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jaegerabenz: on my system it fails to find includes.h during the hostapd_cli build, is that where you expect it to fail?00:24
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abenzjaeger: thats exactly where it fails here00:27
abenzthis happens because the .cflags file isn't generated correctly, so when the build command is run, all the paths and flags are missing00:29
abenzpls go to: build_dir/target-arm..../hostapd-wpad-mini00:30
abenzin there you will find the generated .cflags file00:30
jaegeryeah, I've been looking at it00:30
abenzthe correct .cflags file should look like:
abenzlines 315 and 316 of the file package/network/services/hostapd/Makefile  are what cause the failure.00:36
jaegerso it's calling the function 'Build/RunMake' with argument '-s MULTICALL=1 dump_cflags' ? I've never used make's call function before00:43
jaegerwhich is defined on line 30200:44
abenzjaeger: yup00:49
jaegerer, with arguments 'hostapd' and that one00:49
abenzapparently the "dump_cflags" is where the issue is00:50
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jaegerok, the first call dumps out only "-I/home/jaeger/tmp/source/staging_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl-1.1.15_eabi/usr/include/libnl-tiny"01:04
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jaegerand the second "-I/home/jaeger/tmp/source/staging_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl-1.1.15_eabi/usr/include/libnl-tiny"01:05
jaegerAnd the sed is effectively useless01:05
abenzhow does one trace where the failure is within that call ?01:11
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jaegerapparently dump_cflags is 2 lines01:13
jaeger    @echo -n $(CFLAGS) " "01:13
abenzI see01:14
jaegerSo it seems in the call to dump_cflags the only part of the CFLAGS var that's retained is the first entry01:22
jaegerMy guess is it's some kind of whitespace parsing problem01:22
abenzso you reckon its bash?01:25
jaegerrunning it in dash results in the same01:26
abenzI see01:26
jaegerheh, here's something interesting (sec to pastebin it)01:32
jaegerSo yeah, think I found the issue01:33
jaegeroops, line 28 should be: Using /bin/echo -n " ":01:34
jaegershort version: shell builtin 'echo' and '/bin/echo' from coreutils behave differently.01:34
jaegerdo the other distros and mac os x disable the shell builtin somehow? or give the other preference?01:41
jaegerMaybe it's a dash issue. I think GNU make by default runs /bin/sh01:55
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jaegerIf that's the case I'd also expect it to fail on ubuntu02:01
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joacim(joacim@alicia) % which sed                                                 (~)02:08
joacimthis appears to be the sed command lifted from freebsd02:09
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joacimoh echo. never mind02:23
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abenzjaeger: sorry I was away I just came back03:59
abenzjaeger: nice catch!04:02
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abenzjaeger: it succeeds on ubuntu04:32
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abenzjaeger: I just did:04:38
abenzenable -n echo04:38
abenzwhich disabled the shell built-in echo04:38
abenzverified it by: type -a echo04:38
abenzbut still it fails04:38
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abenzI think I misunderstood the problem04:39
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jaegertry the Makefile in my paste04:40
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jaegerMake probably ran a new shell when you disabled it, I'm guessing04:41
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abenzjaeger: so do I "enable -n echo" within the Makefile ?04:53
abenzwould that make sense?04:53
jaegeryou could try it... or switch the echo calls to /bin/echo04:57
jaegerenable method would be more efficient04:57
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abenzthere's only one call to echo in the Makefile, and changing that to /bin/echo doesn't fix it04:58
abenzthe issue is within the two function calls04:59
abenzthat dump_cflags04:59
abenzany idea what I need to do ?04:59
jaegerthere were other echos, like dump_ldflags04:59
jaegerit did fix it for me, the build then failed somewhere else down the line that I didn't investigate04:59
abenzwhat fixed it?05:00
abenzwhat did you modify ?05:00
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jaegerchanging the echo to /bin/echo in dump_cflags and dump_ldflags05:05
abenzjaeger: well then I guess a patch to modify the Makefile?05:09
jaegerworth a try, yeah. I just modified it in-place and compiled again, didn't test it from scratch05:11
abenzjaeger: I did something else05:14
abenzI made an alias for echo, put it into my bashrc05:15
abenznow issuing "echo" has higher precedence than builtin05:15
jaegerheh, nice05:15
abenzbut it fails still !05:15
abenztype -a echo05:16
abenzecho is aliased to `/bin/echo'05:16
abenzecho is a shell builtin05:16
abenzecho is /bin/echo05:16
jaegerhrmm, odd05:16
abenzI used the old terminal05:17
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abenzjaeger: unfortunately that didn't work either05:25
abenzluckily, the "dump_cflags" and ldflags are added with a patch05:25
abenzso I modified that patch and now it compiles05:25
jaegerah, ok05:25
abenzI don't know why the alias trick didn't work05:25
abenznot using bash perhaps/05:25
jaegermake probably calls a new shell05:25
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jaegerwithout benefit of your bashrc or whatever05:25
abenzyes but if I put the alias in my .bashrc, it should be persistent05:26
abenzI see05:26
jaegerwell, by default make calls /bin/sh05:26
jaegerwhich isn't even bash in this case05:26
jaegerso I think your environment gets replaced wholesale05:26
abenzI see05:26
abenzproblem now is I don't they they will accept a patch replacing "echo" with "/bin/echo"05:27
jaegercan't hurt to ask, I guess05:27
abenzjaeger: many thanks for your time05:29
abenzappreciate it :)05:29
jaegerwelcome :)05:29
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druid_droidthere is any alternative to kpartx in opt/contrib ?15:44
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jaegernone of which I'm aware17:04
jaegerthough you could use losetup with an offset to loop mount in a similar way in some situations, probably17:05
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nwedruid_droid: if you want I have package for kpartx17:18
chris2util-linux has partx, does that help?17:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mailx: update to 14.8.1017:44
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nwewb druid_droid19:03
druid_droidops sorry nwe19:18
druid_droidand chris2, I get to  change a litle bit main stream so don't user urcu or something like that19:19
druid_droidand used t0b1nux for the other dependency, but revision is needed.19:20
druid_droidI use kpartx to mount virtual disk images (qcow2) with multiple partitions on host machine,19:21
druid_droidI'm a complete noob, first time I play with qemu and looks awesome to understand how stuff work/test :)19:22
nwedruid_droid: if you need it you can get the port from
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druid_droidthanks will get it from there, the less I "create/change" seems better to long run :D19:28
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nightmareddruid_droid: don't use t0b1nux, I'm not maintaining it anymore (I switched to another distribution a few month ago). I guess I should declare somewhere my tree is out of date and unmaintained ?19:35
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nwenightmared: which distirbution are you using now?19:36
druid_droidcan you share to witch you switch :) ? can you swing ? :P19:36
nightmaredyou are looking for some qemu build ?19:36
nightmarednwe: mostly voidlinux, I'm also trying out some *BSD now19:37
druid_droidno, no, just playng, and I need the kpartx to mount multiple partitions without all the...19:37
nweI see =)19:37
druid_droidI have tryed freebsd few days ago...19:37
nightmared(If somebody wants it, I can give him the repo ownership, if he wants to maintain it)19:38
nightmaredBut I guess I should just send out an email to ask for removing my repo to the website19:38
nweI using openbsd,crux and debian19:39
druid_droidnightmared: wold you teach me how to maintain ? I have tried in past, I was about to start a new more "clean" collection19:39
nightmaredI would like to use openbsd but It don't play well with my ARM harware (maybe trying bitrig ?)19:39
nweyeah try bitrig they support arm and x86 :)19:40
nightmareddruid_droid: then you should start from scratch I guess, because I imagine my ports are awful19:40
druid_droidI'm using crux as my main os19:41
druid_droidand is where I have spend lots of tim last months :D19:41
nightmaredThe best advice I can give you is: take the ports you like in my repo, or start a new one. I will send out a mail to remove it from but will keep the it repo in place for some more time19:42
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abenzwhat are your experiences with mixed RAM (ie different brands/capacities) ?22:52
abenzI have 2x8 sticks, but have a couple extra sticks that are lying around.. 4GB22:52
abenzdid you face issues with mixed setups? installing them requires unmouting my CPU cooler etc..22:54
FaymI've got a few boxes with mixed RAM, no issues, but I didn't perf test anything either22:55
abenzi see22:56
jaegermixed RAM can work fine but you should be aware that it will all run at the slowest common speed in dual/triple channel setups or similar22:59
jaegeralso, if you use any XMP profile or overclock at all, they may not behave properly22:59
abenzjaeger: right now I'm running at 1866, but with all RAM slots populated after I install the 4GB sticks, then the MC can only do 160023:00
abenzgood trade off you reckon?23:00
abenz1866 > 1600. For extra 8GB RAM23:01
jaegerIf you actually need the extra RAM, go for it... if not, I wouldn't bother since you said you'd have to remove the cooler23:02
abenzbtw, on yesterday's echo, ended up using printf :)23:04
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jaegerteK__: woot23:12
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teK__was offline earlier tonight23:18
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