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joacimlooks nice enough =)00:23
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joacimI'd like to use rigid tubing, but that would be a huge hassle i think00:27
jaegerI like the way rigid tubing looks but haven't tried it myself00:38
abenznever looked at watercooling coz I like *relatively* maintenance free setups00:51
abenzworried fungus and stuff grow there00:51
abenzsuddenly find wilderness in my case00:52
jaegerIt does take a little maintenance but if you do it right it should be safe00:52
jaegerthe cooling stuff usually has a biocide or something in it to prevent algae growth00:52
jaegersometimes people use little pieces of silver00:53
jaegerdruid_droid: how did your new install go?00:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: monit: update to 5.19.008:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: prt-get-bashcompletion: update to 5.19 and fix source url (FS#1321)09:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cmake: fix build with qt5 installed (FS#1327)09:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lm_sensors: update to 3.4.0, fix source url and mandir location (FS#1305)09:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: i2c-tools: fix source url and mandir location09:55
frinnstjoacim: have you recieved your pcengines thingy yet?09:56
dxtrI think I have patched the virtualbox package to install stuff in a more sane location now. And use the system X libraries.10:29
dxtrAnd make use of $CXXFLAGS10:29
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joacimfrinnst: yes using it now11:40
joacimloaded up opnsense on it. found out i didnt care enough to do my own custom thing with a generic os11:41
joacimfreebsd has an issue with that boards usb 3.0 controller, so i had to use the internal usb 2.0 header to boot the install media11:42
frinnstim very interested in its capabilities12:00
frinnstits got coreboot firmware, right?12:01
pedjajoacim: which pcengine thingie was it again?I know you mentioned it, but I forgot.12:06
pedjaI am looking for something like that, pfSense box behind the ISP's VDSL modem.12:11
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penguinfanhow about Soekris ?12:27
frinnstlast i looked the hardware looked kinda lame and dated12:27
penguinfanfor me it works quite well12:29
penguinfanI have crux running on a 6501 (build it right on it as its intel atom based)12:30
frinnstnet6501 looks ok'ish. pretty expensive for what you get12:30
penguinfanand its running as firewall, router (with multicast IPTV) , webserver12:30
penguinfanyes that is true12:31
penguinfanits expensive12:31
penguinfanwhat exactly do want to do ? maybe I can help you with an alternative12:31
penguinfansomething small could be "hardkernel"
penguinfanbut its tiny12:31
frinnstme? I dont have a usecase for one12:31
frinnstbut it would be nice to find a good product that could be used as a firewall with ipsec12:32
penguinfanah was not you asking ;-)12:32
penguinfansorry about that12:32
frinnstthe hardware you get in even enterprise-grade hardware is usually a fucking joke12:32
frinnstit ought to be simple to build a monster for not much money but it seems its not12:33
joacimpedja: apu2c4.12:44
joacimfrinnst: coreboot, yeah12:44
pedjajoacim: thanks12:44
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jaegerfrinnst: another option would be something like
jaegerIt ends up being slightly more expensive since you need to add RAM and a drive but it's x86 as well14:10
jaegerI use one as my pfsense box14:10
frinnstACTION has spent the entire afternoon trying to find a windows 7 oem x86 swedish iso14:12
frinnstits soooo stupid14:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: vim: update to 7.4.222515:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups-filters: update to 1.11.115:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mutt: update to 1.7.015:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gvim: update to 7.4.222515:34
frinnstjoacim: url to the kit you bought please16:24
frinnsthm, found a swedish distributor. 2795.00SEK for a kit with 16gb msata16:40
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saptechhello all16:49
saptechis there a way to install just Libreoffice Writer?16:49
penguinfanyou can just install the writer, but the issue is that all of those apps use a common library which is huge17:00
penguinfanso no real benefit..17:00
penguinfancommon set of libraries, its all integrated...17:02
jaegerapropos of nothing, VSAN is awesome17:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: go: updated to version 1.717:25
onoderagetting a footprint error for go ^17:38
jaegerI don't get that here but I've seen it in the past. Not sure what in the build system causes it17:39
jaegerMay have to force permissions on them to avoid it in the future or something equally dumb17:40
onoderabuilding go on my vps now, I'll check if it happens there as well17:40
frinnstfakeroot involved?17:49
onoderayeah happens there as well17:53
pedjafrinnst: if you have a spare Windows machine, try this
onoderaerm no, I know I /really/ should use fakeroot but I can't be bothered to set it up17:53
onoderaill do it someday17:54
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saptechthanks, penguinfan. I read that also18:26
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joacimi got the ssd from dustin. some random 60 GB msata SSD from kingston18:45
joacimgot the nullmodem cable from dustin as well =)18:45
joacimorderer an usb - rs232 adaptor from amazon too, but the seller sent me a usb a - usb b cable instead =)18:46
joacimdon't know why MS killed those digitalriver links18:50
joacimgetting backup isos for windows and office used to be convenient18:50
joacimnow you have to mess around with logging in and registering your key to get office, and you have to validate your key to download windows18:51
pedjajaeger: i also get footprint mismatch for go, both root and fakeroot builds.19:03
jaegerThe same mismatch?19:12
frinnsthm, is that without ecc?19:16
frinnstyeah, seems like it19:17
joacimthe ssd?19:17
joacimor the board?19:17
frinnstno, 4gb models are ecc19:18
joacimi think the hardware supports it, but it cannot be enabled19:18
frinnstPart numbers apu2c2 = 3 i211AT LAN / AMD GX-412TC CPU / 2 GB DRAM19:18
frinnstapu2c4 = 3 i210AT LAN / AMD GX-412TC CPU / 4 GB DRAM with ECC19:18
joacimi didnt know there was a difference19:19
pedjajaeger: yes.19:19
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pedjaapu2c4, enclosure, psu, m-sata ssd ~280 euros (with customs and VAT).not too pricey.I like it.19:24
joacimprobably i probably paid closer to 240 euros19:25
jaegerI've built go three times now on a different machine and gotten 3 *different* footprint mismatches19:26
jaegerstupid build system19:26
joacim140 euro for the device itself. paid to have the package released due to customs, and bought an ssd elsewhere19:26
frinnstYour order has been received and is being processed.19:26
jaegerOddly it didn't mismatch at all on the original machine19:26
frinnst202EUR incl. shipping19:28
frinnstnow Im broke19:28
joacimassembly is a little fiddly19:29
joacimhave to do it upside down with the copper plate balanced on top of the chip19:30
joacimaluminium plate19:30
frinnst422EUR over budget this month19:30
frinnsttoo many impulse purchases :>19:30
pedjait's 202 euros, with s&h.10% customs, and 18% VAT on top of that.19:31
joacimi havent checked my account =)19:31
joacimi should be saving19:31
joacimbut i've done a pretty poor job at that19:31
joacimlive outside of the eu?19:31
joacimmight be a seller closer to you19:32
joacimand non-eu citizens dont pay eu vat19:32
pedjathis is serbian VAT :)19:32
joacimoh ok19:32
joacimwell i only paid 25% vat19:32
frinnstyeah i've gotten a bit crazy with purchases this year. but i've payed off my car loan and student loan and i have a nice stash of inheritance money remaining19:32
pedjainheritance?green eyes and serial sneeze.19:35
joacim4k over budget :(19:35
joacimand i have to wait a few more years until i can inherit anything19:35
joacimi could speed up the process maybe19:36
frinnstgot about ~6 months worth of wadges when mom died. dad is currently undergoing stem-cell transplant as treatment for multiple myeloma19:38
frinnstso might be more incoming soon'ish :/19:38
frinnstcancer is a bitch19:38
joacimmy motherh ad cancer 15 years ago19:40
joacimand now they found a cyst or something?19:40
joacimso i dont know19:40
joacimmy father is probably fine19:40
pedjaa friend of mine is at his second chemo series atm.scary shit.19:40
joacimhe smokes, but he eat less now and started riding his bike to work19:40
joacimelectric bike, but whatever. he moves more than he used to =)19:41
DaViruz_yeah, what's up with .txt..19:43
FaymExtentionless files confuses Windows19:46
pedjamy cousin had a baby today, and yet, I am not drunk.I suck at this family stuff.19:52
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tsaopI'm testing this powershell thing on a Ubuntu VM20:00
tsaopit does work, but I don't know the scripting language at all20:00
pedjaPS has pretty impressive help system on Windows.20:04
pedjaI played with it on 2012r220:04
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abenzcongrats on baby pedja. Not sure I follow how does that call to being drunk though? celebration?20:16
pedjayes :)20:16
dxtrYay I think I got LTO working20:28
dxtrI wonder how much stuff will break now :D20:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dbus: updated to 1.10.1020:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: glib: updated to 2.48.220:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: firefox: update 48.0.120:31
dxtrYou know what'd be neat? To add the possibility to say that "I want this port to be the same name and version as this other port but with its own build function"20:57
abenzown build funktion ?21:05
pedjadxtr: built differently?21:06
dxtrYeah, I often find myself duplicating a package but with different configure flags21:06
abenzif so then simply copy the prt's directory21:06
dxtrBut I still want to follow "your" version, so to speak21:06
abenzyou cant buy the cake and eat it21:07
abenzyou can however share it ;)21:07
dxtrI'm not sure if I want to spam the bugtracker with patches that might be worthless to most people :p21:08
dxtrAlthough I am considering sending in a patch for virtualbox21:09
pedjadxtr: try it, devs are pretty reasonable :).worst case they close the issue with WONTFIX :)21:10
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pedjaI'll be interested to see that patch, altough I rarely use vbox anymore.21:11
abenzwhat kind of "build functions" are we talking about ?21:12
abenzdo you have a paste somewhere?21:12
dxtrabenz: Pick a port, look in its Pkgfile, it has a function named build()21:13
pedjaI have more than 1000 of my own can get messy :)21:18
pedjaso am I slowly moving them to separate repos, ala FreeBSD ports tree.21:20
dxtrThat's my virtualbox port21:22
pedjaI was thinking of making vbox-modules a separate port.21:25
dxtrI don't quite see the point of doing that21:25
pedjaso they can be easily rebuilt on kernel update21:25
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dxtrThat'd mean having to deal dkms and stuff, wouldn't it?21:26
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pedjano, just bump the revsion number21:26
pedjaas I use only one kernel version at the time21:27
dxtrAlso, one reason I haven't sent in this patch is because vbox_ttm.patch21:27
dxtrThat's to get virtualbox working with linux 4.821:28
dxtrI'd have to make an ifdef and stuff :P21:28
pedjaI see that you enable hardening in the Pkgfile.Interesting.21:29
dxtrI don't see why not21:29
dxtrI googled it and I saw a lot of whining21:30
pedjaiirc, it broke vbox in the subtle ways before.21:30
dxtrHmm, okay21:30
dxtrSeems to work for me so far :p21:30
pedjathis was 4.x something, I am sure it's OK now :)21:31
pedjabut I mostly use libvirt/virt-manager now, so I don't really care about vbox.21:33
dxtrI'm not sure the vagrant boxes we have at work is adapted to !virtualbox :P21:35
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pedjawhat do you mean, 'adapted'?for the latest vbox or?21:40
pedjapacker, vagrant. that hashicorp guy is *busy*21:43
dxtrwhen you create a vagrant box you specify what provider it is created for21:52
dxtrAnd I don't have time right now to create a new one21:54
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abenzits official:
abenzit competes with Broadwell-E22:25
abenzlol AMD used cinebench:
joacimi dont know why that is funny =)22:29
abenza few days ago the Zen engineering sample benches were "leaked" and it showed poor performance22:29
abenzif they were true it would lose against a 6700k or something22:30
joacimseemed like their cpu was worse than a higher clocked intel cpu, and better than a lower clocked cpu22:30
abenznow the actual numbers are out and its much faster than what the leaks showed22:30
abenzjust a bit funny reading the troll comments online :)22:30
joacimbut caring about benchmarks before launch seems silly tho =)22:31
joacim8 MB shared L3 cache22:31
joacimso it is worse than a Core 2 Q9650 =)22:32
abenzso basically zen is a copy of intel, just like the old days22:33
abenzwith bulldozer they were a bit brave and creative22:33
abenzcant win against a company in their own game I guess22:33
abenzwin for us I guess :)22:33
joacimGuessing enabling IPv6 on my WAN interface does absolutely nothing22:38
abenzwhat did you expect? :)22:39
abenzfaster interwebz?22:39
joacimto be assigned an IPv6 address22:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: go: work around file modes bug23:41
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