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jaegerAlways nice when something lasts a long time00:05
joacimmy xorg config didnt last that long =)00:06
joacimoh yeah. got my pc engines apu2c4 a few days ago00:15
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joacimcool little board i think.00:15
joacimodd choice of having the soc under the board tho. instead of on top where there'd be room for a heatsink00:16
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onoderafrinnst: can you update nss to .26 please?00:34
onoderanewer mozilla tools depend on it00:34
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Romstersaptech, opt/libxslt has --without-python and i see no libxslt python port. what requires this?02:39
Romsterjaeger, i am using sakura you might like that one.02:40
jaegerI'll give it a look02:42
Romstersaptech, libxslt-python Pkgfile03:08
Romsteri just made that03:08
Romsterwondering what needs it.03:08
Romsterlittle hackish i can't get it to link with just building the python component03:09
Romsterjaeger, i just right click on urls in sakura and open link03:09
jaegerWhat joacim suggested earlier with urxvt works great but I'll check sakura out when I get a chance, too03:10
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saptechRomster, I'm trying to build Plank panel and it needs bamf, which needs libxslt-python05:17
saptechRomster thanks for the help. the Pkgfile worked05:22
saptechI use and like Sakura also05:25
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saptechwelp, here goes plank. I have all the depends installed05:27
saptechcompiling now05:27
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saptechnot quite a success05:32
saptechplank was a success06:27
saptechgood nite all06:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nss: updated to 3.2615:10
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pedjaall this Android vulnerabilities, and yet, if I want root on the device *I* own, I must rely on some random Chinese software to get it.Nice.22:35
jaegerThe concept of owning your devices is slowly dwindling away22:37
pedja'dwindling'.I like that word :)22:38
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abenzyes that and the "cloud" phenomena23:18
Worksteri don't like the cloud. it might be useful to some but...23:19
abenzthere's no such thing as the "cloud"23:20
abenzits a marketing term23:20
abenzbetter than saying keep ur data with us ;)23:20
Worksteri know that it's just storing stuff on remote servers23:20
Workstertechnically a "cloud" is the wrong term, what does a cloud have todo with bulk data storage on a off site location23:21
FaymIt comes from network diagrams23:23
FaymWhere the internet is ubiquitiously represented as a cloud.23:23
frinnstmost people think wifi = internet23:24
frinnsti once was asked how we could have wifi coverage in our DC since its underground23:24
Worksteri get that too with customers23:25
jaegerwifi doesn't just fall out of the sky, you know!23:25
frinnstand my dad asked me why he would want fibre - wifi is the future!23:25

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