?off site, on NAS server, in the cloud, VPS somewhere ?20:41
pedjaI am curious :)20:42
frinnstnas on a separate network and luks usb disk20:47
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pedjafrinnst: how about veracrypt container?that should work too?20:55
pedjapaperkey for gpg keys20:58
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lain_my applications still won't start and I am angry21:51
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jaegerWhat error messages do you get?22:00
lain_I just got a "can't initalize psudo-tty, aborting".. Could I get a paste of someones fstab?22:01
pitillois your user in tty group?22:05
jaegerthat does sound like /dev/pts is not mounted or has wrong permissions or something22:05
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lain_there's a tty group?22:07
jaegerthere is but adding your user to it isn't required22:07
lain_well i'll try it anyways22:07
lain_urxvt now starts22:08
lain_i am22:08
lain_the happiest22:08
lain_now I just need to get wifi,firefox,audio,wmutils, and some other things working22:10
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lain_i am no longer happy, this is like, two times harder than gentoo22:40
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onoderalain_: also two times as fun22:54
lain_It will be fun once I get firefox to stop seg faulting all over itself.22:56
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lain_So when i'm trying to install iwlwifi-3945-ucode I just get an: Unsupported scheme 'file'23:11
lain_well, some other lines too, but that's the most notable23:11
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jaegercheck the readme in the port dir, it's one you need to download manually23:36
jaegerusually because of licensing23:36
lain_there's no readme in /usr/ports.. am I stupid?23:38
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jaegerspecifically the iwlwifi-3945-ucode port dir23:44
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