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Worksterrmull, why not just ask to be paid directly into your account?00:35
Worksterwhich they can either do at the bank or on the bank app on their phone00:36
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rmullWorkster: I kind of don't want to reveal my banking info01:25
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Worksterthen i guess insist on paypal or some other means01:47
jaegerrmull: someone sent me money via WU once and there was no trouble, but that's a very small sample size01:49
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rmullpaypal is reversible too02:49
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brian|lfsdownlaoding midnightbsd04:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: openntpd: 5.7p4 -> 6.0p107:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: keepassx: 0.4.3 -> 0.4.408:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: keepassx2: initial commit version 2.0.208:42
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dxtrin opt/ccache, why are you doing this: if [ "$(prt-get isinst clang)" = 'package clang is installed' ] ?09:05
dxtrWhy not just check the return value?09:05
dxtrif [ prt-get isinst clang ]; then ...09:06
dxtrThis has the added benefit that you won't have to upate the port if the string would change p09:07
dxtrI do ofcourse mean `if prt-get isinst clang ; then ...; fi`09:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: powertop: 2.7 -> 2.810:01
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wildefyrnever used powertop14:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sysstat: updated to 11.4.018:44
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saptechI like when you build pkgs and there is no problem19:49
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jaegerjoacim: still progressing with the custom loop builds... I'm finding it pretty funny to be watercooling this machine and running i3 on it :)22:05
jaegerstill waiting for a replacement GPU block from EK... been a couple weeks now and they're waiting for materials22:05
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joacimheh. thought you had an i5 or i7 =)22:06
jaegerIt is an i7. running i322:08
jaeger(i3 the window manager)22:08
jaegerIt just amuses me since i3 is so minimal and water cooling is so not minimal22:08
joacimoh i misread that22:08
joacimreading it again and it is obvious you was talking about software =)22:09
jaegerno worries, easy to confuse with the same pattern22:11
jaegerI'm still trying to get the right parts for the mITX box, too :)22:13
joacimmITX systems are pretty nice i think22:14
joacimstill want to get an ncases m122:14
joacimneed a nice mITX motherboard for my current system first tho22:14
jaegerI really like the M1 but it's too expensive for my tastes22:14
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joacimi love that it has 3 knockouts for expansion cards in the back22:14
jaeger is the one I'm using... it's large for mITX but still small enough to be fun22:15
joacimuse two for the GPU, one for serial ports =)22:15
rmullI have a Woah, that M1 looks pretty cool22:15
joacimyes i have that woah too =)22:15
rmullI have a Cooler Master Elite 110 case with a supermicro Atom board inside22:16
rmullI really like the supermicro board, but I have constant aggravating USB issues22:17
jaegerthat's a neat little case, too22:17
joacimfeat. my new cpu cooler22:18
rmullLooks good :)22:19
joacimmy server sits in this case.
joacimthis board22:21
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jaegerI always like noctua stuff22:27
abenzI do feel that the case fans arent as good in exhausting air though22:30 good as the much cheaper (very slightly louder) cooler master ones22:30
abenzhave you gents seen this:
jaeger <-- just eyeballing and testing the fan/rad spacing22:32
jaegerthe air cooler would come out when the CPU block goes in, of course22:33
jaegerabenz: yeah... hopefully AMD can be competitive this time around22:34
joacimthis i use as a stand for my desktop computer22:40
joacimmight use it for something useful one day, before it becomes a collectible =)22:40
joacimthe dell service tag isnt searchable anymore for some reason22:44
abenzdualie ?22:44
joacimdual 4 core xeons22:44
abenzI fancied a dual socket system22:46
joacimjaeger: looks pretty good i think.more options for watercooling in that case that in my bigger one22:46
abenzwith its assorted set of dual chipsets, lots of PCIe, huge memory bandwidth etc22:47
abenzsuch a system would be superb for one with lots of VMs22:47
joacimthink ill wait for release before i start thinking about getting excited about Zen22:49
joacimright now i'm just interested22:49
brian|lfsabenz, how you runnign windows for workGroups 3.1122:49
joacimhaving good motherboards available would be more important to me than some fractions in a benchmark tho22:49
abenzbrian|lfs: ?? how did you know? I'm a very nostalgic person22:52
abenzalso the system is soo old no one would bother hack it22:52
abenzjoacim: indeed22:53
brian|lfshow would you have a computer old enough to run it22:53
abenzgood motherboards make the deal22:53
brian|lfsyour webpages must look horrid22:54
saptechare python-libxslt1 and libxslt the same file? I have a pkg asking for python-libxslt1. I'm not finding it22:54
joacimbut you can run pretty much anything that can run with win9522:54
joacimso you could access the modern web22:54
abenzand any website for that matter that caters for "web" versions22:55
abenzlike those mini mobile website22:55
jaegersaptech: I doubt they're the same, usually python bindings are separate. Haven't heard of that particular one22:55
jaegerjoacim: my ATX machine (the i7) is looking good so far (in my opinion at least) but it's annoying having to wait so long for the GPU block22:56
jaegerLot more room to mess around in the ATX case22:56
jaegerGotta go to the hardware store again for more screws :) AFK22:57
joacimi'm thinking more cores would be nice to have, but at the same t ime i expect new things to be faster than my 2 year old i522:57
jaegerhrmm... I should move from xterm to some terminal that can copy URLs23:01
jaegermate-terminal does this well but when using i3 I don't have it23:01
jaegeranyway, AFK23:01
joacimurxvt has this thing for sending urls to your browser23:02
joacimmiddle click23:03
joacimbut i dont know if it has any keyboard driven options23:03
brian|lfsdon't try midnight bsd its crap23:14
brian|lfsit don't seem to come with crap and everything ahs to to be compiled no binaries and half the crap fials to compile23:14
onoderathat sounds nice23:15
onoderalike my kind of bsd23:16
brian|lfsif stuff worked23:16
joacimbeen curious about miros myself23:17
brian|lfscan't imagine what a clusterfuck gnome3 woudl be they have gnoem323:17
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jaegerlooks like urxvt's url selection is pretty good, that gets me half the way there. I'll have to find the extension for sending it to a browser23:34
joacimurxvt*perl-ext-common:  default,matcher23:35
joacimmatcher is teh relevant one i think23:35
joacimurxvt*url-launcher:     /usr/bin/firefox23:35
joacimurxvt*matcher.button:   223:35
jaegerhrmm, ok. cool, will look into that23:36
jaegerbrian|lfs: crux doesn't come with much and everything has to be compiled :D though I feel like we try pretty hard to keep things from failing in general23:36
jaegerjoacim: thanks for the tips. works well.
joacimheh. been at least 6 years since i've used urxvt day to day23:59
joacimand my config still works23:59

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