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frinnstI dont get twitter01:29
frinnstI have these random followers for no reason what-so-ever01:29
frinnstlatest one: the chocolate rain guy01:29
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joacimi have john mcafee02:21
abenzdo we have a sed wiz in the house?02:23
abenzI think I almost nailed the cross compile problem02:23
abenzsed -e 's,-n ,,g' -e 's^$(TARGET_CFLAGS)^^'02:23
abenzits here somewhere ^02:23
abenzthe above produces different results on crux and debian02:23
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abenzno its not..02:48
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onoderahi, does anyone run 4.7?15:20
onoderawith nvida15:20
jaegernot I, 4.7+ is rather unstable for me so far15:21
onodera4.7 has been working great for me15:22
onoderabut nvidia doesn't build with it15:22
onoderaso now I'm in a TTY after updating again :/15:23
jaegeryeah, they take a while to update. there's probably a patch somewhere, though15:23
jaegermaybe on the devtalk forums15:23
onoderayeah there is15:23
onoderacould you maybe please do one thing for me? if you google nvidia linux 4.7, the first result should be a devtalk thread, the last post in the thread has a working patch15:24
onoderahowever, since I'm in a tty it's kinda hard to download, since it;s embedded in the thread, and not a simple .txt or .patch link or something15:25
onoderacould you please copy past it and upload it to some kind of pastebin like page, so I can wget it :p15:25
jaegerthe last post has a pastebin link,
jaegerthe post before it has a patch, though, if that doesn't work15:26
onoderaoh I missed that post, should work as well, thanks!15:27
jaegerno worries15:27
jaegerIt was posted 2 hours ago15:27
onoderathat's a weird patch style, it uses < and >, never seen that before15:30
jaegerIt's not in unified format15:30
onoderahow would I apply such a patch?15:34
jaegerdoes patch not understand that format?15:36
onoderait's saying patch unexpectedly ended in middle of line15:38
onoderaand only garbage was found in patch input15:38
jaegerdid you download the raw or the HTML?15:39
jaegerraw link:
jaegerIt's really short, would be easy to apply by hand if patch is failing15:40
onoderaI downloaded the raw yeah15:40
jaeger <-- there's the one from the previous post15:40
jaegerno problem15:47
frinnsthm. what's a fair price for a domain?16:02
frinnstsome art gallery wants to buy one of mine16:02
tilmana million USD16:03
frinnstI dont think they have that kind of budget :-)16:03
frinnst100EUR? 200EUR?16:03
tilman999 SEK16:03
tilmanhow much money are you currently earning using that domain? ;>16:04
frinnsti've had the domain for 12 years so its pretty much work to do to migrate off it16:04
frinnstlots of mailinglists and other cruft16:04
tilmandon't bother then :]16:05
frinnsti wonder if the gallery will be for crap art or something. "" translates to unwell / not good or something similar16:05
jaegerperhaps they're just being honest16:10
onodera frinnst WHYY so expensive16:11
onoderaI got mine for 99c, lol16:11
onoderaI'm very cheap though16:11
jaegerwe got offered quite a lot for once years ago but didn't want to sell it16:11
onoderait's a shame all common or short word domains are squated nowadays16:12
frinnst200EUR is expensive? i still use the domain and there are lots of pointers to it and loads of mailinglists to change my subscription to16:13
frinnstwill require a few hours to move stuff from it16:13
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jaegeranother option is to keep it16:13
tilmanfrinnst: nah, he's comparing spending 200 eur on a hobby vs spending 200 eur on a business ;)16:14
frinnstyeah but I dont *really* use it and if someone else might make good use of it i'd like them to have it16:14
jaegerMaybe ask for what you'd get paid for the hours it takes to migrate?16:15
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onoderain x again ~16:16
frinnstyeah I told her i'd expect a few hours for the work. 200EUR would be cheap16:17
jaegeron the other side of the coin, could be a change to get a whole new domain and change pace :)16:21
frinnstyep :>16:21
frinnstalso interesting to see what will happen with it. She seems to be a pretty successful photographer16:22
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pedjaonodera: I am running 4.7.1 with nvidia (patched 367.35)17:05
pedjano problems, afaict17:07
pedjaOOM killer likes to reap random Chrome tabs from time to time, though.17:08
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pedjait started with 4.7.x :)17:09
pedjaonodera: this is the patch I am using
druid_droidI have a problem with my X, it starts without keyboard, only solution is shutdown on power,17:29
druid_droidif I run Xorg -configure says no devices to configure17:29
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onoderadruid_droid: do you have xkeyboard-config and evdev installed17:31
druid_droidonly missing one evdev related to X, will install17:33
druid_droiderror continues, I will search on net17:37
jaegerdo you have CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV enabled in your kernel?17:38
druid_droidInput is fine :) thanks17:43
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: diffutils: updated to 3.519:00
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