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abenzHi Romster00:42
abenzI'll tell you what I did, I copied the debian generated cflags file, adjusted paths and compiled, it worked00:42
abenznasty hack but hey00:42
abenzit works :)00:43
Workstercould you do a diff on the crux generated file and the debian one?00:44
abenzWorkster: debian generated:
Worksterhow does that differ to crux?00:48
abenzI'm generating crux's now one sec pls00:49
Worksteri would report this to that project too.00:49
Worksterit'll make it closer to find a solution.00:49
Workster they can test with this if they wish too.00:49
abenzhere's crux's:
abenzI'm sure you can see why I didnt need to use diff :)00:50
abenzWorkster: I did actually. They said it works in many distros and OSX, something in your environment.. heh00:50
Workstera problem with our sed ?00:51
abenzno, its just how the makefile is parsed00:51
abenzthe sed command is pretty trivial00:51
abenzsee line 314 to 318 , these are the lines that generate the .cflags file00:52
Worksterso if you grab the contents of that and echo it though sed it comes out correctly?00:53
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abenzin debian yes, in crux as you saw in the paste, not only its not complete but first "-I" is the only one and repeated twice (without space)00:55
jaegerI wonder if it's using some kind of script we don't have in crux like lsb-release or similar to find information on the debian system00:57
Worksterthat's a good possibility jaeger00:59
Worksterdon't suppose you can strace that build01:00
abenzjaeger: that would have to be on OSX too01:03
jaegernot if they make some special concession or different checks on linux01:04
jaegerIt could be that they assume if it's linux you have whatever01:04
jaegerThis is all speculation anyway01:04
jaegerstrace it and see if there's any "command not found" or similar in the output01:04
Workstercommand not found doesn't necessary mean it'll fail either, as with multiple checks.01:07
jaegeryeah, though it's one possible thing for which to look01:11
abenzI just did an strace01:16
abenznot much use unfortunately01:19
abenzthe messages don't seem to show anything useful01:20
abenzunless I'm not using it correctly..01:20
abenzor possibly all the buildroot abstractions ?01:20
jaegerAh well, was worth a shot01:22
abenzI sent an email to the package maintainer offering ssh access to my system01:22
abenzthanks for your help..01:22
abenzall packages build fine on crux, its just this one.. unfortunately its vital, without hostapd no wireless functionality is possible !01:23
jaegerHave you checked what arch or another non-debian distro does?01:23
abenzjaeger: not specifically, but over at the lede channel when I ask I get the "builds fine here on XYZ distro"01:25
abenza few not debian based01:26
abenzjaeger: your earlier suggestion about a missing tool is very possible too..01:27
jaegerdoes it build on ubuntu as well?01:29
jaegerI was thinking maybe dash vs. bash could be changing something01:29
abenzyes builds on ubuntu01:30
abenzjaeger: see this pls01:30
abenzline 314 to 318 is what needs fixing01:31
abenzof course 315 and 316 are calls to other functions but the issue is here01:31
abenzimmediately after 318 I copied the one from debian to overwrite the .cflags file, and the compile finished01:31
abenzahah :P01:31
abenzneedless to say this isn't sustainable as there are many variants of the package (selectable from the buildroot menu)01:32
jaegerIf you run the commands it's calling yourself do you get any errors?01:40
abenzhow do I call them myself?01:44
abenzthere are many definitions01:44
abenzbut yea that gives me an idea01:46
abenzI'll try it now and report01:46
abenzjaeger: I added this to end of line 315 (the first call)01:49
abenz> $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.315.output;01:49
abenzin the 315.output file I get:01:50
abenzthe problem is in the calls to those two functions, the "dump_cflags"01:50
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abenznow if we go to line 302, we see the "Build/RunMake" function being called.. it looks pretty straight forward no?01:51
abenzany idea?01:52
jaegerrun it manually and see if it throws any errors or weird output01:52
abenzrun Build/RunMake manually ?01:52
abenzjaeger: when I run Build/RunMake I see a long successful list of compiles02:03
abenzwhen I add the "dump_flags" parameter, I get the same output as before..02:03
abenzI mean the messed up cflags02:03
jaegerWhat is it you're trying to build again? The lede project openwrt spinoff thing?02:11
abenzthe same happens with openwrt btw02:13
jaegerA little busy right now but I'll try to look at it this week02:15
abenzjaeger: thanks. Appreciate your time02:16
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jaegerabenz: which target are you building? Did you use a snapshot or git? Got a Pkgfile?15:00
jaegeror are you just building it manually for deployment on the target?15:00
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pedjathis is awesome.
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brian|lfshey all hows it going18:18
rmullACTION waves18:26
brian|lfsI really need to focuious on getting my packages up on my werbsite and setting up http up18:29
brian|lfsI'cve got skype alpha working and its pretty dam stable for alpha18:29
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pedja'ssh and git are like golf, easy to pickup the basics, takes a lifetime to master.'20:13
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abenzjaeger: I used git22:20
abenzPls note this will need approx 9GB22:26
abenzit'll successfully build the tools, toolchain, then compile almost all target packages until it reaches hostapd where it'll fail22:26
abenzthen to recompile hostapd only (eg after you've made changes to the makefile), then simply issue:22:27
abenzmake package/hostapd/{clean,compile}22:27
abenzto recompile hostapd again22:27
abenzthe makefile for hostapd is located at: (cloned_repo)/package/network/services/hostapd22:28
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minimlSo says "Install elilo from the opt collection". I installed the opt collection, but elilo is not available. Trying to boot up a new install and god damn grub2 is too complicated ... Help?22:34
jaegerelilo is there... in /usr/ports/opt/elilo22:35
jaegeras for grub2, if you can't get elilo to work you can make grub2 generate a config file for you with grub-mkconfig22:35
minimljaeger, thanks. I did run grub-mkconfig but something's not right because I boot in the grub prompt. I'll try elilo now.22:36
minimlalso the /usr/port dir is empty ...22:36
minimlcorrection /usr/ports22:37
abenzyou need to run ports -u if this is a fresh install22:37
minimlabenz, gotcha. alright, I guess I have to bring up the network first.22:38
jaegerif you get the grub prompt that usually means that grub was correctly installed but it can't find its config file22:39
jaegerwhich should be at /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: bind: 9.9.8-P4 -> 9.9.9-P223:03
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Worksterfrinnst> <- nice cable porn frinnst23:49
Worksterpedja, that page moving hurts my eyes23:49
pedjaWorkster: I think that was the point ;)23:51
pedjalike old school keygens (not that I ever used one, that would be illegal)23:53
abenzcool story pedja23:58

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