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Romsterabenz, if i was you i would be looking at what is different with there make version and the patches they apply to make.01:08
abenzRomster: I was just looking at that!01:08
abenzmake on debian stable is 4.001:09
abenzcrux has 4.2.101:09
abenzthe problem is only in the cflags generation part01:09
Romsterso try an older make?01:11
Romsterif that isn't it i bet it's some regression that debian has patched or avoided with there cherry picking patches01:12
abenzit works on many other distros01:12
abenzincluding non linux, OSX for example01:13
abenzI will modify my port file for make and change to 4.001:13
abenzthen try compile and see01:13
abenzI dont foresee that breaking anything in my system, no?01:13
Romsterworth a shot, you might of found a bug in make01:13
Romsternope i don't either it's a build time thing01:14
abenzI don't think its make actually01:14
Romsterit'll either compile or not compile01:14
abenzits something in the logic of the makefile01:14
Romsterand if you wanted too use docker01:14
abenzfor those cross compiles, config and cflags are put in the target dir to prep it for compile01:14
Romsterwell then the Makefile might be buggy but it would be hard to find, did you try autoreconf if it's using autotools?01:15
abenzthe part where it "cat" the output to cflags gets messed up01:15
Romsterhave you tried make -j1?01:15
Romsterit might be a race01:15
abenzyes I did01:15
Romsterand i am guessing no difference01:16
abenzas you can see, the target program has a few variants01:16
abenzsee line 30201:17
abenzand the few lines below it, where it echos the generated cflags into a .cflags file01:18
abenzthats where the problem lies01:18
abenzI asked the maintainer of the package, he has no idea too!01:18
Romstertry old make first must be a issue with jsut crux by the sounds of it.01:20
abenzRomster: I'm doing that now in a clean crux VM01:22
abenzdon't want to mess up my main system01:22
abenzgotta love how fast crux installs01:25
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abenzRomster: compiling with make 4.0 .. hope it succeeds!01:51
abenzwill let you know in a minute01:51
abenzbuilding toolchain now then cross compiling01:51
abenznew VM has nothing so need to redo01:51
abenzkinda knew that.. its a cross compile. system tools are not used. if toolchain is successful that rules out system make02:17
Romsteroh right i keep forgetting it uses a cross compiler, that complicates the thing by 100 fold02:38
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: openal-32: 1.15.1 -> 1.17.204:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pidgin: 2.10.12 -> 2.11.004:04
abenzRomster: yea heh04:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ccache: clean up detecting for clang04:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: openal: 1.15.1 -> 1.17.204:12
Romsterabenz, not sure how you'll find that issue.04:27
abenzRomster: will keep you posted if I find anything04:34
Romsterabenz, cool04:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.16 -> 1.9.1707:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: protobuf-c: initial import07:17
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john_cephalopodaHey, firefox gives me "checking for autoconf... ERROR: Could not find autoconf 2.13"13:43
john_cephalopodaApparently 2.13 and 2.5 are incompatible. Firefox dependencies should contain autoconf-2.13 (in official repos)13:52
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frinnstit does14:13
frinnstit got added a few ff versions back14:14
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john_cephalopodaIt tells me that it could not find autoconf 2.13.14:56
paradigmHi! I'm working on a busybox-based script to automate setting up chroots for various distros, and I'd like to add support for CRUX.  When I use busybox's wget to grab (in order to get the mirror list), I get a 403.  GNU's wget works fine.  Any ideas why this would be?  I don't want to abuse the website by hitting it repeatedly when testing theories, or be misleading by playing14:57
paradigmwith user agents, etc, so I thought it best to simply ask.14:57
frinnstparadigm: talk to teK__ when he wakes up15:11
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: so "prt-get depinst autoconf-2.13"15:11
paradigmfrinnst: will do, thank you!15:11
frinnstprt-get doesnt install new dependencies automagically15:11
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I forgot that update doesn't re-evalute deps.15:14
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brian|lfsgood afternoon yay we got 70 souls in here16:43
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saptechhello all17:14
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saptechI can't seem to view some videos, while others do show in firefox-48.0.1. What am I missing17:15
saptechyoutube videos show okay17:16
saptechthe video in the link just show a black box with the swirly thing in the center17:17
nwesaptech: maybe flash?17:23
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saptechnwe, installed17:25
saptechI have gstreamer installed17:27
saptechi have gst-plugins installed17:29
saptechnext time I boot into debian I'll have to check to see what plugins it is using17:30
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frinnstprt-get readme firefox17:48
frinnstyou dont need to rebuild firefox, the docs are wrong17:49
frinnstI maintain a slimmer ffmpeg port than the one in opt if you dislike dependencies:
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saptechfrinnst, I have ffmpeg installed. what about gst-ffmpeg?18:07
saptechI'm going to install it18:07
frinnstno, firefox no longer uses gst - its even disabled iirc18:09
frinnstwhat does say?18:10
frinnsteverything checked?18:10
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frinnstI could play the url you posted just fine, btw18:12
saptechFF is showing these for what does this browser support. HTMLVideoElement, H.264, WebM VP8, Media Source Extensions, MSE & H.264, MSE & WebM VP918:13
saptechyoutube play okay18:13
saptechi'm not sure why that site is not working18:13
frinnstadblocker or something perhaps?18:14
frinnstyou could run firefox in safemode (without addons) to test18:14
saptechyes I have adblocker installed18:14
frinnstfirefox --safe-mode
frinnstshould work18:15
saptechlet me try18:16
saptechnot working in safe mode18:20
frinnstif you have heavily modified firefox it might be useful to try in a clean profile18:22
frinnstif that doesnt work im out of ideas18:22
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saptechnothing out ordinary with firefox, a few addons. I use same addons with other distros that work18:23
saptechi just disabled adblocker, no difference18:25
saptecha video on tried to play briefly18:47
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