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druid_droidHow do I tell prt-get to allways take cairo-iu and not cairo ?02:22
druid_droidfound it :)02:28
Romsterdruid_droid, list prtdir /usr/ports/romster:foo above opt02:29
druid_droidyes, I found that, I don't find is how to search for files not present on /var/lib/pkg/db on a given path/directory02:31
druid_droidjust to be sure I have a clean /usr or what have been created in /etc for example,02:32
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Romsteri have a tool in romster/pkg-not for that02:32
Romsterpkg-not /usr02:33
Romsterit's not perfect but close too.02:33
druid_droidI have used in the past :)02:34
druid_droidtip for ports don't seems to work, since cairo and cairo-iu have diferent names :(02:34
druid_droidso, question is more how I tell prt-get to allways install cairo-iu instead of cairo... in a clean way02:35
Romsteroh then you need to add it too /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases02:35
Romsterand then the prtdir :foo becomes pointless, that only works for same name02:36
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Romsterno gantee that file will not get over written on core/prt-get being updated unless you add that alias file to /etc/pkgadd.conf02:42
Romsteri really wish that alias was a /etc/prt.get.alias.d/ directory02:43
druid_droidit seems was my error, the package in question have a post-install that adds it self to /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases02:43
Romsterrunscripts in prt-get.conf02:45
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druid_droidRomster: is your collection growing :D ?02:49
Romsterabout the same02:53
druid_droid:) I'm rewriting my notes about crux and reviewing my collection, will try to have just minimum and ports that I don't find anywhere or that makes sence02:55
druid_droidI hope I share it soon, I will propose again to portdb :)02:55
druid_droidhope the person who takes care of that don't mind my second try02:56
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dlcusatek__, workster, are you suggesting that bug is applicable to gcc?  I think what I need to do is try first is building the -O1 nss with an -O2 gcc on that box.04:34
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Worksteri believe that bug is to do with llvm04:49
Worksterbut gcc might have a bug i dunno.04:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pkgconf: update to 1.0.107:28
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dxtrWhat LC_-variable is it that controls decimals? I tried LC_NUMERIC but that didn't work :p09:16
dxtrI mean the decimal point09:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gtkglext: patch for gtk11:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: sfml: initial commit11:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gtkglextmm: romster -> contrib11:05
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rmullRomster: How much do we care about the URL field in a Pkgfile? For example, the URL for gtkglextmm is 40411:36
rmullShould I bother reporting those?11:36
frinnstif it were my port i'd like to know11:42
Romsteruh i didn't check that url11:43
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nwehmm maybe write a script that check urls status code ? :) to see how many 404 it is :P11:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gtkglextmm: fix URL11:46
Romsteri prefer to not have them broken11:46
Romsterit's not just 404 it can be project has moved or forked too. or any number of reasons11:47
rmullCan probably script something to check all the URLs11:59
Romsterif you are going scrip something make it work with prtverify12:02
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frinnstsoooooo hot12:16
pedjais 150gigs of 500gb HD enough for Win7+the usual apps?12:18
pedjait's been a while since I installed Windows on actual hardware12:18
Romsterwell you12:18
Romsterwell you'll get windows 7 on plus some room for apps depending how many and how big.12:18
Romsterput it this way you can squease it on a 120GB ssd but a 240GB ssd is comfortable.12:19
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Romster120GB is a little ont eh small size once your windows fills with crap in the winsxs folder12:20
frinnstour servers have 50-60gb space for stuff like AD12:20
frinnstmy windows install for gaming (wintendo!) lives on a 240gb ssd12:20
frinnsta few games installed but not much more12:21
frinnst~20gb free or something12:21
pedja200gb should be enough for the laptop, I think.12:22
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pedjaserbian keyboard.that will be confusing for me, but not so much for him :)12:24
abenzI think 120GB is more than enough if "usual apps" refers to daily apps12:25
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abenzwill comfortably take a couple of games too12:25
frinnstisnt the classic definition of insanity doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result?12:27
frinnstso by definition you need to be insane to work with windows12:27
abenzaccording to some game I think, frinnst12:27
frinnstwiped and reinstalled a laptop for a customer as a favour12:27
frinnstfirst round of windows updates fucked shit up - restored a restore point and redoing the same thing again12:28
frinnstseems to work so far12:28
abenzwith the gazillions they make.. one would think they'd have windows updates figured out by now12:28
abenzI had windows update run for so long (overnight) and it would still be 'searching for updates"12:29
pedjawas that the windows update that took a couple of days, frinnst?I think you ranted about it here :)12:29
abenzI did try to convert a few windows users to linux but unfortunately old habits die hard12:29
frinnsti've been working on it since thursday last week i think12:29
pedjaI would install something like Mint or OpenSuse on it, but Skype :(12:30
frinnstthey have apps that require windows12:32
abenzto be fair win7 is as good as windows got12:32
frinnstsome research application thingy12:32
abenz10 is a regression (IMO of course)12:33
abenz7 isn't bad12:33
frinnstwin2000 was epic. last windows os I used12:33
abenzI wonder why microsoft seem to be friendly towards linux recently..12:33
pedjaabenz: half of Azure users run Linux on it :)12:34
abenzACTION googles azure12:35
abenznot long ago they were on with their "get the facts" campaigns about TCO of servers and such12:36
pedjafollow the money, as always12:39
rmullI got my new Purism Librem13 laptop12:41
rmullWill be installing crux on it12:43
abenzhow's the build quality?12:46
frinnstyeah looks very nice12:47
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rmullbuild quality seems pretty good. I installed an M.2 SSD and some RAM, so I got a chance to look at the innards - it's definitely not your typical machine. All the components have reference designators, all the parts appear to be serviceable13:11
rmullThe case is aluminum, the entire bottom  comes off13:11
rmullI'm a little worride that the pop-down ethernet jack might get broken off at some point, but the fact that there is an ethernet jack at all is pretty fun13:12
rmullThere is an externally accessible pinhole for performing a factory reset, so that's intriguing, but I'm not sure what'll happen when I press it13:12
frinnstits mostly free/open hardware right?13:24
frinnstexcept for the bios/uefi i guess, since new intel platforms probably never will run coreboot13:24
rmullI don't think it's open hardware in the sense that you can download the schematics or gerbers13:29
rmullBut there are very few blobs13:29
frinnstI wonder if amd zen will support coreboot in the future13:31
frinnstprobably not13:31
rmullpurism has a roadmap ( but I am not holding my breath that it'll ever be seen through to completion13:38
rmullI acknowledge that the thing is not completely free - I am merely voting with my dollar and showing that I am interested in this type of manufacturing effort13:38
rmullAs they say, don't let perfect be the enemy of good13:38
Romsterrmull, that button will turn the laptop on and present you with a BIOS menu to either boot a ODD USB or the recovery partition13:40
Romstersaves the frantic pressing F8 F9 F12 etc...13:41
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abenzheh frantic indeed13:48
abenzI don't know why they couldn't keep it a simple "Del" like it always has been13:48
abenzeach vendor feels compelled to use something else13:48
frinnstPRESS ALL THE KEYS13:48
abenzI do that frinnst13:48
abenzF1-F12 and Del and Esc13:48
abenzone of them ought to work13:48
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rmullRomster: Heh, good to know14:12
pedjacan I just dd Win7 iso to usb flash, or is Windows a special snowflake?14:21
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pedja'get more coffee' is always the answer14:42
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joacimi think i just dd'd the win7 iso15:09
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jaegerfrinnst: that bluetooth 87-key mechanical keyboard I order quite some time back finally arrived just now18:34
frinnsthm, what keybard was that?18:37
jaegervarmilo vb87m18:37
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frinnstah sweet!19:25
frinnstearly thoughts?19:25
jaegermac os won't let me swap the command and option keys but otherwise it seems good so far19:31
frinnstbrown keys again?19:32
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jaegerYes, though gateron vs. cherry19:40
jaegerTyping feel is very similar, any difference is probably more in the keycap texture than anything else19:40
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pedjawindows install, hour 4.21:10
crash_crux install -4 hours?21:11
pedjaI am running out of ideas...21:12
frinnstsounds about right21:28
jaegerIt's currently plugged in to charge, the USB cable doesn't transfer any data21:38
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frinnstlooks sweet22:15
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joacimdid you find these settings?23:35
joacimand do you have more than one keyboard attached?23:35
jaegerjoacim: it doesn't show up as an option in the modifier keys panel. the builtin keyboard, another usb keyboard, and my mouse do, but not this one23:37
jaegerknown issue, apparently, found others seeing the same behavior online23:38
jaegerI already checked there as I've been there to swap them on other keyboards like the ducky23:38
joacimi tried my keyboard with os x, but some keys got swapped for some reason23:39
joacimswapping those settings around is too much effort =)23:40
joacimthinking i may have better luck with ansi keyboards23:40
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jaegeronce you've set them it remembers them for next time keyboard is plugged in23:49
jaegerbut not if it can't see the keyboard at all :)23:49

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